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Zerodha Trading Software Review - Download, Demo and Details


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Zerodha Trading Software Review

With more than 30+ lakh, Zerodha is best for trading among stock brokers in India. Therefore, it offers a range of zerodha trading software and tools to its customers. Zerodha has partnered with various other companies to provide third party zerodha trading platform review of these platforms is quite easy and simple to use for all traders.

There is different zerodha trading software provided by zerodha to its customers. You can choose best trading software for zerodha according to your preferences. In this article we will read about the zerodha trading software 2023.
Zerodha trading platforms and tools that are offered by Zerodha includes:

1. Zerodha Kite (Web based trading platform)
2. Zerodha Kite Mobile (Mobile Trading App)
3. Zerodha Coin (Mutual Fund Investment)
4. Zerodha Console (Back-Office)
5. Zerodha Sentinel (Live Market Alerts)

6. Zerodha Partner Products
Smallcase (Portfolio Building Tool)
Streak (Algo & Strategy Platform)
Sensibull (Options Trading Platform)
Golden PI (Online platform for bonds and debentures)

7. Zerodha Trading Tools
• Brokerage calculator
• Margin calculator
• Black-Scholes calculator
• Pi Expert Advisors
8. Zerodha Commodity Trading Software

In this article we will provide you zerodha trading software guide, which helps beginners and as well as traders to understand zerodha in a better way.
Let’s have a quick look at available zerodha software for trading.

1. Zerodha kite trading software (Zerodha Kite Website)

Zerodha kite trading software is a powerful product available for zerodha software for trading, and is a Zerodha web- based trading platform. Zerodha Kite is built in-house by the company and offers a fast and reliable trading experience to its traders.

Zerodha Kite essential features that makes it unique and more approachable for the customers.
a) zerodha kite trading software gives you a universal search instrument to search quickly across 90,000+ stocks and F&O contacts across multiple exchanges instantly.
b) Zerodha trading software guide you with real-time data widgets quotes, live ticks and order alerts and much more.
c) Zerodha kite trading software has the most advanced Charting capabilities with 100+ indicators, studies, and tools and extensive historical data.
d) Zerodha trading software app provides you a multilingual platform with the support of 11 regional languages.
e) Zerodha trading software offers multiple Order types include Limit, Market, Stop loss, AMO, Bracket and Cover orders.
f) Trading software of zerodha gives you integration with Investment apps like Smallcase and streak offered by partners of Zerodha.
g) Zerodha stock trading software has a single click fund transfer and withdrawal.

Zerodha kite 3.0 trading software (Mobile Trading App)

Zerodha kite 3.0 trading software is made with the purpose of user-friendly and thus the zerodha kite 3.0 trading software was introduced as the latest mobile trading app. This brings Zerodha’s flagship trading platform on Zerodha Kite web on Android and iOS smartphones and you can easily do zerodha trading platform login. Now, the customers can easily download zerodha trading software for mobile and use it to analyse and trade.

The zerodha trading software app may offer essential trading features such as:
a) One- tap search for all stocks and contracts across all exchanges.
b) Quick buy and sell.
c) Live market data.
d) Create multiple MarketWatch.
e) Live market depths.
f) Advanced Charting features with 100+ indicators and studies.
g) Historical data.
h) Various order types including AMO, BO (Bracket orders), CO (Cover Orders)
i) Fund Transfer Facility

2. Zerodha Coin (Mutual Fund Investment)

Zerodha Coin is a mutual fund investment platform that allows the customers to invest in various funds online. Investors can directly invest in mutual funds from the companies at zero commission.

Some of the key features of this Zerodha mutual fund platform includes:
a) Zerodha Coin is a free platform for mutual fund investments.
b) Zero commission is charged.
c) Mutual funds are directly credited in your Zerodha Demat Account form.
d) Single reports such as capital gain statement, P&L visualization, etc. for all your investments.
e) SIP facility, increase or decrease SIP as per your wish.
f) View and track Net Asset Value of the funds.

