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Zebu Smart Trader | Features, Demo, Details and Benefits


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Zebu Smart Trader Review 2023 - Features and Benefits

Zebu Trade is one of the famous full-service stock broking firms and was incorporated in the year 2013 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. The firm is a licensed member of BSE, NSE, MCX, SEBI, MSEI, and CDSL. The firm has grown eventually as a stand-alone organization and have attained the leading position in the financial industry in a very short time period.

Majorly, the firm focuses on providing a wide range of products to the customers that can be feasible for their present and future financial needs. It also provides a safe and secure trading platform through which the investors can trade smartly, efficiently and effectively. Zebu Trading Reviews are satisfactory among users. Zebu provides various advanced technology platforms to its customers.

Zebu Smart trader platform is one that zebu trading software. Zebu cost of account opening is ₹300 for demat account. It has introduced Zebu Smart Trader software that helps the customer in automatically placing orders based on the market conditions and zebull smart trader code. Zebu smart trader online platform is for desktop. Zebu smart trader price of this desktop version is completely free. Zebu smart trader charts helps you to quick access your favourite analysis tools, and receive alerts for prices, indicators and drawings as zebull smart trader interactive tools.

Zebull Smart Trader Review (Zebu Smart Trader)

Zebull Smart Trader India is a trading software especially designed for desktop. Zebull smart trader mobile app is not available as Zebull smart trader app is only available for desktop users. Zebull smart trader free is available for all Zebu users. Zebu smart trader app download or Zebu smart trader software download can be done from official site. Zebu smart trader login/ zebull smart trader login can be done by the same login credentials of Zebull. Zebu smart trader account open can be done instantly and you can analyse the stock market movements and place orders by your own in a very simple and unique way in a single window using zebull smart trader basic skills.

Zebu price or zebull smart trader fees is zero. Zebu Smart Trader portal is one of the best trading software of Zebu trade that helps to trade smartly on your desktop. Zebu smart trader basic need is that you just need to open an account at Zebu trade to access Zebu Smart Trader software.

Zebu Smart Trader List of Features

• Zebull smart trader live and zebull smart trader scripts helps you to access real-time data of indices, securities, derivatives and commodities in a smooth and efficient console.
• Zebull smart trader charts provides a live market watch.
• Zebull smart trader checks and provides a holistic view of any stock with the powerful and zero lag data as zebull smart trader tracking.
• Zebull smart trader online benefits from the customizable workspaces with the improved insights and easy navigation.
• Zebull smart trader market gets the latest news and information about the economy and market.
• Zebull smart trader platform allows you to shortlist the stocks whose open interest is increasing or decreasing using its FnO analysis tool.
• Zebull smart trader software has a feature named Heatmaps. This zebull smart trader tools allows you to analyze the market by sector or index. “Green” indicates the bullish activity and “Red” indicates the bearish activity. The darker the shade, more intense the buying or selling becomes.

Zebu Smart Trader Demo

Zebu smart Trader group aims at filling the technological and service gaps that hinders the traders and the investors growth to the increased returns. Zebu smart trader download or Zebull smart trader download from official website is available. Users can check Zebu smart trader dashboard in your zebu smart trader web platform. Visit Zebu smart trader review website to check zebu smart trader guide and Zebu smart trader review link. Zebu smart trader YouTube video is also available to check Zebu trading smart trader demo and Zebull smart trader tutorials.

This firm constantly updates their products and services that fulfils every intricate need of the demanding trader. Zebu smart trader pro includes the powerful trading platforms across the multiple devices, a single margin for the trading across the asset classes and the order generator for research analysts and investment advisors. For any Zebu smart trader support and Zebu smart trader help you can contact on Zebu smart trader customer service.

  • Zebull smart trader customer service number - 93 8030 8030
  • Zebull smart trader email address

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Group-1 securities as specified by SEBI are eligible for margin funding.
Yes, Zebu Trade is a very safe and secure platform.
Earning Per Share (EPS) refers to post tax profits of the company divided by the number of shares issued by the company.
Yes, Zebu Trade provides this facility to invest in US companies.
When the shares are held for at least one night, this is known as swing trading. It allows you to hold your shares for at least 2-3 weeks.
Zebu Trade does not charge any amount to invest in an IPO.
A/D stands for Advance/Decline ratio. It is one of the popular methods to understand the tone of the market. A/D ratio measures the no of shares advanced divide by no of shares declined.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide 3 in 1 account facility.
Initial margin required on Zebu Trade is ₹10000.
Margin Trade Funding (MTF) is a facility provided by the broker to its customers to buy unaffordable shares and hold the shares for long time by maintaining the initial margin in the form of cash or shares.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide Robo Advisory Services.
No, you can open one demat account with one identity on Zebu Trade.
As it is mandatory to maintain minimum margin, if there is a shortfall in the margin amount then risk team will initiate the process of liquidation. You will get call/SMS before liquidation.
Investors/traders has to provide their consent to avail MTF facility and required format is available in the Zebu Trade Website.
No, you don’t need a separate demat account, you just need a demat account on Zebu Trade to avail MTF facility.

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