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Zebu Trade Partner Account | Features, Documents and Details


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Zebu Trade Partner Account Review

Zebu Trade is a renowned discount stock broking firm. It is a licensed member of BSE, NSE, MCX, SEBI, MSEI, and CDSL. The firm was incorporated in the year 2013 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. The firm has grown eventually as a stand-alone organization and have attained the leading position in the financial industry in a very short span of time.

The firm focuses on providing a wide range of products to the customers that can be feasible for their present and future financial needs. Zebu trading platforms are advance featured safe and secure trading software offered by zebu through which the investors can trade smartly and efficiently. Zebu partner account details are explained well below.

Zebu Trade Partner Account 2023

Zebu trade partner account access and zebu partner account role is in partnership for mutual success and zebu trade partner account online is best illustrated by the large and growing network of authorized partners in every corner of India. The Indian Stock Markets see an increasing participation from the entire nation. This presents a tremendous business opportunity to and after zebu trade partner account login with an established and well-respected broking house like zebu to make zebu partners account investment and zebu partner account trade as per the zebu partner account system. It stands to gain by partnering with the trusted brand while zebu benefits from expanding the reach to serve the customers from and in every part of the country.

Zebu partner account online login can be done after zebu partner account registration where users can check zebu partner account profile and zebu partner account services. Customers can also make required zebu partner account set up and zebu partner account data on zebu partner account portal by login using zebu partner account and password. You can partner with zebu as an individual to reach a wider audience and grow faster mutually. For zebu trade partner account activation and zebu compliance some documents are required along with zebu partner account form for zebu partner account create.

Zebu Trade Partner Account Details

As a partnership firm, with Zebu trade partner account application form you need to provide a certain set of documents and undertakings for Zebu trade partner account opening and zebu partner account creation. Zebu partner account only can be opened under any one of the Partner’s name or under zebu partner account with the name of all the partners after completing zebu partner account opening and zebu partner account activation process. For zebu partner account access and zebu partner account application request/ zebu partner account kit etc., list of documents required are listed below.

Documents Required for Zebu Trade Partner Account Registration

1. Duly filled documents of the trading and demat and or commodity forms along with the photographs of the Authorised Signatures and signed across by them.
2. Duly filled Annexures required for a partnership (with the authorized partner’s signature and the firm’s seal affixed on the authorized partner’s signature.
3. A copy of the Partnership Deed that is duly attested by a public notary. (Investment Clause should be included in the deed). The first three pages of the partnership deed (on all pages if lesser) should have the seal and the signature of the Authorized Signatory.
4. The PAN card copies of the firm and the PAN card copies of each individual partner of the firm.
5. An address copy of the firm and the address proof copy of each of the partners of the firm.
6. Proof of bank account (A copy of a cancelled cheque leaf/bank statement/ bank passbook/ letter from the bank)
7. A copy of the balance sheet of the partnership firm for the last two financial years which are to be submitted every year and if the firm is newly incorporated, then a net worth certificate from a Chartered Accountant is required. (The balance sheet must have the seal and sign of the Authorized Signatory on all the pages).
8. An Income Proof document of the firm must include the 6 months bank statement/passbook of the partnership bank account and the last audited Profit and Loss Account.

If the firm is a newly formed partnership firm, then a net worth certificate from a Chartered Accountant and an Income Tax Return declaration is required. If the return has not been filed, declaration of Income Tax returns has to be submitted for zebu partner account verification and zebu partner account validation.

Note: If any of the partners is a foreign national or an NRI, then the KYC forms have to be notarized by the Authorised officials of overseas branches of scheduled commercial banks registered in India, public notaries, court magistrate judge or the Indian Embassy/Consulate general in the country that they reside.

1. A Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) declaration from the firm and all the partners of the firm.
2. A copy of the Certificate of Registration (For Registered Partnerships Only).
3. Aadhaar of the authorized person as per the letter of Authority on the letterhead of the firm (Not Mandatory).
4. A Physical zebu trade partner account verification as part of the mandatory IPV requirement for all the brokers, is required for non-individual accounts. It is either a representative of the client would require to visit a Zebu Branch Office or a representative of Zebu would be required in order to visit the offices or residences of the client to complete the IPV Procedure.
5. Individual KYC form filled and signed by each partner (Partners have to sign without the stamp on individual KYC and supporting docs).
6. If an individual is having more than 15% of profits of the applicant, the individual should identify as an ultimate beneficiary and is required to submit Annexure A.

The additional zebu partner account group and zebu partner account list of documents required for opening a partnership account in case a company is a partner.
1. A Board Resolution is required to verify the authorized signatories if the company is KYC Registered.
2. In case, the firm is not KYC Registered then the following set of documents and annexures should be signed by authorized directors with the firm’s stamp.
a) KYC of the company and the Promoters/Directors of the company.
b) PAN Card and address proof of the company.
c) PAN Card and address proof of the directors with the self-attestation (Without the stamp).
d) MOA and AOA of the company i.e., the company’s MOA should authorize the company to be a partner with a partnership firm).
e) The balance sheet for the latest two years, in case the company is newly incorporated then they need to submit a net worth certificate from CA along with ITR Declaration annexure.
f) Required Board Resolution, Latest Shareholding pattern, List of Directors Annexure, Annexure- A with specimen signature and photograph (these annexures and board resolution are to be provided on the company’s letterhead).
g) The certificate of incorporation with the authorized director seal and signature.


Zebu Trade partner account services avails its customers to become a partner. Zebu partner account tools and zebu partner account fundamentals and much more is accessible after zebu partner account login using zebu partner account ID and password. This firm constantly updates their products and services that fulfils every intricate need of the demanding trader. For Zebu trade partner account back office team and Zebu Trade partner account link (zebu partner account URL) customers can visit the official website of Zebu. Customers can also check zebu partner account page on zebu partner account on google (zebu partner account google). For zebu partner account view and zebu partner account review users can also visit zebu partner account YouTube.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Group-1 securities as specified by SEBI are eligible for margin funding.
Yes, Zebu Trade is a very safe and secure platform.
Earning Per Share (EPS) refers to post tax profits of the company divided by the number of shares issued by the company.
Yes, Zebu Trade provides this facility to invest in US companies.
When the shares are held for at least one night, this is known as swing trading. It allows you to hold your shares for at least 2-3 weeks.
Zebu Trade does not charge any amount to invest in an IPO.
A/D stands for Advance/Decline ratio. It is one of the popular methods to understand the tone of the market. A/D ratio measures the no of shares advanced divide by no of shares declined.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide 3 in 1 account facility.
Initial margin required on Zebu Trade is ₹10000.
Margin Trade Funding (MTF) is a facility provided by the broker to its customers to buy unaffordable shares and hold the shares for long time by maintaining the initial margin in the form of cash or shares.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide Robo Advisory Services.
No, you can open one demat account with one identity on Zebu Trade.
As it is mandatory to maintain minimum margin, if there is a shortfall in the margin amount then risk team will initiate the process of liquidation. You will get call/SMS before liquidation.
Investors/traders has to provide their consent to avail MTF facility and required format is available in the Zebu Trade Website.
No, you don’t need a separate demat account, you just need a demat account on Zebu Trade to avail MTF facility.

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