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SBICAP Securities Brokerage Charges 2024 and Transaction Charges


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SBICAP Securities Brokerage Charges and Transaction Charges

SBICAP Securities is one of the popular full-service brokers of India started its operation in the first quarter of the financial year 2006-07. SBI securities sub broker is the arm of the trusted brand SBI (State Bank of India) which is the India’s largest bank and SSL is one of the subsidiaries of SBI Capital Markets Limited. SSL is a SEBI registered broker and SBICAP securities depository member of the BSE and NSE. SBI securities trading account provides a wide range of services that includes institution equity, retail equity, derivatives, broking, depositary services and third-party distribution products and SBI securities new trading platform.

SBICAP securities review is a participant of CDSL and NSDL, SSL offers 3-in-1 account services that includes bank account of SBI, demat and trading account on SBICAP Securities. SBICAP review provides SBI offers ‘YONO’ SBI securities trading app for all your banking needs including investment, insurance, loan, trading, shopping and much more. SBI securities algo trading facility is also available to its users to trade in their favorite stocks. SBI securities margin trading makes broker to rank upon top stock brokers. SBI securities web trading platform provide seamless trading experience to its users.

SBICAP Securities Limited Account Opening Charges:

Securities brokerage services offer free demat account and charges annual maintenance which is a very affordable amount. You can also choose 3-in-1 account facility as provided by SBICAP. After account opening every trader will receive their unique SBICAP securities trading code which is known as client id or sbicap securities trading code which is unique for everyone.



Trading Account Opening Charge

Rs.850 (one-time)

Trading Account AMC


Demat Account Opening Charge


Demat Account AMC

Rs.350 (Yearly)

• 3-in-1 Account Opening Charge- Rs.850
• Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)- Rs.500 (Yearly)

Brokerage in SBI securities

Brokerage charges of SBICAP securities in different segments are mentioned below:


Brokerage Fee

Equity Delivery


Equity Intraday


Equity Futures


Equity Options

Rs.100 per lot

Currency Futures


Currency Options

Rs.30 per lot

Commodity Future


Commodity Options



SBICAP securities brokerage review

A stock broker is best described as a medium or we can say a stockbroker buys and sells securities for customers. SBICAP securities mobile trading is became easy now with SBICAP securities brokerage plans which allows traders to choose right brokerage plans according to their requirements. SBI securities options brokerage provides easy way to do SBI securities options trading.

You can invest through SBI securities online trading in equity, derivative, currency, mutual fund and IPO. SSL charges affordable brokerage on trading in various segments. For those clients who are unable to trade/invest online, they can avail the offline facility of SSL such as SBICAP securities branches, dial and trade facility etc. To know more about SBI securities brokerage charges for nri you can visit to the broker website where you will find all charges related to broker.

SBI securities Brokerage plans

SBI securities intraday trading is paperless integrated SBI securities trading platform of saving bank account, demat account and trading account. On buying or selling of securities through SBICAP securities trading platform customers used to pay brokerage or commission to the SBI Securities. SBI securities brokerage rate and SBI securities trading demo and to know more about brokerage charges in SBI securities and a capital brokerage offerings and services. Through SBICAP securities trading login SBICAP securities trading login you can start SBICAP securities online trading after opening account with the broker.




Account Opening Charges




Certificate + Request

Rs.5 per certificate + Rs.35 per request

Annual Maintenance charges (AMC)




Rs.100 per annum


Rs.500 per annum

Pledge Services

If SSL/SBI is the counter party

0.02% of value or min Rs.25 whichever is higher + CDSL charges

If SSL/SBI is not the counter party

0.04% of value or min Rs.50 whichever is higher + CDSL charges


Re-materialization Request

Rs.35 per request + Rs.10 for every 100 securities or part thereof or flat fee of Rs.10 per certificate whichever is higher.