3. Zerodha Coin app review (zerodha coin mobile app)

Zerodha Coin mobile app is also available on mobile as an app for Zerodha customers. The Zerodha coin mobile app provides you with convenience to invest in 3000+ mutual funds from 34 fund houses directly at zero commission. Zerodha coin mobile app offers all the same features as of the web to its customers on the mobile.

4. Zerodha Console (Back-office)

Zerodha Console is the back-office platform of Zerodha. Kite zerodha console is simply a trade and reporting dashboard offering multiple features to its customers.

Zerodha Console features are as follows:
• Zerodha console gives you the facility to place withdrawal requests.
• Zerodha console monitors credits and debits in your trading account zerodha through your account statement.
• kite zerodha console views your portfolio-stock positions and mutual fund investments.
• Zerodha console provides the customer with the access to multiple reports including trade books, P&L etc.
• Download contract notes and margin statements.
• Zerodha console gives you access to analytics tools such as Trade book and P&L heatmap.

5. Zerodha Sentinel (Price Alerts Tool)

Zerodha Sentinel is a cloud-based, machine-independent tool for setting up price alerts on stock and contracts. Zerodha sentinel allows the Zerodha traders to set up the price alerts that can be triggered for any time even when your computer is off.

Zerodha sentinel features are as follows:
• Zerodha sentinel set alerts for 80,000+ instruments across exchanges.
• Sentinel zerodha api creates advanced alerts that combine multiple triggers.
• Zerodha sentinel alert are available on the customer’s Google Chrome Browser, Zerodha kite web platform and via mail.
• Zerodha sentinel provides its customer the features of viewing history of all your triggered alerts.
• Zerodha sentinel app service is available for Zerodha non-clients also.
• Zerodha sentinel app gives you 30 trigger alerts based on a single data-point.
• Zerodha sentinel supports multiple types of data points including today’s open, high, low, close, Volume, Percentage of Change, Open Interest, Total Bids, Total Asks. Etc.

6. Partner Products Offered by Zerodha

Zerodha has also launched its products with its partners. Some of the products which are launched are explained in detail below:
a) Zerodha Small case
Zerodha small case is a product which is simply a portfolio or collection of stocks and ETFs built around a single idea, strategy or theme. Zerodha smallcase app includes between 2 to 50 instruments. Kite zerodha smallcase allows you to invest in all the stocks that are included in a specific small case, monitor and manage it with one click. Zerodha small case can be integrated with your Kite platform and can easily be operated using your Zerodha account.

Some of the key features that Zerodha Small case provides to its customers are:
• Zerodha small case has 55+ different small cases to choose from.
• Zerodha smallcase app has 4 small cases types: Thematic, Model-based, Sector trackers and beta.
• Zerodha smallcase review: risk types including conservative, moderate and aggressive.
• Zerodha small case helps you in viewing and monitoring your investments anytime and anywhere.
• Zerodha small case gives you Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).
• There are no lock-in periods for zerodha smallcase returns unlike some mutual funds.

Zerodha small case charges
Small case zerodha charges are one-time flat fee of ₹100 + GST when you invest in a smallcase (no additional fees for further orders in the same smallcase). Standard brokerage charges apply. There are no fees charged for weather investing and smart beta small cases. The standard brokerage is also applicable.

b) Zerodha streak algo trading platform
Zerodha streak is a cloud-based platform for retail traders to create trading platforms without coding, back test them on the historical data and deploy them to live in the market.

The key features of zerodha streak algo trading platform includes are:
• In zerodha streak write your strategies in English and the platform does the coding for you.
• Zerodha streak gives you the facility to create strategies leveraging 60+ indicators
• With zerodha streak app you can easily back test all your strategies with up to 5 years on any instrument.
• You can deploy best zerodha streak strategy with one click
• You receive notifications and you can also track live positions

I. Zerodha streak product provides a free trial for 7 days. During the free trial tenure, the customer can do twenty back tests and two live Deployments of strategies at a time.
II. Zerodha streak pricing: Customers will have to pay a monthly fee depending on the chosen plan. There are three plans available which are: Basic, Premium and Ultimately at a monthly fee of 500, 900 and 1400 simultaneously.

a) Zerodha Sensibull (Options Trading Platform)
Zerodha Sensibull product is an options trading platform. Zerodha sensibull option chain platform is available for the customers of various stock broking companies that includes Axis direct, Kotak securities, Edelweiss, ICICI Direct, Upstox and Karvy stock, etc.

