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TradeSmart Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

TradeSmart is an Indian discount broker house. It is a Mumbai based broker that offers various discount brokerage services in stock, commodity and the currency trading segments. The stock broker is a venture of VNS finance that has a long brokerage service experience of more than 20 years. VNS Finance is one of the traditional brokerage company that was registered at NSE in 1994 to offer its service to the Indian Stock, Currency and Commodity Market. It provides its service online through Franchise and Sub brokers and offers smart trading tools for trading.

TradeSmart is a successful online business owner in Indian Stock market. It focuses on providing the best advanced technology with high-level security in order to provide the best and enhanced trading experience to their customers. It has 75,000+ customers and an average turnover of 8500+ crores daily. For options trading software free visit the TradeSmart official website.

What are the best trading software?

TradeSmart has many advanced trading software that enhances the trading experience of their customers. List of TradeSmart trading software or TradeSmart trading software platforms are given below:
2. Swing
4. BOX
5. TradeSmart MF

Trade Smart has tied up with third party smart trading software to trade smartly with these software.

Below are the third-party products provided by TradeSmart:
6. Dart Stock
7. Fox Trader
8. Nest Trader

TradeSmart Mobile App “SINE” is an advanced mobile app that is designed for derivatives traders. It is lightspeed trading software that is easy and user-friendly for traders who use the desktop terminal as the investors. It is safe, fast and easy to understand software. It is suitable for both experienced and Newbie traders. It allows trading anywhere and anytime. The application can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android and Apple store for iPhone users. This also works on a browser.

Features of SINE­­­­ are given below:
• Options trading software allows the customization in watch lists.
• TradeSmart software allows one-time sign-in facility that means it provides the full access of all the trade requirement to its customers. It allows trading in equity, derivatives, currency derivatives and Commodity.
• Trade trend software review holds reports and Intra-day charts.
• tradesmart software allows monitoring of multiple orders, holdings, positions and MTM from single screen.
• Trade in trade smart stocks with advanced charts with 80+ technical indicators.
• Best trade software helps you to place your orders directly from the chart window.
• Option chain - It provides delicate information including net change, last price, bid details etc. to help you in instant decision making.
• Easy placing of bracket and cover order to minimize your losses.
• You can choose from multiple strategies the best one for you with your own home trading system.

2. Swing
Swing is a mobile based share trading application by TradeSmart. This application helps in meeting the needs of the customer in a simple, sleek and data-efficient manner. It allows seamless and effective trading experience wherever you go. Trading is easy and quick with the swing. It is considered as one of the best trading applications. It can be downloaded from the google play store as it is available only to Android users.

Features of Swing mobile app are listed below:
• The customer can buy or sell stock in few clicks.
• It allows placing all types of orders with it (Cover order, Bracket order, After market hour order).
• TradeSmart trading platform has advanced charts with 80+ indicators.
• The customers can place orders directly from the chart window.
• Day and night theme.
Margin calculator is available.
• It provides quick transfer of funds through UPI.

3. Swing API

Swing API is a programming-based software provided by TradeSmart. The traders can interact with the third-party platform to create or execute their own trading systems. All data which is required to build a trading app or system is provided by it.

Features of Swing API are given below:
• TradeSmart software is quickly checking the derivative margin requirement from the margin calculator.
• TradeSmart software provides an online chat option that provides you the instant support from the experts.
• TradeSmart software is super easy and instant fund transfer is done by UPI.
• It provides an online chat option that provides instant support from the experts.
• TradeSmart software is super easy to use and allows instant fund transfer through UPI.
• Customization of portfolio.
• You can create your own trading platform. An OpenSSL library is available for this purpose.
• Integrate your trading platform with any third-party software of your choice.
• Watch your order history.
• Monitor your order status, positions, holdings, fund information, live quotes etc.

4. BOX

BOX is a back office-based customer support software provided by Trade Smart. It acts as your trading assistant and can give you each and every detail related to the trading account. You can access BOX on the desktop browser or mobile browser.

Features of BOX are given below:
• It works smoothly even on mobile.
• A Dashboard is available, which gives you a quick view of the equity and commodity account related details.
• An Electronic – Delivery Instruction Slip (E-DIS), it allows to sell the shares if in case you have not submitted a Power of Attorney (POA).
• Quick fund transfers through UPI.
• You can set up you TPIN for call and trade.
• You can change your account details.
• Refer and earn bonus program is available in it.
• Monitor your referral status in wallet report.
• Help section is provided to solve your queries.

5. TradeSmart MF

TradeSmart MF is a mobile app for mutual fund investment. You can download TradeSmart MF app from google play store as it is available for android users. This app is not available for iOS users.

Features of TradeSmart MF are given below:
• Simple and quick.
• Start your SIP in few clicks.
• Choose best mutual fund for SIP with the help of filter and comparison feature.
• Monitor your portfolio, order history etc. with ease.
• Auto SIP is available. Set your instruction through one-time mandate and auto SIP will work there on instructions accordingly.
• Smart ideas are suggested by experts.
• Safe and secure.

6. Dartstock

Dartstock is a third-party app provided by TradeSmart. It is perfect software for Active traders, Dealers, Portfolio Managers, Research analyst, Fund managers, Franchises etc. to make the instant and best trading decisions. The Darkstock can be easily downloaded by the DartStock app from the official website of ‘TradeSmart’.