On market (Sell market)/Off market

With POA (Applicable for on market instructions only)

0.01% (Min. Rs.21 & Max. Rs.300

For Instruction submitted through internet

0.01% (Min. Rs.21 & Max. Rs.300

For Instruction submitted through branches

0.04% (Min. Rs.30) Extra charges of Rs.10 per ISIN for late submission

Buy-market and off-market


Rejection/Failed instruction

Rs.10 per failed instruction

Additional Account Statement

By Courier


By mail



SBICAP Securities Limited Transaction Charges:

Transaction charges are the addition of exchange turnover charges and clearing charges.


Transaction Fee

Equity Delivery

NSE- 0.00386% ; BSE- 0.00384%

Equity Intraday

NSE- 0.00386% ; BSE- 0.00384%

Equity Futures

NSE- 0.002206% (Rs.221/crore)

Equity Options

NSE- 0.05515% (Rs.5515/crore)

Currency Futures


Currency Options

NSE- 0.05515% (Rs.5515/crore)




SBICAP Securities Limited Trading Taxes

There are different govt taxes and fees charged by the broker in addition to the brokerage.



Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

  • Equity Delivery- 0.1% on both buy & sell
  • Equity Intraday- 0.025% on sell side
  • Equity Futures- 0.01% on sell side
  • Equity Options- 0.05% on sell side (premium)
  • Commodity Futures- 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
  • Commodity Options- 0.05% on sell side
  • Currency F&O- No STT
  • On exercise transaction- 0.125%
  • Right to entitlement- 0.05% on sell side


18% on (Brokerage+Transaction+SEBI fee)

SEBI Charges

0.00005% (Rs.5/crore)

Stamp Duty

(On buy side only) Delivery- 0.015%, Intraday- 0.003%, Equity Futures- 0.002%, Equity Options- 0.003% and Currency F&O- 0.0001%

Commodity Futures- 0.002%, Commodity Options- 0.003%

SBICAP securities brokerage calculator

SBI cap securities ltd brokerage calculator and SBI securities intraday brokerage calculator will help you to find out the actual SBI securities brokerage charges. SBI securities trading login facilitates you to trade in any segments on the basis of SBI securities recommendations. You can calculate brokerage for all asset classes like Equity Intraday, Equity Delivery, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Currency Futures, Currency Options & Commodity by using SBICAP securities brokerage charges calculator.

Along with Brokerage charges, it will also give you detailed understanding of other charges like transaction charges, STT, Stamp Duty for each State, SEBI turnover charges, GST & Transaction Charges. Brokerage of SBI securities is nominal and available for all trading segments. SBICAP securities trading demo you can visit to the broker official website. And for any assistance you can contact to the SBI securities trading customer care number:02268545555

Comments for SBICAP Securities Brokerage Charges 2024 and Transaction Charges


  • Jasvinder

    SBICAP Securities is shameless and does not care about customer complaints. I am an NRI customer and my account is locked. I have made several complains., escalated these complains from last 7 months , however my issue is still not resolved. So do not boast about customer grievances as they are the worst in the world. My customer id is N7024127 and my email id is if you wish to help me.. Thanks


Frequently Asked Questions

At 2.45 pm, SBICAP Securities auto-square off all the open intraday positions.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.05% for intraday trades and it is also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS trades.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.03% for currency futures trading and Rs.30 per lot for currency options trading.
SBICAP Securities charges Rs.850 on opening of 3-in-1 account.
No, currently this facility is not available. You can not invest in commodity segment through SBICAP Securities as it is not a member of national exchange MCX.
Yes, you can place cover order and bracket order on SBICAP Securities.
SBICAP Securities charges 0.50% for equity delivery trade on SBICAP Securities.
It comprises of 3 balances; lien, ledger and collateral balance. • Lien- It is the total balance blocked by you for the trading purpose. • Ledger- After setting off the trade amount or outstanding dues, total balance available in your account is ledger balance. • Collateral- It is the notational valuation of your demat holdings, you can use this to place order.
Kindly follow the below steps: • Go to ‘download’ tab. • Fill and sign the ‘change in designated bank account’. • Attach the scanned copy of cancelled cheque of your bank account you wish to add. • You can send the scanned copy of your cheque for the verification purpose.
Limit, order, SL-L and SL-M are the types of order to be selected.