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Zebu Trade NRI Account | Opening Process, Charges and Services


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Zebu Trade NRI Account Review

Zebu Trade is a renowned full-service stock broking firm. It is a licensed member of BSE, NSE, MCX, SEBI, MSEI, and CDSL. Zebu was incorporated in the year 2013 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. Zebu has grown eventually as a stand-alone organization and have attained the leading position in the financial industry in a very short span of time. It offers various services to their customers including Zebu trade NRI account services. Zebu trade NRI account in India allows NRIs to invest in Indian stock exchanges. Zebu NRI account review are satisfactory among users. Zebu NRI account fees and detailed zebu trade NRI account description is explained well below.

Zebu Trade NRI Account Fees or Zebu NRI Account Charges



Zebu NRI account opening charges


Zebu NRI account AMC charges



Zebu Trade NRI Account Details

Zebu trade NRI account meaning: Demat or trading account opened by the Non-resident Indians is known as NRI account in stock market. Zebu NRI account eligibility or zebu trade nri account criterion is that any Non-Resident Indians or Overseas Citizen of India can open an NRI account or OCI NRI account to invest in Indian stock market. Zebu trade NRI account offers easy Zebu trade NRI account process. Zebu Trade NRI account includes Zebu trade NRI trading account and Zebu Trade NRI demat account. Zebu NRI account work also well and zebu NRI account demat allows NRI to invest in Zebu trade mutual funds

Zebu Trade NRI Account Opening Process

For zebu NRI account registration form customers can download zebu trade nri account opening form from zebu trade NRI account URL available on official website. Zebu trade NRI account power of attorney form is also available in zebu trade NRI account form. As per zebu trade NRI account update and before filling zebu NRI account application form and to open zebu trader NRI account there is some zebu NRI account requirements which must be fulfilled before applying for zebu NRI account register and filling zebu NRI account form.

Zebu trade NRI account requirements are given below:
• NRI bank account in India (NRE/ NRO account) - An NRI must hold a savings bank account (NRE/ NRO account) to open zebu NRI account. Customer can choose to open NRE/NRO account online or both types of zebu NRI account types.
PIS (Portfolio investment Scheme) – The bank where you have opened an NRI/NRO account provides a PIS letter which is mandatory to open a NRI trading account and to trade in secondary stock markets. All stock exchange transactions are routed through this PIS account.

Zebu Trade NRI Account Documents Required

List of zebu NRI account documents required are given below:
1. Copy of PIS permission letter.
2. Copy of PAN card.
3. Copy of FEMA declaration.
4. Passport size photograph.
5. Indian address proof (If any)
6. Proof of bank account
A cancelled cheque leaf of your NRE/ NRO saving bank account.
7. In case of Indian Passport
Copy of Valid passport, Place of birth as India
8. In case of foreign passport
Copy of Valid passport or Place of Birth as India in foreign passport and copy of PIO /OCI Card
9. Overseas address proof
Copy of DL/ foreign passport/ Utility bills/ latest bank statements)
10. FATCA Declaration form.

Note: As per zebu trade NRI account rules and regulations, all the documents have to be attested by Notary, banker of Indian Embassy or any other competent authority. Hard copies of all required documents along with duly filled a signed zebu NRI account opening form is required to open NRI account in Zebu trade.

It offers quick zebu NRI account opening procedure. For zebu NRI account set up and zebu NRI account profile check, zebu trade NRI account login or zebu NRI account sign up can be done once your NRI account gets activated after completing zebu NRI account process and zebu NRI account verification process.


Zebu trade NRI account online offers various services to NRI customers. NRIs can easily open zebu trade NRI account. As per zebu NRI account update and details, it offers IPO and mutual fund investments services.

You can also watch zebu trade NRI account YouTube or zebu NRI account YouTube for more zebu NRI account details. Customers can also contact on zebu trade NRI account customer care or zebu NRI account email address for any zebu NRI account help.
Zebu NRI account email ID:
Zebu NRI account contact number: 93 8010 8010

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Group-1 securities as specified by SEBI are eligible for margin funding.
Yes, Zebu Trade is a very safe and secure platform.
Earning Per Share (EPS) refers to post tax profits of the company divided by the number of shares issued by the company.
Yes, Zebu Trade provides this facility to invest in US companies.
When the shares are held for at least one night, this is known as swing trading. It allows you to hold your shares for at least 2-3 weeks.
Zebu Trade does not charge any amount to invest in an IPO.
A/D stands for Advance/Decline ratio. It is one of the popular methods to understand the tone of the market. A/D ratio measures the no of shares advanced divide by no of shares declined.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide 3 in 1 account facility.
Initial margin required on Zebu Trade is ₹10000.
Margin Trade Funding (MTF) is a facility provided by the broker to its customers to buy unaffordable shares and hold the shares for long time by maintaining the initial margin in the form of cash or shares.
No, Zebu Trade does not provide Robo Advisory Services.
No, you can open one demat account with one identity on Zebu Trade.
As it is mandatory to maintain minimum margin, if there is a shortfall in the margin amount then risk team will initiate the process of liquidation. You will get call/SMS before liquidation.
Investors/traders has to provide their consent to avail MTF facility and required format is available in the Zebu Trade Website.
No, you don’t need a separate demat account, you just need a demat account on Zebu Trade to avail MTF facility.

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