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Bonanza Demat Account: Securely Manage Your Investment Portfolio


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Bonanza Demat Account Opening Charges and Details

‘Make money, not mistakes’ is the tagline of Bonanza that means though share market is full of risk but without making mistakes, we can earn money from trading by choosing right broker that can offer you best facilities an affordable cost. Traders must choose wisely & trade wisely and it can possible with Bonanza as it provides free research and advisory services to its clients. Bonanza is a SEBI registered broker and offers to invest in equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund and IPO. Bonanza provides the facility to any Non-resident Indians (NRIs) to invest in Indian share market through its platform. Bonanza offers leverage and margin exposure in every plan for every segment which is quite beneficial for beginners and experienced traders. As the depository participant of CDSL and NSDL, it provides depositary services and 2-in-1 account to its clients.
Bonanza offers many trading software and mobile application through which you can place your order from any place across India. One should choose Bonanza because of its transparent policy and ultra-modern features through which any trader can enhance their assets easily.

Bonanza Demat Account:

Demat account is just like a bank account as bank account hold your cash while demat account hold your shares & securities. Demat account is used to hold securities in dematerialized form though which you can trade and invest in national exchanges. Bonanza is the depositary participant of NSDL & CDSL and offers 2-in-1 account services to resident Indians and NRIs. Bonanza provide the facility to open demat account via both online and offline method by following some simple steps.

Online Demat Account on Bonanza:

Bonanza offers you to open online demat account by uploading required documents:
• Visit official website of Bonanza or download the mobile application.
• Click, open an account.
• Register your mobile number, email id and name.
• Enter the OTP received in your mobile number.
• Upload the scanned copies of the required documents in the given tab.
• In the last, E-sign process will take place in which you need to validate the OTP sent to your mobile phone.
• After document verification, you will receive a message or mail in your email id.
• Now, you can start trading.

Offline Demat Account on Bonanza:

You can also open offline account on Bonanza by following some simple steps:
• Visit the official website of Bonanza and register your details like name, phone number etc or you can visit the nearby branch of bonanza.
• Sales representative will call you and provide you KYC form on your email id or you can take that form from the branch office.
• Take the print out of that form.
• Completely fill that form with your signature, passport size photograph and attach the scanned copies of the required documents.
• Courier all the documents along with KYC form to the registered address.

Bonanza Demat Account Opening Charges:

Bonanza does not charge any amount on the opening of demat account on its platform.



Demat Account Opening Charges


Demat AMC

Rs.250 + GST (per annum)


Documents Required to Open Demat Account on Bonanza:

• PAN card
• Aadhar card
• Bank statement or Latest bank account slip
• Passport size latest photograph
• Income proof (To trade in F&O segment)

Bonanza Demat Account Charges:

Except for brokerage, there are various depositary charges which are as follows.



Account Opening Charges


Account Maintenance Charges

Rs.250 + GST per annum

Dematerialisation for each request form


Dematerialisation for each extra certificate


Rematerialisation Charges

Rs.15 per 100 securities or part thereof or Rs.15 per certificate

Buy – Market & off-market


Sell – Market & off-market – Internet Trading


Sell – Market & off-market – Call Centre


Pledge Creation / Closure / Confirmation / Invocation


Additional Account Statements


Closure of account


NSDL/CDSL Annual Maintenance Fee for corporate account


NSDL/CDSL Sell – Market & off-market

Rs.5.50 per debit instruction

Reconversion of MF units



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bonanza offers semi and fully Algo trading on its platform.
Bonanza is equipped with many unique features such as free demat & trading account opening, brokerage of flat Rs18 per executed order. handsome leverage facility in all segment, online & offline account opening facility method, trading software & tools and more than 1700+ branches are available across India.
It is totally free; you don’t need to pay single penny for opening of demat and trading account.
No, Bonanza does not charge any extra brokerage on canceling and modifying an order. Transparency is the key quality of Bonanza.
15 minutes before the market closes as both Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Order (CO) are intraday orders.
NRML refers to when a trader wants to avail the leverage benefits in equity delivery whereas CNC (Cash and Carry) refers to when a trader can buy shares on the behalf of available funds in his/her account.
No, it is very much clear that securities received against investments under Foreign Direct Investment Scheme (FDI), Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) and Scheme for investment on non-repatriation basis need to be credited into separate demat account and also investment under PIS can be on repatriation and non-repatriation basis.
It is a very simple process; you need to visit the nearby branch or download the account opening form from the official website and send it to broker’s office along with required documents.
Yes, Bonanza offers call and trade facility @flat Rs 25 per order.
Yes, you can place After Market Order (AMO) on Bonanza.
No, Bonanza only offers 2-in-1 account on its platform.
Yes, Bonanza allow you to invest in any IPO.
Yes, any NRI around the world can invest in Indian Share market by using this platform.
NRI/PIO are allowed to open only one account with any designated bank (Preferred bank - Axis bank) in a prescribed format for PIS account. After that, bank can issue a PIS approval letter to the investor.
No, without any approval, NRI’s can sell any securities or debentures on the exchange.
No, Bonanza does not offer to invest in US stocks.