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SBICAP Securities Trading Software Review 2023 Features and Demo


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SBICAP Securities Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

SBICAP Securities Limited is the prominent and most trusted name in the stockbroking industry, started its operation in 2006 as a full-service broker and now it is a registered member of BSE and NSE as well as SBICAP securities depository participant of CDSL and NSDL. SBI trading account review offers a wide range of products in its platform that includes equity, derivative, currency, mutual fund, IPO, insurance, bonds, ETFs and NCDs through SBICAP securities demat and trading account. SBICAP securities plans for brokerage with SBI securities pricing mentioned on its official website.

3-in-1 account facility is available in its platform for the resident Indians and NRIs across the world. But SBI securities review does not encourage investment from the USA, UK and Japan. SBI securities new trading platform has more than 140 branches in India and it provides the investment/trading facility in both offline and online mode. You need to pay SBI trading account brokerage charges for trading in your favorite stocks or in SBI securities us stocks. Being a SEBI registered broker and arm of SBI, SBICAP securities franchise is one of the most secured and trustworthy brokers which also provides the option to choose between CDSL and NSDL while you open demat account on this platform. You can retrieve your SBICAP securities trading code or client code you must require mobile number/email ID (only email ID for NRI) registered with SBICAP Securities to send verification code.

SBICAP Securities Limited Trading Software

SBI provides ‘YONO’ application through which you can complete your all banking transactions. There are number of SBICAP securities trading platforms available for smartphone and desktop users:
1. SBISmart Portal (Web-based trading platform).
2. SBISmart Xpress (Desktop Trading Software).
3. SBISmart Lite (Website Trading).
4. SBISmart Mobile App.

SBICAP securities software have every modern feature which will help you in making trading and investment easily.

1. SBISmart Portal (SBI securities web trading platform)

SSL offers browser-based SBI securities trading platforms for trading in equity, derivative and currency.

SBISmart portal has many advanced features which are as follows:
• New SBI securities trading platform enables you to create your own watchlist.
• Customizable screen.
• Real-time quotes and SBI securities share price
• Facility to invest in BSE and NSE.
• Access to research reports and advisory services.
• Enables you to place After Market Order (AMO) for future trades.
• Access in any browser such as Google, Google chrome, Mozilla firebox.
• SBI securities trading software allows secure trading facility.

SBISmart Login
• Open official website of SBISmart.
• Click on login option.
• Select trade login, it will redirect you to new page asking for customer’s details.
• Enter the required details; client code, password and Pan number.
• Click sign in and after that you can start trading.

SBISmart Demo
• Open SBISmart website.
• Click on ‘Education’ section.
• Click on ‘Demo’.
There are many demo videos available in the ‘Demo’ section to educate you about each part of the website.

2. SBISmart Xpress (Desktop trading software)

SBICAP trading software offers desktop trading software which is equipped with modern features. SBISmart Xpress is an ultra-fast trading software and very useful for the heavy traders for the high-end performance.
• High-speed desktop trading terminal.
• Live quotations and market update.
• Sophisticated analytical insights.
• Customizable screen.
• Create your own market watchlist.
• Multiple watchlist option.
• Superfast order execution.
• Technical indicators & analytical instruments.
• Advisory services and educational content.

How to download and install the SBISmart Xpress?

It is a very simple process, kindly follow the below steps to know about the download and install process:
• Visit the official website of ‘SBISmart’.
• Click on ‘Download’ tab given on the top of the home page.
• Under software section, Click on ‘SBISmart Xpress (For clients)’.
• You will get the zip file, extract that zip file and click on setup.exe.
• From the pop-up window, select ‘Run’.
• Click on ‘Next’ tab and enter the user and company name.
• Click on ‘Complete’ tab and then click on ‘Next’ tab.
• Select the ‘Install’ tab followed by finish.

SBISmart Demo
• Open official website ‘’.
• Click on ‘Education’ section provided on the main menu.
• Click on ‘Demo’.
• Under ‘document demos heading’, select demo for ‘SBISmart Xpress’ (new EXE terminal).

3. SBISmart Lite (Website Trading)

SBISmart Lite is the simplified version of SBISmart website which is low in bandwidth and designed to provide assistance when internet connectivity is poor. You can access this trading software on your mobile and laptop and it will provide you same trading experience as available in SBISmart Portal.

Some of the main features of SBISmart Lite are as follows:
• Create your own market watchlist.
• Enables you to trade in equity and derivative segment.
• Real-time market quotes.
• Live information of BSE and NSE.
• Place or remove orders as per your convenience.

SBISmart Login
• Visit official website ‘’.
• Under login section, click on ‘lite login’.
• Enter your details; client code, password and Pan number.
• Click sign in and start trading.

SBISmart Demo:
• Open official SBISmart website.
• Click on ‘Education’ tab given on the main menu.
• Click on ‘Demo’ tab.
• Under ‘document demos’, select demo for ‘SBISmart Lite’.

4. SBISmart Mobile App

SSL offers smartphone-based mobile application for android and IOS users. SBISmart mobile application is a very user-friendly trading software for beginners and experienced traders.

Key features of SBISmart are as follows:
• Hassle-free and user-friendly platform.
• Instant online fund transfer.
• Enables you to execute orders or cancel pending orders.
• Customizable multiple watchlist.
• Access it from any place.
• Secure connection.
• Customizable charts.
• Research reports and advisory services.

SBICAP securities trading software is available in Google play store and App store for android and IOS users respectively. For SBICAP securities trading demo you can visit to the broker’s official website and SBICAP securities youtube channel for more videos.

SBISmart Demo
• Visit ‘’.
• Click on ‘Education’ section provided on the main menu of the home page.
• Click on ‘Demo’ button.
• Select demo for Android user or demo for iPhone user.

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  • Jasvinder

    SBICAP Securities is shameless and does not care about customer complaints. I am an NRI customer and my account is locked. I have made several complains., escalated these complains from last 7 months , however my issue is still not resolved. So do not boast about customer grievances as they are the worst in the world. My customer id is N7024127 and my email id is if you wish to help me.. Thanks


Frequently Asked Questions

At 2.45 pm, SBICAP Securities auto-square off all the open intraday positions.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.05% for intraday trades and it is also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS trades.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.03% for currency futures trading and Rs.30 per lot for currency options trading.
SBICAP Securities charges Rs.850 on opening of 3-in-1 account.
No, currently this facility is not available. You can not invest in commodity segment through SBICAP Securities as it is not a member of national exchange MCX.
Yes, you can place cover order and bracket order on SBICAP Securities.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.50% for equity delivery trade on SBICAP Securities.
It comprises of 3 balances; lien, ledger and collateral balance. • Lien- It is the total balance blocked by you for the trading purpose. • Ledger- After setting off the trade amount or outstanding dues, total balance available in your account is ledger balance. • Collateral- It is the notational valuation of your demat holdings, you can use this to place order.
Kindly follow the below steps: • Go to ‘download’ tab. • Fill and sign the ‘change in designated bank account’. • Attach the scanned copy of cancelled cheque of your bank account you wish to add. • You can send the scanned copy of your cheque for the verification purpose.
Limit, order, SL-L and SL-M are the types of order to be selected.

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