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SAS Online Review | Brokerage Charges, Account Opening, Demat Account, Discount Broker Of India


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SAS Online Review

‘By Traders For Traders’ is the tagline of the SAS Online which means the trading platform is only for traders. The broker offers a wide range of SAS online trading platform on their website. SAS Online is one of the trader’s first choice because of its ultra-fast and modern services through which any investor can maximize their assets. SAS Online was incorporated in 1995 by SAS online owner Mr. RK Jain as a financial service provider and now, known as a discount broker of India. review of SAS online offers to trade/invest in India’s national exchanges NSE, BSE and MCX. margin SAS online provides the facility to invest in equity, derivative, future, option, currency and commodity by using different SAS online bracket order or SAS online bracket order. SAS online NRI services are not available for NRIs residence however, NRI can open demat account as an Indian residence with all required documents. SAS online leverage calculator is also available on its website.

SAS online broker review offers 4 types of brokerages plans to their clients so that you can choose your suitable plan for trading in the stock market and you can also calculate brokerage charges using alpha SAS online brokerage calculator and brokerage calculator SAS online. SAS Online acts as a mediator between the customer and national exchanges. SAS online account opening is very easy and simple if you have all SAS online documentation. The broker provides SAS online margin against shares to trade with SAS online API or SAS online trading API with full SAS online guide.

SAS online equity plus

Stock plus SAS online or equity plus SAS online allows you to buy more stocks in delivery than you'd normally be able to with the same amount of cash in your trading account. It is very necessary to analyses the market by using technical software and tools. SAS Online offers a wide range of technical software which are accessible in laptop, mobile, desktop and tablet with any operating system. Broker also offers algo trading SAS online and SAS online IPO investment or SAS online mutual fund for its users.
Through SAS online nest login old-school clients who want to trade from the terminal can trade by opening Trading Account. Beginners can learn SAS online free to start trading using bracket order SAS online helps to trade across different segments by using SAS online login calculator and SAS online basket order facility.

How to open account in SAS online?

SAS online registration process is very simple and easy. Anyone can simply register at SAS online website by entering some details. Afterwards, you can also take part in SAS online referral program by which you can earn referral benefits.

SAS Online Account Opening Charges:

For SAS online trading account opening and SAS online open account you need to have SAS online doc to open SAS online demat



Trading Account Opening Charges

Rs 200

Trading Account AMC

Rs 0

Demat Account Opening Charges

Rs 200

Demat AMC

Rs 200 annually

SAS Online Brokerage Plans

SAS online exchange offers 4 types of brokerage plans which are as follows:
1. Rs 9 per trade plan: Under this plan, you need to pay brokerage of Rs 9 per executed trade or 0.01% whichever is lower. You can trade in BSE, NSE and MCX stock exchange in almost all the trading segments through SAS online back office.
2. Rs 999 Equity Plan: SAS Online offers unlimited trading in equity segment in just Rs 999 per month. Any trader can trade in BSE Cash, NSE Cash and NSE F&O segment. SAS online brokerage calculator are available on broker website by which calculate the charges for brokerage.
3. Rs 499 Currency Plan: Under this plan, SAS Online offers unlimited trading in currency derivative segment at NSE for flat Rs 499 per month.
4. Rs 999 MCX Plan: SAS online portal offers unlimited commodity trading at MCX exchange for flat Rs 999 per month. There are no SAS online hidden charges except the brokerage charges.

SAS Online Trading Software

SAS Online offers free SAS online tools and SAS online trading app to the clients which are as follows:
1. ALPHA Trader – SAS Online offers trading terminal which is an application based easily downloadable and installable application. Go to google play store for SAS online alpha desktop download and SAS online nest trader download.
2. ALPHA Web – This is a browser-based trading platform offers SAS online software which is equipped with modern and superior technology that works on any browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. SAS online alpha desktop download through google play store.
3. ALPHA SAS online mobile app– SAS online alpha offers smartphone-based application through which you can trade in almost all the segments via nest plus SAS online login and SAS online mobile trading or SAS online leverage app.

Leverage in SAS online

SAS online margin list for SAS online futures margin is mention below:




Equity Delivery

100% of trade value


Equity Intraday

Up to 20% of trade value


Equity Future

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Equity Option

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Currency Futures

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Currency Option

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


Commodity Futures

100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)


You can calculate SAS online margin leverage by using SAS online f&o margin calculator and margin calculator SAS online and option margin by SAS online option margin calculator. SAS online margin plus or Equity Plus allows you to buy more stocks in delivery than you’d normally be able to with the same amount of cash in your trading account with the help of SAS online margin calculator.
SAS online monthly plan: Online trading products from SAS Online at zero brokerage and just ₹ 9 per trade and ₹ 999 per month with unlimited trading plan.

