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Zerodha Sensibull Review

Option trading is possibly the most traded segment in Indian Stock market. But still, most of the traders does not understand this properly. Sensbull is an option trading platform. It is India’s first options trading platform. Sensibull was founded by Mr. Abid Hassan and Mr. Balajee as an options trading platform that simplifies the creation of options strategy by offering multiple ways for your particular market view.

Sensibull has its own options trading platform and it has tied up with brokers like Zerodha, 5paisa, Alice blue, Angel one, Upstox, ICICI Direct etc. to help the customers to trade directly on the selected options strategy from the platform rather than copying the strategy from the platform.

What is Zerodha Sensibull?

Sensibull is an independent start-up backed and funded by Zerodha. It is India’s biggest options trading platform. Sensibull by Zerodha is a third-party application and one of the Zerodha trading software. Zerodha varsity is also a third-party software which has various modules related to options trading as well.

Customers can buy or sell options contracts of their choice in sensibull from Zerodha. Users can access Zerodha Sensibull Options Chain and other features from Zerodha kite itself. Let’s read about Zerodha Sensibull guide and details.

Features of Zerodha Sensibull

1. Create option strategies: Zerodha Options Sensibull allows you to create options trading strategies based on your market views. It also warns you of the upcoming events like GDP data, RBI policy and company result that can impact the customer’s strategy.

2. Easy order placement: In Zerodha Options Trading Sensibull, there is an integrated platform with your stockbroker. It prefills the order form and the customer just need to place the order for your selected strategy. Which means you don’t have to key in the individual’s buy/sell orders on your broker platform.

3. Compare Options: Customers can add and compare two or more strategies and see the profit/loss account in various scenarios. The customer has the facility to change the spot, dates, implied volatility (IVs) and then finally select the best option strategy in Sensibull in Zerodha.

4. In-built Insights: Sensibull through Zerodha shares all possible events like a company’s corporate action like stock split, right issue, or ongoing buyback that could have an effect on your trade. These insights also include details like the impact of GDP data, RBI policy and FLL activity.

5. Options Strategy for Any Day: Sensibull by Zerodha provides the customer a facility to trade options strategy for any day of your choice including for the option expiry date. Zerodha options list is available in Zerodhs sensibull.

6. Option Chain: Zerodha Sensibull Option Chain provides a visual picture of the entire open interest building in a glance for any stock or index listed with Sensibull with fine details like the real-time Greeks, built-in events notifications and percentage or implied volatility and much more.

7. Virtual Trading: Zerodha Sensibull Virtual trading provides users a facility to trade and learn virtually without risking real money.

Zerodha Sensibull Login

Sensibull by Zerodha login is easy. In order use and make Sensibull login with Zerodha, customer sreceives two methods:
A. Zerodha Kite Sensibull login using Zerodha Kite Login Credentials.
B. Login sensibull with Zerodha ID via Sensibull Website.
Zeorodha sensibull user manual using both of these login methods is given below:

Zerodha Kite Login to access the Sensibull platform
Customers can login in to their Zerodha trading account and then use the Sensibull application to access the platform. Follow the below setps to login to Zerodha sensibull using kite.

1. Login to Zerodha Account by using Zerodha Kite.

2. Enter your 2 factor PIN to Login.

3. Sensibull Zerodha app.
Once you are logged in, click on the apps tab on the top and scroll down to find Sensibull. Then, click on the Sensibull to get to their login page.

Login Sensibull with Zerodha ID via Sensibull Website.
1. Visit Zerodha sensibull website and click on ‘Login’.

2. Now select the customer’s stock broker as Zerodha and and use your Zerodha ID and password to access the Sensibull trading platform.