Features of Dartstock are given below:
• Each and every detail of every trade of various sector as per your requirement is available.
• Live scanner is available to scan the stock market for scrips.
• Trend scanner is available to analyze the stock market for scrip.
• It provides an automatic creation of Support and Resistance i.e. based on the market behavior.
• The Stock Market volumes are visible in form of list.
• Daily list of low and high scrips of intraday.
• Graphs of change in OI, % change in OI and OI change in strike prices.
• % roll over report of all equity scrip in your watchlist.
• It provides advanced charting tool.
• Automatic buy and sell signal provider.
• 60+ technical indicators.
• Data and market visualization tools.
• Market information including FII &DII Data, Board meetings, Market turnover, Exchange Announcements etc.

7. Fox Trader

It is one of the revolutionary online trading platforms that provides comprehensive support to their clients. This software removes the barriers and fill the gaps between the user’s knowledge and lack of realistic strategies while investing and trading in the stock market. This software guides both the mature and immature traders to trade effectively along with the helping you decide on which indices are good to trade.

It is filled with all the high tech and advanced features that a customer expects from a modern stock marketing platform. It prevents the users from making the wrong decisions that may lead to huge losses by providing a conventional form of trading.

Features of Fox Trader are given below:
• Analyze the live market with multiple time frame.
• Many advanced tools and strategy for better market analysis.
• Customize your option chain at different strike prices, options Greeks values etc.
• Customize your own watchlist and add multiple features accordingly.
• No. of trading strategies to choose from according to your preference.
• Market summary or group summary of many indices.
• Back testing of strategies with indicators.
• Share and improve your knowledge, studies and strategies with other traders.

8. Nest Trader

NEST is the abbreviation used for Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading platform. It is a third-party desktop application that provides a lot of perks. This software is used for equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading and stock trading products.
It is a powerful advanced share trading web-based software in India. This helps in monitoring markets, placing orders fluently and buying and selling shares in real time.

Features of Nest Trader are given below:
• Advanced strategies for Algo trading.
• Multiple live market watch list that too on multiple exchanges.
• Get every live detail including high and low, LTP, Bid and ask price of stock to take quick and better trading decisions.
• Advanced charts with 100+ technical indicators.
• Customize your Nest Trader with color, fonts and layouts of your choice.
• Manage shortcut keys.
• Options calculator is available.
• Various plug-ins are available.
• Instant fund transfer with single click.
• Ultra-fast and reliable.
• Analysis of stocks with the help of streaming data, market depth, live news etc.


Trade Smart is a tech-driven company that leverages an advanced technology to offer good platforms and tools to its customers. It is a successful online business owner in Indian Stock market. It focuses on providing the best TradeSmart trading platform with the high-level security in order to provide the best and enhanced trading experience to their customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CTS refers to the Cheque Truncation System. It is the system in which the flow of physical movement of the cheque will be eliminated in the cheque clearing process.
Yes, through the Trade smart mutual fund online you can invest in SIP also.
The member broker internally processes short delivery settlements between its clients rather than exchanging through buy in action.
All the signatures are mandatory as per the rules and regulations of SEBI.
NEST Trader and Fox Trader is the desktop trading platform of TradeSmart.
The payments will be transferred by NEFT or RTGS.
At the end of the day, you will receive an email from the electronic contract note. It will give all the transaction details including the expenses charged.
Yes, they have customer support phone service.
Visit the stock broker’s website or mutual fund website to check the mutual fund details and select the best SIP mutual funds.
All the exchanges are required to collect the margin money for trading in the derivatives segments as per SEBI Regulations. It is also termed as the Initial Margin.
Office Address A-401, Mangalya, Marol Maroshi Road Andheri East Gamdevi, Marol, Anderi East, Mumbai, MH 400059
The account opening charges are ₹200 for MCX. An additional amount of ₹100 will be applicable in case the form is couriered from our end.
No, there are no minimum turnover commitments. You choose a trading plan most suited to your trading pattern and then you pay as per the plan chosen. There is no minimum turnover required from our side.
It provides two unique brokerage plans. The one is to trade @7 (for lesser volume traders) and the other is trade @ 15 (for big volume traders).
First login to the NEST Trading application, then go to the view order/trade reports. Then view RMS limits under the user options see net available cash balance.
It is a 4-digit telephone personal Identification number. It is used to verify the authenticity of the customers to allow instant access to call and trade facility.
Yes, TradeSmart does provide the facility of Algo Trading.
The customers will be informed if there is any shortfall in margin or debit balance, then you can pay that amount to avoid any convenience in trading.
Yes, TradeSmart is a listed company and was incorporated in the year 1994.
No, Tradesmart does not have branches.
Yes, you can place After Market Order with TradeSmart.
Yes, you can choose different pricing plans for Equity and Commodity segment.
If all your documents are proper as per the KYC norms, then it actually takes 3 working days after receiving the account opening form.
You can close your account either by filling the account closing form on the website or by downloading and printing it and then by sending it to the Mumbai Corporate Office address.
Yes, TradeSmart provides the combined ledger for the equity and commodity trading.
In case of the stock market trading do not deal with any foxed return schemes rather it depends on the investment planning and decisions. However, from various part researches and in long-run stock market trading provides an approximate revenue of 15% per year.
In this process the short delivery is settled by the Member broker internally among his clients instead by the exchange through buy-in auction.
No, we do not offer clients to participate in the auction market.
No, its not necessary to appoint a nominee at the time of account opening.
If you are unable to provide the bank statement then provide the self-attested copy of the welcome letter received from the bank that mentions your account number and other details. Make sure the cancelled cheque has your Name, IFSC Code and MICR No. printed on it.

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