From zerodha sensibull review it is concluded that it will suggest a list of strategies to its customer based on the customer’s market view. The customer can also customize the strategy by tweaking some parameters as per your needs.

The other key features of the Sensibull platform includes:
• Zerodha sensibull helps you in comparing the suggested option strategies to find the best one.
• Zerodha sensibull gives you multiple options to build strategies based on your preference.
• Zerodha sensibull analyses data for the customer for their trade and positions.
• Zerodha sensibull provides you the access to enhance the option chain.
• Zerodha sensibull helps you in keeping an eye on the events calendar to focus on the major events that can impact your trade.
• Zerodha sensibull provides you options to analyse for deep analysis of contracts.
• Zerodha sensibull provides you the facility to directly place orders.
• Zerodha sensibull helps you by giving you the advanced filters to quickly find a profitable strategy.
• Zerodha sensibull has Future and options contract screeners.
• Zerodha sensibull provides you the facility for simulation trading.

Zerodha sensibull pricing
There are three subscription plans for Zerodha Sensibull:
Free - The free version of Zerodha Sensibull has limited features.
Lite – you need to pay 480/ Month
Pro – you need to pay 640/ Month
For zerodha sensibull login visit the official website of Zerodha.

b) Zerodha Golden PI
Zerodha Golden PI is India’s first online platform for investments in bonds and debentures. The company has partnered with several banks, bond trading institutions, and large financial organizations to give its customers the access to various bonds and debentures. Zerodha golden pi takes care of the complete process of bond investment starting from opening the account to bonds units. These are automatically transferred to the customer’s demat account.

Some of the key features of golden pi zerodha app platform are:
• Zerodha golden pi has Zero Commission Investment.
• Zerodha golden pi gives you Online access to over 3000 crores worth of bonds.
• Zerodha golden pi invests in bonds for as low as 10,000.
• Zerodha golden pi gives the Real time updates on the customer’s incoming interest payments.
• Zerodha golden pi is a Goal based investment process.
• Zerodha golden pi gives the round the clock personal assistance.
• Zerodha golden pi works as a demat account opening assistance.

Golden pi charges
Zerodha golden pi does not charge any fees or commission for investments in bonds and debentures.

How to download zerodha pi trading software.
To download Zerodha golden pi visit the official site of Zerodha.

c) Zerodha Trading Tools
This product provides its customers the wide range of online trading calculators. These calculators are useful in quickly calculating the brokerage fees and margin, etc.

The trading tools offered by Zerodha includes:
I. Brokerage Calculator: This calculator helps you in calculating profit from a trade by giving you a complete breakdown of brokerage fees and various other charges and taxes related to it.
II. Margin Calculator: This calculator helps in calculating the various margins required like Span, Exposure and Total Margin etc. to make you aware of the amount of margin you need to maintain during trading.
III. Black-Scholes Calculator: This calculator is designed for the Options traders. This calculator uses the black-Scholes model to calculate the premium and various option Greeks that have an influence on the pricing of the options contract.
IV. Pi experts Advisors: This calculator allows the customer to code their technical analysis strategy without coding, and back test it to check the past performance and take it to live on Pi Expert Advisors. It will then generate real time buy or sell signals for the strategy.

d) Zerodha Commodity trading Software
Zerodha is the leading online discount broker that offers commodity trading services at MCX and NCDEX. Zerodha trading platform for pc for commodities includes: Kite (Trading Website) and Kite Mobile App (Mobile Trading App).

