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Lifetime Free Demat Account (Free AMC)


Lifetime Free Demat Account (Free AMC)

The very first step to initiate investing in the stock market, mutual funds, IPO and NCD’s is to open a demat account. Now, there may be a lot of questions about what is this account and what is it all about. Let’s discuss it in detail.

The demat account is almost same to the bank account. One of the big differences is just that instead of keeping the money, you will keep shares, mutual funds or bonds in electronic format in demat account. There are many advantages of keeping the stocks and mutual funds in the demat account. It also includes more security and faster transactions.

Demat AMC is the annual maintenance charge that is to be paid by the customer in order to keep the account active. It does not matter either you choose to use the account or not as long as you hold the account, you are obliged to pay the AMC.

AMC Free Demat Account

There are various brokers that provide free AMC demat account. The customers do not have to pay any sort of yearly charges for their demat account. There must be some conditions that are applied including the one-time fee at the time of account opening or refundable deposits. Lifetime Free Demat Account

The lifetime free demat account are the best account for the beginners as they reduce the cost. The accounts that are offered free of AMC are the best for beginners. The brokers that offers their customers with free lifetime demat account usually charge one- time fee or a small refundable deposit.

Open Free AMC Demat Account Online

The very first step to opening a demat account online for free is to choose an appropriate and suitable broker that meets the customer’s investment needs. The below list provides the broker a lifetime free demat account.