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Zebu Trade IPO Review | Apply Steps, Charges and Allotment Status


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Zebu IPO Review - Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online

Zebu Trade is an online full-service broker of India, established in 2013 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. This traditional stockbroker provides facility to invest in Equity Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPO, Currency, Commodity and US Stocks. It is a member of BSE, NSE, MCX, SEBI, MSEI and CDSL. Zebu Trade is a digital platform, one can invest in any segment from any place on Zebu trade IPO mobile app, you just need a demat or trading account on Zebu Trade which you can open through Zebu Trade mobile app which is a 100% paperless procedure. Zebu trade IPO account opening charges are ₹300 and annual maintenance is free with no Zebu trade IPO brokerage charges.

Zebu review and provides you leverage facility with maximum Margin/Exposure limit up to 5 times of the amount available in your account. It is different in different segments. Zebu trade IPO brokerage charges is 0.01% for equity intraday and 0.10% for equity delivery. Zebu IPO meaning, to invest in IPO through Zebu trade via UPI as payment method. You can invest in Zebu IPO India through ASBA IPO application via net banking of your bank account.

In this Zebu trade IPO review article, we will provide you Zebu trade IPO guide and full Zebu trade IPO knowledge Zebu trade IPO review information and Zebu trade IPO review 2023 and Zebu trade IPO review meaning in detail.

Zebu trade IPO review definition

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a way of raising funds from the public. Any unlisted company get listed in the stock market when it releases shares or securities in public. Any Private limited company get converted into Public limited company.

Zebu IPO need and importance for Traders or investors to buy IPO shares before it gets listed on the primary market through zebu trade IPO account. Go to Zebu trade IPO review home to see Zebu trade IPO watch list.

Zebu trade IPO review October help investors to invest in their favourite Zebu IPO companies in Zebu trade IPO list in Zebu IPO grey market. Generally, there are two types of IPO:
1. Fixed Price Offering- It is the price that company set for the initial sale of their shares before it gets listed in the national exchanges.
2. Book Building Offering- Under Book Building Offering, the company processing an IPO offers 20% price band on the stocks to the investor.

Zebu trade IPO review data and Zebu IPO community services help you to buy right IPO with zero Zebu trade IPO fee. You can watch Zebu price in your Zebu IPO calendar and Zebu trade IPO calendar. Zebu trade IPO download for pc software to watch Zebu IPO news and Zebu IPO results of ubiquitous energy IPO Start investing in zebu trade IPO today in any Zebu trade IPO opening through Zebu trade IPO review login.

How to apply IPO in zebu?

Zebu trade IPO process is very simple and easy. To invest in zebu trade IPO or shares follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Zebu trade IPO login to your Zebu Trade account via Zebu trade IPO app or official website.
2. Select the current company initiating IPO from the list of IPOs.
3. Fill the Bid price or else you can tick on cut-off price and continue.
4. Enter your UPI ID and Submit.
5. Accept the payment request which you will receive on your UPI app.

Zebu trade IPO apply via Net Banking ASBA

Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) is the payment method developed by SEBI to invest in IPO through your bank account via net banking.

Follow the below steps to apply for an IPO with ASBA facility having Zebu Trade Demat account:
1. Login to you bank account’s Net Banking dashboard.
2. Fill your complete details of Bank account and Demat account to register as an IPO applicant.
3. Visit the ‘IPO’ section.
4. Select an IPO you wish to apply from the list of IPOs.
5. Select the type of your account.
6. Fill the necessary details on application page.
7. Click on confirm and apply.

In an ASBA process, bank freezes the application amount.

• Freeze amount will get deducted from your bank account if you get shares of that company and shares will be transferred to your demat account.
• If you will not get any shares, then your freeze money will get release and you can use that money.

For zebu trade IPO margin calculator and to download zebu trade IPO review form and to see zebu trade IPO review results today or to see zebu trade IPO stock price zebu trade IPO share price for zebu trade IPO upcoming in zebu IPO home please visit the official website of zebu Trade.

 Zebu Trade IPO Features

• Zebu trade IPO review services offers no charges to invest in an IPO.
• Fully digital procedure.
• One can buy any type of IPO across India.
• You can get every information related to IPO from Zebu Trade Platform.
• You can cancel your order or modify your IPO application.
• No hidden charges.
• Easily Zebu trade IPO review everyday

Zebu trade IPO allotment status

• Investors/traders can check the Zebu Trade IPO allotment status by visiting the Registrar’s website of IPO or Zebu trade IPO software.
• After the IPO through Zebu trade IPO allotment process is placed, applicant’s allotment status will be sent to them on their registered email ID and mobile number.

For any Zebu IPO it supports watch and Zebu trade IPO video and Zebu trade IPO review video on Zebu trade IPO review youtube or download Zebu trade IPO review pdf visit the official website of Zebu Trade.

If you have Zebu trade IPO review questions and want to know Zebu trade IPO review questions answers and Zebu trade IPO review answers, please contact to Zebu trade IPO back office also register your Zebu trade IPO complaints related to Zebu IPO services investing through the following medium:
• Zebu trade IPO customer care: 9380108010
• Zebu trade IPO email:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Group-1 securities as specified by SEBI are eligible for margin funding.
Yes, Zebu Trade is a very safe and secure platform.
Earning Per Share (EPS) refers to post tax profits of the company divided by the number of shares issued by the company.
Yes, Zebu Trade provides this facility to invest in US companies.
When the shares are held for at least one night, this is known as swing trading. It allows you to hold your shares for at least 2-3 weeks.
Zebu Trade does not charge any amount to invest in an IPO.
A/D stands for Advance/Decline ratio. It is one of the popular methods to understand the tone of the market. A/D ratio measures the no of shares advanced divide by no of shares declined.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide 3 in 1 account facility.
Initial margin required on Zebu Trade is ₹10000.
Margin Trade Funding (MTF) is a facility provided by the broker to its customers to buy unaffordable shares and hold the shares for long time by maintaining the initial margin in the form of cash or shares.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide Robo Advisory Services.
No, you can open one demat account with one identity on Zebu Trade.
As it is mandatory to maintain minimum margin, if there is a shortfall in the margin amount then risk team will initiate the process of liquidation. You will get call/SMS before liquidation.
Investors/traders has to provide their consent to avail MTF facility and required format is available in the Zebu Trade Website.
No, you don’t need a separate demat account, you just need a demat account on Zebu Trade to avail MTF facility.

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