How to download zerodha trading software

For zerodha trading software for pc and zerodha online trading software download you can visit to the official website of Zerodha.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To do paper trading in Zerodha streak. Select the paper trading option while deploying strategy in live market.
No. A customer can open only one trading account or demat account with Zerodha. You cannot open two trading accounts with same PAN number with Zerodha. Note: You can open other trading or demat account with the same name and PAN number with other brokers. But this can't be done with one broker because of SEBI regulations.
Streak is not owned by Zerodha. It is a third party trading software provided by Zerodha to their customers.
Sensbull is an option trading software provided by Zerodha. It is especially designed and made for option trading.
Zerodha is safe as any other stock broker in India. It is a genuine and the trusted stock broker and comes among the lowest risk broker in India. It is a debt free company and they only offer broking services. In the last 9 years, there is no single major violation has been reposted. Thus, it is the safest stock broker of India.
Zerodha coin mutual fund investments are good because it has various fund houses to choose the best one to invest as per your need.
On subscription page, you can check all active smallcase in Zerodha.
Customers can buy smallcase in Zerodha if they have a Zerodha demat account. If you do not have a Zerodha demat account, open your Zerodha demat account first.
It may take 2-3 days time to open the demat account.
Yes, Zerodha offers trading in foreign exchange (currency). The customers can trade in currency derivatives at BSE and NSE exchanges simply by using the Zerodha trading account. The customer is required to enable the Currency trading segment before he/she start to trade in the Forex.
Yes. Zerodha offers trading in forex (currency). You can trade in currency derivatives at BSE and NSE exchanges using the Zerodha trading account. The customer needs to enable the currency trading segment before starting the trading in currency.
Yes, Zerodha provides the advance technical charts on its free Kite trading platform. The Technical charts that are offered in Kite trading app are the best in the industry.
Yes, Zerodha favorable for long term investors. Zerodha offers the Equity delivery brokerage at free. It automatically brings down the trading costs thereby helping a lot of money in the long term. It also offers commission-free direct mutual funds that results in additional earning of 1% yearly.
In Zerodha the customer has to open a demat account along with the trading account. It does not allow linking of its trading account with a demat account from some other depository participant (DP). Note: • You can have multiple demat accounts if you want on your name with different brokers. • You can continue holding your Sharekhan demat account if you wish to do so. • You could transfer all your holdings in the Sharekhan demat account to Zerodha demat account at the time of closing the Sharekhan demat account. It is a simple process.
In the year 2015, after the company’s incorporation. Smallcase decided to tie up their operation with India’s no. 1 stock broker Zerodha in the year of 2016 July
Zerodha coin online account opening is same as Zerodha demat account. Visit to check Zerodha online account opening procedure.
Zerodha do not offer home pickup service of account opening forms. The customer is required to courier the forms at Zerodha Bangalore office. The forms can also be filled online.
To contact Zerodha support, you can contact on Zerodha Customer Care no. i.e., 08047181888 or visit the official website of Zerodha.
If you are into algo trading and you have no knowledge of coding. Then Zerodha streak is beneficial for you.
Yes, Zerodha coin is free for all Zerodha demat account holders.
Zerodha is an online discount brokerage model where only online trading services are offered to the customers or traders. It uses the latest and advance technology to serve its customers and has less branches and offices. The technology helps its customers to scale and reduce the operational cost which in-term helps them to maintain huge profits despite offering low-cost trading.
LTT in Zerodha stands for Last Traded Time. The last traded time shows when a particular share or contract was last bought or sold. It helps the traders to know the demand for a particular share on that particular day.
NFO stands for New Fund Offer. An NFO is the first time when a fund is offered for subscription by an AMC. The customer cannot invest in NFO through Zerodha Coin currently. However, you can buy NFO from the AMC directly.
No, mutual funds in Zerodha coin are free. Zerodha does not charge any amount for Zerodha coin mutual funds.
