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Bonanza Mutual Funds: Diversify Your Portfolio for Financial Growth


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Bonanza Mutual Funds Review - Charges and SIP

‘If you don’t follow stock market, you are missing some amazing drama. Average investors can pick winning stocks as effectively as wall street professionals by doing just a little research. When we think about a platform through which we can analyse the market trend and execute our trade easily then Bonanza is one of the first priorities of the traders and investors, operational since 1994 and become one of the largest brokers and financial service firm in a very short period of time. The main objective of the Bonanza is to maximize the client’s profit and to become one of the most trusted and globally reputed platforms. Bonanza has their branches in 560 cities of India with 1784 outlets. Bonanza provides advisory and research services to every client across the globe which proved as a game changer for the company and now, company has a client base of 35000+ active clients.
Customers can trade and invest in NSE, BSE, MCX, MSEI, NCDEX, NMCE and ICEX via Bonanza. It is a Depository participant of (DP) of both CDSL and NSDL. It provides services in Equity Broking, Advisory Services, Portfolio Management Services, Mutual Fund Investments, Insurance to exceptional Depository Services, IPO, Fixed deposits, Bonds etc. Bonanza charges brokerages of @flat Rs 18 per executed order which is quite low ac compared to other full-service brokers.

What is Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund is an investment platform where money is collected by Asset Management Company (AMC) from various investors to invest in a pool or portfolio of different stocks or assets. For long term investments, mutual fund is one of the best options to choose. Mutual Fund is a way of investing in stock market while sleeping, walking, talking, eating, driving or doing any type of other work. The Indian Government along with Asset Management Company (AMC) initiated many campaigns such as ‘Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’ to increase the awareness among various classes of people to invest in mutual fund.

Benefits of Mutual Fund:

• Best option for long term investments.
• You can take your money back any time from the particular mutual fund investment due to high liquidity of mutual funds scheme.
• Asset Management Companies used to offer variable number of mutual fund schemes or plan to choose from so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
• According to SEBI guidelines, Asset Management Companies need to ensure that customers should have full transparency to their mutual fund investments.
• Well-trained professionals of Asset Management Company used to invest your money in different pool of stocks.
• You can also choose your favorite company to invest.

Bonanza Mutual Fund:

Bonanza mutual fund offers mutual fund schemes from different fund houses. Both regular and direct mutual fund are provided by them. One can choose the mutual fund investment scheme as per their choice. Bonanza provides both online and offline mutual fund services. An online trading software is provided to their customers for better investment experience. Bonanza charges commission on regular mutual fund. More than 500+ Asset Management Companies are available on this platform in which you can invest accordingly as per your choice and research. Bonanza is one of the India’s largest platform known for its wide network to offer mutual fund services.

Why to Choose Bonanza Mutual Fund?

• Online SIP calculator.
• Free online mutual fund account opening.
• Both direct and regular mutual fund is provided by them.
• Mutual fund services are provided by online and offline mode.
• A dedicated Mutual fund web base trading platform named
• Risk management support is provided.
• Asset management services.
• Advisory and Portfolio management services.
• 24*7 assistance for any queries or issues.

Bonanza Mutual Fund Charges

Mutual fund account opening charges


Mutual Fund AMC


Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges



Bonanza Mutual Fund Account Opening

One must have Bonanza Account to apply in Mutual funds via Bonanza. You can simply open your account online. Click to open an account in Bonanza.

Bonanza Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Bonanza has a dedicated web-based trading platform for mutual fund investment seamlessly.
Follow the below steps to invest in Bonanza mutual fund online:
1. Visit ‘’.
2. Login using your Bonanza account’s login credential.
3. Now you are all set to invest in Mutual Funds.

Follow the below steps to invest in Bonanza mutual fund SIP online:
1. Visit ‘’.
2. Login using your Bonanza account’s login credential.
3. Select scheme.
4. Select a SIP investment option.
5. Enter Amount, Period and SIP date.
6. Submit and Make payment.

Bonanza Mutual Fund Customer Care:

Toll Free Number - 022 68363775/ 739/ 708
Email ID -
You can also visit the nearest branch office for any offline support. Bonanza’s representative will assist you and resolve your any query related to share market, account opening, any investment etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bonanza offers semi and fully Algo trading on its platform.
Bonanza is equipped with many unique features such as free demat & trading account opening, brokerage of flat Rs18 per executed order. handsome leverage facility in all segment, online & offline account opening facility method, trading software & tools and more than 1700+ branches are available across India.
It is totally free; you don’t need to pay single penny for opening of demat and trading account.
No, Bonanza does not charge any extra brokerage on canceling and modifying an order. Transparency is the key quality of Bonanza.
15 minutes before the market closes as both Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Order (CO) are intraday orders.
NRML refers to when a trader wants to avail the leverage benefits in equity delivery whereas CNC (Cash and Carry) refers to when a trader can buy shares on the behalf of available funds in his/her account.
No, it is very much clear that securities received against investments under Foreign Direct Investment Scheme (FDI), Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) and Scheme for investment on non-repatriation basis need to be credited into separate demat account and also investment under PIS can be on repatriation and non-repatriation basis.
It is a very simple process; you need to visit the nearby branch or download the account opening form from the official website and send it to broker’s office along with required documents.
Yes, Bonanza offers call and trade facility @flat Rs 25 per order.
Yes, you can place After Market Order (AMO) on Bonanza.
No, Bonanza only offers 2-in-1 account on its platform.
Yes, Bonanza allow you to invest in any IPO.
Yes, any NRI around the world can invest in Indian Share market by using this platform.
NRI/PIO are allowed to open only one account with any designated bank (Preferred bank - Axis bank) in a prescribed format for PIS account. After that, bank can issue a PIS approval letter to the investor.
No, without any approval, NRI’s can sell any securities or debentures on the exchange.
No, Bonanza does not offer to invest in US stocks.