SBICAP Securities Demat Account Opening Charges and Details


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SBICAP Securities Demat Account Opening Charges and Details

SBI Capital Markets Ltd is the fully owned subsidiary of India’s most trusted bank State Bank of India. Further, SBI Capital Markets Ltd has four subsidiaries SBICAP Securities Ltd, SBICAP Trustee Company Ltd, SBICAP Ventures Ltd and SBICAP (Singapore) Ltd. SSL (SBICAP Securities Ltd) is the stock broking wing of the SBI. It Provides financial services across the globe. SSL offers equities, derivative, mutual funds, IPO, depositary services, car loan, home loan, insurance, loan against securities and much more. It is a SEBI registered broker and one of the depositary participants of CDSL and NSDL.
It provides 3-in-1 account to resident Indians and NRIs. But it does not solicit investment from NRIs of USA, UK and Japan due to regulatory restrictions. SSL provides many trading software to their customers through which you can trade or invest from any place and SBI provides ‘YONO’ application through which you can complete your all banking transactions including trading and investment.

Key Features of SBICAP Securities Limited:

• Wing of trusted bank SBI.
• Offers advisory services.
• 140+ branches.
• Online and offline services both are available.
• 24x7 online customer support.
• 1100+ field officer to provide doorstep services.
• Most advanced trading platforms.
• Services available for NRIs.
• 3-in-1 account facility.

SBICAP Securities Limited Demat Account:

As an arm of most trusted bank SBI, SBICAP Securities offers demat account services to resident Indians and NRIs across the globe. SSL is a SEBI registered broker and depositary participant of NSDL and CDSL. Being a full-service broker, it offers a wide range of products and services to all its new clients and existing clients. SBICAP Securities charges Rs.0 on opening of demat account.
• NSDL: IN-DP-NSDL-369-2014
• CDSL: IN-DP-314-2017

Key Features of SBICAP Securities Limited Demat Account:

• Instant fund transfer facility.
• 128-bit encryption security.
• 3-in-1 account facility i.e. Demat + Trading + Bank Account.
• Fully transparent without any hidden charges.
• 24/7/365 telephonic assistance.
• You can choose between CDSL and NSDL.
• Free research and advisory services.
• You can apply for any IPO via ASBA net-banking facility and your allotted shares get credited to your SBICAP demat account.

SBICAP Securities Limited Demat Account Opening Charges:

SBICAP Securities does not charge any amount on opening of demat account.



Demat Account Opening Charge


Demat Account AMC

Rs.350 (Yearly)


State Bank of India (SBI) Depositary Service Charges for Resident Retail Customers:

SBI depositary service charges for resident retail customers contains AMC, dematerialization charges, pledge service charges, re-materialization charges and much more which are as follows:




Account Opening Charges




Certificate + Request

Rs.5 per certificate + Rs.35 per request

Annual Maintenance charges (AMC)




Rs.100 per annum


Rs.500 per annum

Pledge Services

If SSL/SBI is the counter party

0.02% of value or min Rs.25 whichever is higher + CDSL charges

If SSL/SBI is not the counter party

0.04% of value or min Rs.50 whichever is higher + CDSL charges


Re-materialization Request

Rs.35 per request + Rs.10 for every 100 securities or part thereof or flat fee of Rs.10 per certificate whichever is higher.

On market (Sell market)/Off market

With POA (Applicable for on market instructions only)

0.01% (Min. Rs.21 & Max. Rs.300

For Instruction submitted through internet

0.01% (Min. Rs.21 & Max. Rs.300

For Instruction submitted through branches

0.04% (Min. Rs.30) Extra charges of Rs.10 per ISIN for late submission

Buy-market and off-market


Rejection/Failed instruction

Rs.10 per failed instruction

Additional Account Statement

By Courier


By mail


   Open SBICAP Securities Demat Account

Frequently Asked Questions

At 2.45 pm, SBICAP Securities auto-square off all the open intraday positions.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.05% for intraday trades and it is also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS trades.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.03% for currency futures trading and Rs.30 per lot for currency options trading.
SBICAP Securities charges Rs.850 on opening of 3-in-1 account.
No, currently this facility is not available. You can not invest in commodity segment through SBICAP Securities as it is not a member of national exchange MCX.
Yes, you can place cover order and bracket order on SBICAP Securities.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.50% for equity delivery trade on SBICAP Securities.
It comprises of 3 balances; lien, ledger and collateral balance. • Lien- It is the total balance blocked by you for the trading purpose. • Ledger- After setting off the trade amount or outstanding dues, total balance available in your account is ledger balance. • Collateral- It is the notational valuation of your demat holdings, you can use this to place order.
Kindly follow the below steps: • Go to ‘download’ tab. • Fill and sign the ‘change in designated bank account’. • Attach the scanned copy of cancelled cheque of your bank account you wish to add. • You can send the scanned copy of your cheque for the verification purpose.
Limit, order, SL-L and SL-M are the types of order to be selected.

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