How to download P&L statement from SAS online?

You will receive daily SAS online profit and loss statement and SAS online ledger on your register mail id. Kindly note that for tax filing, you can refer 'Portfolio' report after logging to Back Office portal and select date 'As on Date' option available in 'Report Type'. In case of split date of acquisition would be same as date of acquisition of original shares. You can easily place SAS online payout time request.

How to apply for IPO in SAS online?

1. Visit the SAS Online.
2. Log in to your net-banking account.
3. Visit 'Online Investments -> Invest in IPO' section of the SAS online website.
4. Choose your bank account from which you would like to invest in IPO.

How to close SAS online account?

SAS online account closure procedure is given below:

• Get the form on SAS online website.
• Take a print of the form, fill all the required detail and duly sign it.
• Attach copies of required documents with the form.
• Courier it to the SAS Online office.

SAS Online Advantages & Disadvantages

We must read advantages and disadvantages before selecting SAS Online.


• Alpha SAS online back office is a full-secure platform.
• 100% paperless account opening facility.
• Margin / Exposure facility.
• Research & advisory services.
• Easy fund transfer with login SAS online
• SAS online system has strong presence across states in India.
• Hassle-free and ultra-fast trading software.
• You can use basket order in SAS online
• SAS online back office login you can check your account details.
• Easy SAS online fund transfer and SAS online fund withdrawal process.


• Does not offer 3-in-1 account.
• Additional cost of Rs 20 per executed order to avail the call & trade facility.

SAS online support

To see full SAS online margin sheet or SAS online demo and to know about SAS online transaction charges and your SAS online dp id visit the SAS online official website. You can do SAS online chat to share your SAS online feedback with our support SAS online executive or contact at below mention details:
• SAS online customer care number: 01140409999
• SAS online contact number: 01140409900
• SAS online helpline or SAS online number: 01140409900.


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Frequently Asked Question

Bracket order is a kind of order in which you can enter a new position along with a target and a stop-loss order together and a market order or limit order which is placed along with a stop loss order is known as cover order.
SAS Online is an old and trustworthy broker equipped with modern and technical features through which you can generate unlimited return. This is a very diverse broker and offers a wide range of financial products in its platform.
Yes, SAS Online provides advisory & research services to all their clients.
Currently, NRI demat and trading account opening facility is not available on SAS Online, so, NRIs are not allowed to trade in Indian share market on SAS Online.
15 PM is the intraday square-off time with SAS Online broking.
Yes, you can place After Market Order (AMO) on SAS Online.
No, SAS Online broking does not provide the facility of chat support to the clients.
Bracket order is a kind of order in which you can enter a new position along with a target and a stop-loss order together and a market order or limit order which is placed along with a stop loss order is known as cover order.
SAS Online offers instant demat account, you only need to visit the website & click on ‘open trading account’. After uploading required documents, your account will get opened & you can trade in the share market.
No, SAS Online does not offer to invest in US stocks.
Yes, SAS Online offer mutual fund services on its platform through BSE Star MF Platform. The broker provides a dedicated mutual fund app and browser-based website to invest in mutual fund.
No, SAS Online does not provide the facility of online IPO application.
SAS Online is equipped with many unique features such as demat & trading account, leverage facility for intraday trading, online & offline account opening services, free trading software & tools and branches are available across India.
No, SAS Online only offers 2-in-1 account on its platform.
Yes, if you have sufficient margins for the carryforward position then you can easily change your position from Intraday to Carryforward.
Yes, SAS Online offers call and trade facility at Rs 20 per executed order.
Following documents required to open HUF account on SAS Online: • Copy of PAN Card of HUF • Copy of PAN Card of Karta • Address proof of HUF • Bank Proof of HUF (Latest 6-month bank statement in PDF format reflecting bank’s logo, branch address, MICR codes, IFSC etc.). • Address proof of Karta • Kindly paste a passport size of photograph of Karta and cross sign over it in the page number 8 of trading & commodity form as well as page number 1 & 3 of the demat form.
Any resident Indian client of SAS Online can earn money without placing a trade on share market. You will earn a fixed part of the brokerage generated by referral client every time your referral places a trade in the share market.

SAS Online Reviews