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Maximize Your Potential with Zebu Trade Exposure | Garv Thakur


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Zebu Trade Margin Review and Exposure Details

Zebu Trade is the well-known and fastest growing stockbroker of India, incorporated in 2013 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. Mr. Vijayakumar V was founded this trading platform with a motive to provide you every best modern technology that will help you to fulfil your financial goals. Zebu Trade is a SEBI registered company and a proud member of BSE, NSE, MCX, ICEX, MSEI and CDSL. Zebu trade exposure group enables you to invest in equity stocks, Currency, Commodity, IPO, Mutual Funds and US Stocks.

Zebu Trade Margin List or Zebu Trade Exposure List


Zebu Trade Margin Limit/ Exposure Limit

Equity Delivery

1x (100% of trade value)

Equity Intraday

5x (Up to 20% of trade value)

Equity Futures

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)

Equity Options

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)

Currency Futures

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)

Currency Options

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)

Commodity Options

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)

Commodity Futures

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)

Debt/borrowed money from a brokerage firm to purchase an investment is known as Margin. Zebu trade margin data segment wise Zebu broker margin as per zebu trade margin guidelines is given below:

Zebu Trade Leverage/Exposure Charges

For zebu exposure in different segments of trading, zebu trade margin rates/limit are different. Zebu trade exposure at zebu trade margin intraday in equity segment is up to 5 times of amount available in your account for equity intraday trading. Zebu exposure limits for rest zebu trade margin all segment is 1 time including currency and zebu trade margin mcx and zebu trade margin F&O.

Zebu Trade Exposure Definition

Zebu trade exposure meaning: Zebu Trade offers Margin/Exposure facility to their customers so that investors or traders can increase their profit. Margin is the borrowed amount of money from a broker to buy unaffordable shares. Zebu trade exposure limits does not impose any charges for the leverage/exposure facility. It is a well organised platform always dedicated to provide you every modern and best facility. Zebu Margin for trading it is one of the ways to increase your income and zebu trade margin usage is simple.

Zebu trade margin requirements or zebu trade exposure criterion is that you must have a zebu trade account to use zebu trade margin facility. Zebu trade exposure margin or zebu trade margin span is constantly enhancing their services. It is a digital platform which provides you leverage facility so that you can buy unaffordable stocks Zebu price to open an online demat account is ₹300 (one time) and Demat account AMC Zebu cost is nil. As a Full-Service Broker, zebu margin price is the brokerage charges applicable on per executed order. Zebu trade exposure account opening/ zebu trade margin account opening is the zebu trade trading and demat account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Margin/Exposure

• Zebu trade margin allocation enables you to buy more shares or securities.
• Zebu trade margin fund easily increase your profits.
• Zebu trade margin analysis allows you to bridge the temporary capital gap.
• You can buy unaffordable shares.

• Risk is higher.
• Broker can force the sale of securities in your account to avoid risk.
• Broker can sell your securities without informing you.


Share market is full of risks and opportunities. Zebu trade exposure service offers you margin facility to increase your profit but one should have enough experience to understand how to use leverage facility so that risks get converted into profit. Users can watch Zebu Exposure Chart or Zebu exposure YouTube for better explanation. Zebu trade exposure link or zebu trade exposure URL for Zebu Margin calculator/ zebu trade margin calculator is available on official site where you can calculate Zebu trading margin as per zebu trade margin formula and zebu trade margin demo with the help of zebu trade margin example.

For any zebu trade exposure complaints or zebu trade margin query and issue, customers can contact on zebu trade exposure customer care number i.e., 93 8030 8030.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Group-1 securities as specified by SEBI are eligible for margin funding.
Yes, Zebu Trade is a very safe and secure platform.
Earning Per Share (EPS) refers to post tax profits of the company divided by the number of shares issued by the company.
Yes, Zebu Trade provides this facility to invest in US companies.
When the shares are held for at least one night, this is known as swing trading. It allows you to hold your shares for at least 2-3 weeks.
Zebu Trade does not charge any amount to invest in an IPO.
A/D stands for Advance/Decline ratio. It is one of the popular methods to understand the tone of the market. A/D ratio measures the no of shares advanced divide by no of shares declined.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide 3 in 1 account facility.
Initial margin required on Zebu Trade is ₹10000.
Margin Trade Funding (MTF) is a facility provided by the broker to its customers to buy unaffordable shares and hold the shares for long time by maintaining the initial margin in the form of cash or shares.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide Robo Advisory Services.
No, you can open one demat account with one identity on Zebu Trade.
As it is mandatory to maintain minimum margin, if there is a shortfall in the margin amount then risk team will initiate the process of liquidation. You will get call/SMS before liquidation.
Investors/traders has to provide their consent to avail MTF facility and required format is available in the Zebu Trade Website.
No, you don’t need a separate demat account, you just need a demat account on Zebu Trade to avail MTF facility.