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Top 20 discount broker in India


Top 20 discount broker in India

Here is the valid list of top sharebrokers in India 2020. It is analysed by the number of the active clients in 2020. Zerodha is on the top as it is the best stock broker as compared to other brokers in India since 2019. This stock broker is followed by ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Sharekhan. There is a list of 20 stock brokers that has more than 1 lakh of active customers. Here is the year wise list of top stock brokers in India. It provides the detail about the latest number of active clients with the stock broker.

Share Brokers are the authorized members of the stock exchange i.e. BSE and NSE. Their work is to execute trades on behalf of the trader at the exchange. There more than 100 Stock brokers in India that are providing stock trading facilities to the retail customers. The stock brokers in India are categorised in two types that are:

  • Full-Service Brokers.
  • Discount Stock Brokers..

The Full-Service brokers provides a broad range of services to the customers. The services include stock trading, research and advisory and customer support to the customers.

The Discount Stock brokers are the online brokers that have gained specialization specifically in the Stock and Commodity trading services. Such brokers do not avail their customers with additional facilities such as Research and Advisory, PMS, wealth Management and the branch support.

The Most popular stock brokers that belong to the full-service category are ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, HDFC Securities, Angel Broking and Axis Bank.

Zerodha , 5paisa and Upstox come among the most famous discount stock brokers in India.

Points to Remember:
  • The data for this report is collected and compiled by the nation stock exchanges i.e. BSE and NSE.
  • The data and information for the best broker ranking is updated each month.
The stock brokers in India are categorised in two types that are:
Discount Broker Top 20 Discount Broker Top 10 Discount Broker Top 5 Discount Broker
Full Service broker Top 20 Full Service broker Top 10 Full Service broker Top 5 Full Service broker

Top 20 discount broker in 2022

Rank Broker Active Clients Demat AMC Brokerage Request Callback Review
1 Zerodha 6594384 ₹300/Year EQ Delivery- Free, FNO-₹20/ Order or 0.03% Open Account Review
2 Angel One 4096606 ₹240 (2nd Year Onwards) EQ Delivery- Free, FNO-₹20/ Order or 0.25% Open Account Review
3 Upstox 4965139 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery, FNO:- ₹20/ Order or 2.5% Open Account Review
4 Zerodha 127358 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery- Free, FNO:- ₹20/ Order or 0.05% Open Account Review
5 5Paisa 1491966 ₹300/- EQ Delivery- ₹20/ Order, FNO-₹20/ Order Open Account Review
6 Fyers 136272 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery- Free, FNO-₹20/ Order or 0.03% Call Back Review
7 Sharekhan 756090 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery-0.30%,EQ Future-0.03%, EQ Option-₹60/L Open Account Review
8 Kotak Securities 1164053 ₹500/- Yearly Trade Free Youth:-₹0/- | Trade Free Plan:- 0.25% | Open Account Review
9 IIFL Securities 1109976 ₹250/- EQ Delivery- ₹20/ Order, FNO-₹20/ Order Open Account Review
10 Stoxkart 7506 ₹300/- per annum ₹20/ Order Open Account Review
11 Samco 58324 ₹400(2nd year onwards) EQ Delivery- ₹20/ Order, FNO-₹20/ Order or r 0.2% Open Account Review
12 Flattrade -5773 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery- ₹0 (Free), FNO-₹0 (Free) Open Account Review
13 Zebu Trade 2076 ₹450/- per annum EQ Delivery- 0.3%,EQ Intrday-0.03% FNO-₹20/Lot, Co Open Account Review
14 Paytm Money 563639 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery- ₹0 (Free), FNO- ₹20/ Order or 0.03% Open Account Review
15 ProfitMart 51139 ₹999 ( Lifetime) EQ Delivery-₹20/ Order or 0.05% FNO- ₹20/ Order or Open Account Review
16 Groww 4659263 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery- ₹20/ Order or 0.05% EQ Intrday-0.03% Open Account Review
17 Goodwill Commodities 18526 ₹300/- ( from 2nd year) EQ Delivery-₹0(Free) FNO- ₹11/ Order Open Account Review
18 Choice Broking 255195 ₹200 EQ Delivery- 0.2%,EQ Intrday-0.02% FNO-₹20/Order,C Call Back Review
19 Prostocks -9081 ₹0 (Free) EQ Delivery-₹0(Free) FNO- ₹15/ Order Call Back Review
20 Tradejini -7083 ₹300 /- per annum EQ Delivery-₹20/ Order or 0.1% FNO- ₹20/ Order or Call Back Review