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Unlock Profit Potential: Garv Thakur's Comprehensive Guide to Goodwill Commodities IPOs


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Goodwill Commodities IPO Review - Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online

Goodwill Commodities started its journey in 2008, it is a Chennai based broker where it has headquarters in Tamil Nadu.
Goodwill provides different types of investment services and trading services in different segments like Commodity, Derivatives and Futures through NSE and BSE.

What is an IPO?

The word IPO defines as the Initial Public Offering which means when a company first time sells its stocks to the public. A company can raise capital from public investors by issuing an IPO.
A private company has fewer shareholders and its owners don't have to disclose much information about the company. Most small businesses are also privately held. There are some large companies which can be private too. Buying shares in a private company is not possible. You need to approach the owners about investing, but they're not obligated to sell you anything. Public companies, on the other hand, have sold at least a portion of themselves to the public investors and allow them to trade on a stock exchange. This is why doing an IPO is also known as "going public."

Getting in On An IPO

When a company plans to go public, then the first thing it needs to do is to hire an investment bank. Theoretically it could be possible to sell its shares on its own for a company, but realistically, an investment bank is required. The company and the investment bank will first meet to negotiate the deal about the stocks. Discussed items include how much amount of money a company will raise, the type of securities to be issued and all the details in the underwriting agreement. The deal can be structured in different ways.
Once a deal is complete from all sides, the investment bank puts together a registration statement to be filed with the SEBI. This document includes information about the offering as well as company info such as financial statements, management background, any legal problem. After SEBI approves the offering, a date (the effective date) is set when the stock will be offered to the public.

The Lock-Up Period

We can also call a lock-Up Period known as a lock-in or lock-out period, which refers to the predetermined time frame in which corporate insiders, investors, and employees are not allowed to sell or redeem their shares after an initial public offering (IPO). The lock-up period is usually 90–180 days, depending on the size of the company.

Basics of IPO:
• IPO is the first sale of stock by a company to the public.
• If a company is going public means a company is switching from private ownership to public ownership.
• By going public helps to raise cash and provides many benefits for the company.
• Underwriting process involves raising money from investors by issuing new securities.
• Companies need to hire investment banks to underwrite an IPO.
• To analyse an IPO company is difficult because there isn't a lot of historical info.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This platform provides you a wide range of advance tool for charting, trading and technical analysis. Goodwill have transformed the face of trading. This platform is integrated with the latest technology which is secure, reliable and user friendly.
This is the process by which physical certificates of an investor are converted to an equivalent number of securities in electronic from and credited to the investor’s account.
Yes, Goodwill is the trading member of the MSEI. Traders/Investors need to open a trading account and after that participants need to deposit stipulated cash or collaterals with the trading member.
There is no Account Opening Fees for Demat and Trading Account in GoodWill Commodities.
SLBM stands for Stock Lending and Borrowing Mechanism. Stock or Security Lending and Borrowing (SLB) is an opportunity in which a trader can lend the stocks that they own and also a trader can borrow shares that they do not already own. In this way, a trader can earn a lending fee for the stocks lend.
Yes, on behalf of their client, Goodwill will place the request on the SLB trading platform. Traders should have trading account with Goodwill.
This is totally free, you don’t need to pay single penny to open your demat as well as trading account at Goodwill.
Nobody knows the actual price at which the share is quoted on listing in the stock exchange, sometimes it could be less than the offered rate. This totally depends on demand and supply of the shares, company’s performance, overall economy etc.
Yes, it is safe, hassle free, reliable and trustworthy stockbroker. This broker is professionally well managed and listed at BSE and NSE.
No, Goodwill does not provide 3-in-1 account service.
ISIN stands for International Securities Identification Number. This is a unique code to identify securities.
It is advisable to transact through a SEBI registered intermediary. If you want to buy or sell any security on stock exchanges then you need to transact through a trading member of a stock exchange and also if you intend to hold securities in demat form then you need to maintain an account with a depositary.
Some useful points are as follows : • Always make sure that your broker must be SEBI registered. • Sign an agreement with your broker or sub-broker setting out terms and conditions clearly. • Always insist on contract notes from your broker or sub-broker. • Be sure that you give all your required details in the “Know Your Client” form. • Always remember to keep copies of all the investment documents, application forms, acknowledgements slip, contract notes etc. • Never ignore your expenses as well as if there is any doubt regarding transactions, make sure to discuss it with broker or sub-broker. • If your broker or sub-broker is not resolving your problem or complaints within a reasonable period of time then bring it to attention of the “Investor Grievances Cell” of the NSE. • Self-assessment is very important before investing. You must know your capabilities before venturing in the market.
MSEI stands for Metropolitan Exchange of India Limited. It is an electronic platform for trading in capital market, future and options, currency derivative and debt market segments.