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Maximize Returns: A Guide to Mutual Funds with Trade Smart | Garv Thakur


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TradeSmart Mutual Funds Review | Charges and SIP

TradeSmart is an Indian Discount broker house. It is a Mumbai based broker that offers various discount brokerage services in stock, commodity and the currency trading segments. The stock broker is a venture of VNS finance that is one of the traditional brokerage companies that was registered at NSE in 1994 to offer its service to the Indian Stock, Currency and Commodity Market. It provide its service online through Franchise and Sub brokers

TradeSmart is a successful online business owner in Indian Stock market. It focuses on providing the best advanced technology with the high-level security in order to provide the best and enhanced trading experience to their customers.

TradeSmart Mutual Fund Details

The stock broker provides Trade Smart online Mutual Fund Investment service to its customers. The customers can buy and redeem mutual funds and do Mutual funds trade option by using this platform. It offers appropriate information about the schemes and mutual funds investment limit so as to make the complete informed decision about the best mutual fund investment option on the basis of your own needs and risk appetite. It is among the most comfortable application that makes your money grow with least efforts.

TradeSmart MF

Trade Smart MF is one of the best platforms that provides excellent services of mutual fund investment in the country. Mutual fund trade fee is not charged  to anyone. It helps in generating the maximum results with minimalistic efforts.

Features of TradeSmart MF

1. Simple User Interface- The sign-up procedure takes very less time. It makes you ready to buy and sell mutual funds or start the SIP contributions within few clicks.
2. Multiple Filters- The application provides a wide range of filters such as asset type, growth or dividend options, risk etc. It enables you to shortlist the mutual fund schemes on the customer’s preferences. It is extremely handy when one wants to identify the best SIP plans or lump-sum schemes.
3. Track and Analyse- All the information related to the mutual fund investments are kept under one roof. It allows the checking of your portfolio, track returns, order history, daily NAV and much more.
4. Creating SIP on auto pilot mode- It allows the customer to set a standing instruction for an auto-SIP by one-time mandate. It allows the customers to invest in mutual funds in a simple and convenient manner.
5. Investment Ideas- The app suggests various investment ideas smart mutual funds to invest in to save tax, better than FD, better than savings account and much more. It allows you to choose the best scheme on the basis of your financial objectives and risk profile.

Benefits of TradeSmart MF

1. It allows investments in various Smart mutual fund schemes from different categories.
2. It is a 100% trustworthy, safe and secure application to use.
3. It provides complete details of various mutual fund schemes that are performing best. This information further can be used to identify the best mutual fund for SIP.


TradeSmart provides mutual smart fund investment services online to its customers by TradeSmart MF mobile application. It has built itself into a complete online stockbroking firm. It provides dynamic versatile services to all of its customers. This makes it stable in the industry for longer period of time. If the company grows constantly then it will be one of the top broking houses in nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CTS refers to the Cheque Truncation System. It is the system in which the flow of physical movement of the cheque will be eliminated in the cheque clearing process.
Yes, through the Trade smart mutual fund online you can invest in SIP also.
The member broker internally processes short delivery settlements between its clients rather than exchanging through buy in action.
All the signatures are mandatory as per the rules and regulations of SEBI.
NEST Trader and Fox Trader is the desktop trading platform of TradeSmart.
The payments will be transferred by NEFT or RTGS.
At the end of the day, you will receive an email from the electronic contract note. It will give all the transaction details including the expenses charged.
Yes, they have customer support phone service.
Visit the stock broker’s website or mutual fund website to check the mutual fund details and select the best SIP mutual funds.
All the exchanges are required to collect the margin money for trading in the derivatives segments as per SEBI Regulations. It is also termed as the Initial Margin.
Office Address A-401, Mangalya, Marol Maroshi Road Andheri East Gamdevi, Marol, Anderi East, Mumbai, MH 400059
The account opening charges are ₹200 for MCX. An additional amount of ₹100 will be applicable in case the form is couriered from our end.
No, there are no minimum turnover commitments. You choose a trading plan most suited to your trading pattern and then you pay as per the plan chosen. There is no minimum turnover required from our side.
It provides two unique brokerage plans. The one is to trade @7 (for lesser volume traders) and the other is trade @ 15 (for big volume traders).
First login to the NEST Trading application, then go to the view order/trade reports. Then view RMS limits under the user options see net available cash balance.
It is a 4-digit telephone personal Identification number. It is used to verify the authenticity of the customers to allow instant access to call and trade facility.
Yes, TradeSmart does provide the facility of Algo Trading.
The customers will be informed if there is any shortfall in margin or debit balance, then you can pay that amount to avoid any convenience in trading.
Yes, TradeSmart is a listed company and was incorporated in the year 1994.
No, Tradesmart does not have branches.
Yes, you can place After Market Order with TradeSmart.
Yes, you can choose different pricing plans for Equity and Commodity segment.
If all your documents are proper as per the KYC norms, then it actually takes 3 working days after receiving the account opening form.
You can close your account either by filling the account closing form on the website or by downloading and printing it and then by sending it to the Mumbai Corporate Office address.
Yes, TradeSmart provides the combined ledger for the equity and commodity trading.
In case of the stock market trading do not deal with any foxed return schemes rather it depends on the investment planning and decisions. However, from various part researches and in long-run stock market trading provides an approximate revenue of 15% per year.
In this process the short delivery is settled by the Member broker internally among his clients instead by the exchange through buy-in auction.
No, we do not offer clients to participate in the auction market.
No, its not necessary to appoint a nominee at the time of account opening.
If you are unable to provide the bank statement then provide the self-attested copy of the welcome letter received from the bank that mentions your account number and other details. Make sure the cancelled cheque has your Name, IFSC Code and MICR No. printed on it.

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