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Agroy Review | Services, Demat and Trading Account, and Trading Platforms

Agroy is the oldest brokerage firm in India and has been operating its financial services and investment services in the stock market since 1993. Agroy is a trading and clearing member of major Indian stock exchanges, including the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Agroy also participants in the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) as a depository. Agroy has over 25 years of experience and has established a loyal customer base as well as strong industry partnerships. 

Agroy Services Details

Agroy Finance and Investment Ltd. offers many financial services. Agroy is dedicated to providing investors with guidance and support in the exciting world of the stock market. Our aim is to offer suitable trading solutions and value-added tools and services that enhance traders' trading experiences. Agrou Finance and Investment Ltd.'s services are as follows:

  1. Trading: Agroy reviews provides trading facilities in various segments, including the equity cash market segment (NSE/BSE), the derivatives segment (NSE/BSE), the currency derivatives segment (NSE/BSE), and the commodity derivatives segment (MCX). Investors can access BSE's BEST Trading Platform through desktops, smartphones, and the web, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Additionally, our call-to-trade facility allows you to speak directly with our expert dealers to place your trades. We also have a network of authorized persons across the country who can assist you in navigating the trading process.

  2. Demat: Open and maintain your lifetime free demat account with Agroy, enabling you to hold your securities in an electronic format. Agroy facilitates the dematerialization and rematerialization of securities, as well as the pledge and unpledged of securities. With Agroy, investors can conveniently apply for initial public offerings (IPOs) online, streamlining the investment process.

  3. Research: Agroy's comprehensive research tools, Wealth Vistas, cater to smart investors by providing a toolkit for analyzing the financial performance of listed companies. Investors can easily search, compare, and analyze company announcements, dividends, bonuses, and more. Wealth Vistas also allows you to maintain your portfolio and provides customizable screeners to analyze different scenarios and conditions.

  4. Mutual Funds: Invest in a wide range of mutual fund schemes online through Agroy. We offer a platform for managing and monitoring your mutual fund portfolio with just a few clicks. Moreover, investors can obtain professional goal-based financial planning advice for long-term needs such as children's education, retirement planning, healthcare, and more.

  5. Insurance: Through Agroy's partnership with Square Insurance Brokers, Agroy offers a diverse range of general insurance schemes from multiple insurance companies. You can easily compare and select the best possible Mediclaim plan for your family's healthcare needs.

  6. Tax Advisory: Agroy reviews provides investment plans that optimize tax benefits and assists you in income tax and GST compliance. Our tax advisory services help you make informed decisions to optimize your tax liabilities.

Agroy Trading Platforms

Agroy Financial and Investment Ltd. offers a range of advanced and user-friendly trading platforms designed to meet the diverse needs of investors. With cutting-edge technology and intuitive interfaces, Agroy platforms provide seamless access to global financial markets, real-time data, and powerful trading tools. Agroy empowers traders to make informed decisions and execute trades efficiently, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding trading experience. Agroy Trading Platforms are mentioned below:

1. Agroy Live Mobile App

2. Agroy Web Trader

3. Agrow Bow Desktop Software

Agroy Account Opening Charges 

Demat Account Opening Charges₹0
Demat Account AMC Charges
₹ 750 per year (for Non-Individuals)
₹ 1250 for lifetime (for Individuals)
Trading Account Opening ChargesNot available
Trading Account AMC ChargesNot available


Agroy is a reputable and customer-focused financial services provider. With their extensive experience, a wide range of services, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they aim to meet the diverse needs of investors and provide them with a seamless investing experience.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, Agroy Finance and Investment Limited offers tax planning and advisory services to its customers.
Agroy Finance and Investment Services include a demat account, trading account, mutual fund, IPO, research, insurance, and tax advisory.
Yes, Agroy Finance and Investment Ltd. provides educational resources and research reports for investors.
Yes, investors can transfer securities to another depository participant to Agroy Finance and Investment Limited.
Yes, Agroy Finance charges Rs. 750 per year AMC for a non-individual account and Rs. 1250 lifetime AMC for an individual account.
Yes, Agroy Finance and Investment Limited offers the “Agroy Live” mobile app for trading.
Yes, you can transfer existing investments to Agroy Finance and Investment Ltd.
Investors can contact Agroy Finance and Investment Ltd. customer care via email or mobile number.
Yes, you can link your bank account with Agroy Finance and Investment Limited’s trading and demat account.
No, you can only trade in the Indian stock market through Agroy Finance and Investment Limited
You need to submit a PAN card, Adhar Card, Bank Details, Address Proof, and income proof to open a demat and trading account with Agroy Finance and Investment Ltd.
You can open a trading and demat account with Agroy Finance and Investment Limited through its official website or app online and also visit a branch office to open an account offline.
Investors can trade in equity, commodities, currencies, and derivatives through Agroy Finance and Investment Limited.
Yes, Agroy Finance and Investment Limited provides research and analysis for investment decision-making.
Agroy Finance and Investment is a stock brokerage firm that provides investment and trading services.
Yes, you can access your investment online through Agroy Finance and Investment Limited’s platform.

Agroy Reviews