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Bonanza Trading Software: Unleashing Advanced Tools for Seamless Trading


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Bonanza Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

How many millionaires have you seen who became wealthy by investing in savings account? Although, share market is full of uncertainties and risk but it is the efficient way to enhance our assets. This is possible by investing through global reputed trusted platform and Bonanza is one of the most trusted and leading full-service brokers of India, established in 1994 as a financial service provide. Bonanza is known for its low brokerage of flat Rs.18 per executed order. Bonanza offers free demat and trading account opening facility so that customers can trade in various segments such as equity, derivatives, currency, commodity, mutual funds and IPO. Bonanza is a proud member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MSEI, NCDEX, NMCE and ICEX. As a SEBI registered and depositary participant of CDSL and NSDL, it gives flexibility to choose between national exchanges.
Bonanza offers very high leverage up to 10x leverage for equity intraday trading in more than 500 stocks. Bonanza provides many free software and technical tools so that you can invest and analyse easily. Bonanza has already marked its presence in more than 560 cities with 1784 outlets across India. Bonanza’s mission is to make trading simple and easy so that you can better analyse the market trend.

Bonanza Trading Software
Bonanza offers free trading software for its clients. Traders can access this software in any desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet with any operating system. Bonanza’s online trading software are as follows:
• Bonanza Netnetlite- Browser-based trading platform
• Bonanza Mobile Wave- Smartphone-based mobile application.
• Bonanza ODIN Diet- Trading Terminal.

Bonanza Netnetlite:

Bonanza Netnetlite is a browser-based trading platform allows to trade in equity, derivative, mutual fund, commodity, currency and IPO. Bonanza is a robust, user-friendly and perfect platform for users and allows access to any desktop, laptop, android device, IOS device and tablet across the world.
• Easily accessible.
• In-built market watching tool for real time alerts.
• Browser-based based website.
• Online SMS and message alert for client’s activities.
• Allow to trade in BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.
• Enables you to place after market orders.
• Multiple charts available along with historical data.
• Availability of exchange funds option for funds through different banking institutions.
• To place bulk orders, you can use basket order available in Bonanza.

How to access Bonanza Netnetlite?

This is a very simple process, just follow below steps:
• Visit the official website of Bonanza.
• Now, above the main menu bar, click on Netnetlite login link.
• Login with ID and password.
• Open the dashboard and start investing.

Bonanza Mobile Wave:

Bonanza Wave is a smartphone-based trading platform available for Android and iPad users. It is very simple and convenient to use from any place across the world. You can trade in equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund and IPO.
• Hassle-free, easy and user-friendly.
• Place any type of order from any place around the world.
• Track your favourite stocks and contracts.
• Advanced charting tools.
• Track your order book, net position and funds in real-time.
• You can develop your own strategy and trade in it.
• Access live market news.
• Research & advisory support.
• 24/7 customer support.
• Alerts and push notifications.
• Online IPO alerts.
• Single login ID and passport to trade in all the segments.

How to download My E-trade application?

This is a very easy process, just follow below steps:
• Open Google play store for android users or App store for IOS users.
• Search Bonanza Wave.
• Click install and download it.

Bonanza ODIN Diet:

Bonanza offers ODIN Diet which is an EXE based trading terminal for active traders and investors. This is a modern and most powerful trading platform for beginners and experienced traders.
• Allows you to access all asset classes across multiple national exchanges.
• Back office support.
• Advanced charting tools such as candles, bars, lines.
• Provides different product type such as MIS, NRML, BTST, BO, CO, CNC and MTF.
• Access to multiple market depth windows.
• Scrip and options alerts.
• Allow you to create custom indicators to enhance market analysis.

How to access Bonanza ODIN Diet?

Follow the given below steps:
• Open the official website of Bonanza.
• Click the downloads link given at the footer of the home page.
• Click on Online Trading ODIN.
• Select the link appropriate for your system to download.
• Login by using your ID and password.


Bonanza offers many trading software and tools to make trading easy and simple, any trader or investor can use above software to increase their financial statement after analyzing market trends. This is an opportunity for the common people to increase their earning by using Bonanza’s free software and tools which are capable of enhancing your market knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bonanza offers semi and fully Algo trading on its platform.
Bonanza is equipped with many unique features such as free demat & trading account opening, brokerage of flat Rs18 per executed order. handsome leverage facility in all segment, online & offline account opening facility method, trading software & tools and more than 1700+ branches are available across India.
It is totally free; you don’t need to pay single penny for opening of demat and trading account.
No, Bonanza does not charge any extra brokerage on canceling and modifying an order. Transparency is the key quality of Bonanza.
15 minutes before the market closes as both Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Order (CO) are intraday orders.
NRML refers to when a trader wants to avail the leverage benefits in equity delivery whereas CNC (Cash and Carry) refers to when a trader can buy shares on the behalf of available funds in his/her account.
No, it is very much clear that securities received against investments under Foreign Direct Investment Scheme (FDI), Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) and Scheme for investment on non-repatriation basis need to be credited into separate demat account and also investment under PIS can be on repatriation and non-repatriation basis.
It is a very simple process; you need to visit the nearby branch or download the account opening form from the official website and send it to broker’s office along with required documents.
Yes, Bonanza offers call and trade facility @flat Rs 25 per order.
Yes, you can place After Market Order (AMO) on Bonanza.
No, Bonanza only offers 2-in-1 account on its platform.
Yes, Bonanza allow you to invest in any IPO.
Yes, any NRI around the world can invest in Indian Share market by using this platform.
NRI/PIO are allowed to open only one account with any designated bank (Preferred bank - Axis bank) in a prescribed format for PIS account. After that, bank can issue a PIS approval letter to the investor.
No, without any approval, NRI’s can sell any securities or debentures on the exchange.
No, Bonanza does not offer to invest in US stocks.