Zerodha coin or kite is linked automatically. You just need to login to Zerodha kite to use Zerodha coin. Users can also login to Zerodha coin separately.
All the orders will get squared off before the end of the day. IOC stands for 'Immediate or cancel'. It means that the order is executed as soon as it is released and in case the order fails to execute, then it is immediately canceled.
When you open a Zerodha demat account, your Zerodha coin account gets activated automatically. There is no separate procedure to activate Zerodha coin account.
To use coin platform Zerodha, login to Zerodha coin using your Zerodha kite login credentials and make investments.
To invest in Zerodha coin mutual funds, login to Zerodha coin. Select the mutual fund schemes you want to invest in and buy.
You can place an MIS buy order in one exchange and the MIS short order in the other exchange. However, by the end of the trading day, both of these trades are required to be squared off individually on each exchange.
The SMS facility in Zerodha is optional and is charged at ₹1 per SMS.
Coin by Zerodha is free for Zerodha customers.
Zerodha streak only provides 7 days free Zerodha streak trail for Zerodha users. Once the free demo period is over, users have to pay minimal charges as per the Zerodha streak plan chosen by them.
No there are no charges for Zerodha coin. All Zerodha users can access Zerodha coin for free.
Yes, some of the services provided by Zerodha are free. It offers Mutual fund investment and brokerage free equity delivery trading. The brokerage fee for Intra-day and F&O trading is ₹20 per executed order or 0.03% (whichever is lower).
Trading and investing in Stock market is quiet risky but Smallcase suggest you better path for trading as per expert advice.
Yes, Zerodha streak is safe to use.
Yes. Zerodha’s free Kite trading platform provides advance technical charts. The advance charts are provided by Zerodha are among the best in the Industry.
To create strategy in Zerodha streak, login to Zerodha. Decide and enter Entry & Exit points based on a set of conditions and with the help of Zerodha streak indicators. And system will automatically create strategy based on the data fed by you.
There are no charges ₹0 (free) on btst in Zerodha, you need to pay only taxes STT, Stamp Duty, GST, and SEBI charges
Use Zerodha smallcase by creating your own portfolio. After creating, buy those stocks. Then, track and manage your stocks regularly at Smallcase.
An individual need to have 3 accounts i.e. Trading, demat and a bank account. Zerodha offers trading and demat account services to its customers. Trading account is required to place buy & sell orders and the demat account is required to hold all the bought securities in electronic form. The trading and demat account of the customer are linked to their bank account.
There two different Zerodha streak plans i.e., Zerodha streak regular plan and Zerodha streak ultimate plan. Zerodha streak cost are different for these two plans. Cost of Zerodha streak regular plan is ₹690 + GST per month and cost of Zerodha streak ultimate plan is ₹1400 + GST per month.
Yes, Zerodha coin is safe as all your investment are kept securely in Zerodha demat account.
Discount brokers are the brokers that offers only online broking services to its customers and at a very low-cost. Zerodha discount broker uses the latest computer technology to offer online trading services to millions of customers. The brokerage charge for discount brokers are usually less than the traditional full-service brokers. Zerodha is an online discount broker.
Yes, Zerodha coin is totally free for all Zerodha customers. Charges for Zerodha coin are zero.
The Zerodha offers truly brokerage free equity delivery trading and mutual fund investment. It charges flat ₹20 or 0.03% (whichever is low) per executed order.
Many investors are confused if Zerodha coin is direct or regular fund? Zerodha coin provides in investment facility in direct mutual fund which means Zerodha coin is direct mutual fund.
Yes, Zerodha coin requires Zerodha demat account. You can only invest using Zerodha coin if you have a Zerodha demat account.
Zerodha coin is a trading software provided by Zerodha for Direct mutual fund investment.
Sentinel Zerodha is free. Now users do not have to pay any charges for Zerodha Sentinel to make Zerodha Sentinel Login.
Yes, You need to open a Demat and trading account.
To install Zerodha streak app, visit google play store or apple app store.
Sensibull is a third-party trading software provided by Zerodha to their customers. Sensibull is an independent start-up backed and funded by Zerodha.
There are no charges ₹0 (free) on btst in Zerodha, you need to pay only taxes STT, Stamp Duty, GST, and SEBI charges
