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AmiBroker Formula Language Development


AmiBroker Formula Language Development


As we can see, high-frequency trading and algorithmic trading accounts for an estimated 70% of equities market share in the US and other developed markets. In India, total turnover of automated trading has increased up to 49.8%. This data signifies that with the help of right strategy and indicators, we can generate revenue from the stock market. The great investor and business tycoon, Mr. Warren Buffet once said that if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. This is very much clear, our trading goals can only be reached through the vehicle of right strategy, there is no other route to success. Technical analysis, strategy, indicators and automated trading tools are some of the main keys through which we can book profits from the share market.

Amibroker is a charting platform in which you can build your own strategies, indicators and algo trading tools. Amibroker is one of the fastest back-testing platforms which provides rotational trading, multiple currency support, custom back-testing facility, real-time charting, portfolio optimization and scanning. Amibroker is one of the best trading platforms across the globe which is equipped with tons of world-class features. Amibroker has its own scripting language known as AFL (Amibroker Formula Language). AFL is a programming language used to create your own strategies and indicators as it offers technologies to work out the most suitable trading plan. With the help of AFL, one can develop their own trading system, indicator, scan etc.

Our Offer & Services: is one of the best Amibroker freelancer in India who have a full-fledged team of Amibroker developer offers Amibroker documentation services and Amibroker AFL programming services. Our team of sincere professionals are always here to assist you in resolving your any query related to share market. We have a team of Amibroker AFL developers having experience of more than 5+ years in developing Amibroker AFL strategies, Amibroker AFL indicators, Amibroker AFL technical analysis tools and Amibroker AFL automated trading tools. Our team of expert Amibroker programmers are fully dedicated to deliver 100% committed result in appropriate time.

As per your trading needs, if you want to create your own strategy and indicator by using Amibroker Formula Language then we are always available to transform your ideas into reality. Firstly, you need to contact us through email id or phone number available in our website. Then, describe your idea with our Amibroker AFL developers. Our programmers will analyse your task deeply and give you the quotation of the development. After complete testing, our team will deliver the desired result in the given reasonable time.

Why should you hire us for creating your AFL strategies & indicators?

Responsive Support – Our experts are available 24/7/365 to provide you best services and always ready to resolve your query related to strategies, indicators, algo trading tools, technical analysis tools, Amibroker documentation services and Amibroker development services. Our customer-centric approach always strengthens our relationship with the client.

Our Developers – Our experienced and minded Amibroker developers are capable of creating any automated trading software, technical analysis tool, strategies, indicators of any complexity and this art of developing Amibroker trading tool which can fulfil your trading goals makes us market leader.

Pocket-friendly – Our team of experts can transform your valuable idea into reality without making a hole in your pocket. We are very much famous among every class of traders and investors who are investing in equities, derivative, futures & options and commodities because we deliver the genuine result in a very affordable price.

Ultra-fast Delivery – We are very punctual towards our work as ‘Punctuality is the thief of time’ that’s why we are known for our ultra-fast delivery of your desired AFL strategies, indicators, algo trading tools and any task related to share market.

Efficient algorithms – More than 12+ years of experience allows us to create the most efficient trading algorithms as it will run in reasonable time and space. Our team is fully dedicated to enhance your trading experience and asset too.

Professional Approach – Our experience allows us to understand your trading needs precisely. Our professional approach to analyse the task and deliver the result in appropriate time makes us one of the popular platforms to create automated trading tools.

Steps to hire our AFL Programmers:


MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) is the programming language of MetaTrader 4 trading platform used for developing strategies, trading robots, technical indicators etc. is the India’s leading MQL4 programmer having a full-fledged team of expert MQL4 developers. is an Indian sub-broker and freelancer who offers MT4 indicator and strategy development services to all types of traders who are using MT4 trading software. We have a brilliant team of MT4 strategy developer and programmers who are dedicated to provide you outstanding services. You need to contact us via email id or phone number given in our website

Yes, has one of the best and experienced MT4 EA developers in India that can transform your idea into reality.

MT4 Bridge is the software that connects a MT4 server to a liquidity provider (LP) and allows transferring orders & trades with them. By using MT4-MT4 bridges, one MT4 server can connect to a multiple MT4 servers.

Yes, provides MT4 bridge software in a very affordable price. You need to contact us by using email id or phone number given in the website.

MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) is the programming language of MT5 which is an advanced and updated version of MT4. offers MetaTrader 5 software to their clients. We have a team of experienced programmers who are capable of creating MT5 strategies and indicators as per your demand. We have the best MT5 developers in India. To hire our MT5 programmers, contact us via email id and phone number given in the website.

Yes, has a team of MT5 EA developers who can program any type of trading indicators and strategies as per your requirement.

Our all the services are available online, you need to contact us via email id or phone number, our developers are available to assist you and client’s satisfaction is our top-priority. We are one of the best Freelancer Pine Script developers, Freelancer Amibroker Developers, Freelancer MT4 EA developers and Freelancer MT5 EA developers.

Our Pine Script developers are fully capable to develop any type of trading robots, automated trading tools, strategies and indicators which can fulfil your trading needs. One should choose us because we are the India’s best freelancer Pine Script developers. Our professional approach of Pine Script coding can satisfy all your needs.

Charges are variable, it depends on your demand. When you will contact us, you need to discuss your idea and whatever you want to create