Zerodha charges an amount of ₹20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lower for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.
Just login in to Zerodha coin app using Zerodha account login credentials and start investing in mutual funds.
The Zerodha is a depository participant of CDSL depository. This means it works as a service agent for demat account which is held by CDSL, one of the two central depositories.
Yes, the BTST i.e. buy today- sell tomorrow facility is available in Zerodha. It allows the traders to sell shares before they deposit into your demat account on T+2 days.
Zerodha offers the service to place AMO orders. These AMO orders are placed after the market hours for the next trading day in advance. AMO (After Market Orders) allows the customers to place online buy/sell order before the stock exchanges are open for trading. The order timing for AMO order changes by the trading segment.
No, Zerodha doesn't offer any trading account on minor's name.
No, Zerodha does not provide the margin funding facility.
Mutual fund investments made via coin of Zerodha are Direct mutual fund investment.
The Z Pin is the 4-digit telephone code. This is the customer’s personal identification number. This number is required to place orders through the call, trade desk and to raise support requests. Whenever the customer will call Zerodha customer support or call & trade desk, he/she have to authenticate themselves using the Z Pin code.
Zerodha does not provide interest on the money that is held in the trading account. It does not accept any personal Fd’s as margin for trading.
Zerodha kite and Zerodha coin are the two different trading platform provided by Zerodha. But login credentials of Zerodha coin and Zerodha kite is same. Also, users can access Zerodha coin in Zerodha kite platform as well.
Zerodha is completely an execution platform only. It does not provide any form of advisory or tips. We believe that traders and investors should make educated and informed trades based on the research and analysis.
No, it is not compulsory to maintain a minimum balance in the Zerodha Trading account.
Yes, You can easily buy mutual funds online via Zerodha coin.
CNC stands for Cash and Carry. It is simply a product code and if you use them to buy and sell shares on the same day, they will still be considered as Intraday trade. NRML (Normal) is used for overnight trading for futures and options.
Zerodha streak is chargeable, but Zerodha provides 7 days Zerodha streak free trial.
The Margin for Zerodha is reduced across all the segments including Intraday at BSE, NSE and MCX on 2 January, 2019. It is in line with the new margin policy introduced by SEBI. As per the policy, the brokers cannot offer ab additional margin to customers. The margins are now prescribed by the exchanges and are the same across the brokers.
To start SIP in Zerodha coin, login to Zerodha coin. On home page, click on ‘Direct SIP’ and start investing in Zerodha SIP.
Sensibull by Zerodha has three plans for Zerodha users. Out of these three plans one plan is free with limited basic features while other two plans are chargeable.
First create your strategy and then back test your strategy. Finally, deploy your strategy in live market.
If you do not have a Zerodha demat account, open your Zerodha demat account first.
Zerodha has no charges for Zerodha coin that means Zerodha customers can use Zerodha coin without any charges or fees.
Visit and follow the instructions to open an account. See video tutorial on how to open an account online.
If the customer wants to change the bank account that is linked with their Zerodha account. The customer needs to submit the 'Account Modification Form' with a bank proof document. The steps to change the Zerodha bank account are: 1. Visit the Zerodha website 2. Move to the 'Download & Resources' section. 3. Download the 'Account Modification Form' 4. Fill the form, sign it and get a print out. 5. Attach the bank proof documents like bank statements, cancelled cheque etc., along with the form and send it to the Zerodha Bengaluru office.
To create smallcase in Zerodha involves four steps i.e., create, buy, track and manage. For more details, visit
Once you apply in Zerodha for opening an account, it takes 24-48 hours to get activated. Any kind of discrepancies in the submitted forms or documents can delay the account opening process.
Coin by Zerodha is safe as it is an excellent mutual fund investent platform provided by Zerodha.
No, at present the investing in Zerodha US stocks is listed in foreign stock exchanges is not possible through Zerodha. If you are still wishing to invest in Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. then mutual funds are the easiest way.

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