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Alice Blue Account Opening Guide - Process, Documents and Charges


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Alice Blue Demat Account Opening and Charges

Alice blue is a Bangalore based financial enabler which was incorporated in 2006. This organisation is primarily into brokerage business with a clear focus on providing cost effective brokerage services without hampering the experience of customers. Through Alice blue demat account (Depository Services) customer can invest in stock market and mutual funds. Hence alice blue demat account opening process is simple and easy. In this article we will look at alice blue demat account review for new traders which provide them easy way to enter into the share market.

Alice blue demat account opening charges

In open alice blue demat account, customers need not to pay aliceblue account opening charges. But there is Alice blue demat amc charges, which is an annual fee for the purpose of maintaining the alice blue Demat account.

Other Demat Transaction Charge


Account Maintenance Charges

400 + GST

Pledge Services (Creation/Closure/Invocation)

₹15 + GST for Buy and ₹15 for Sell

Dematerialization + Dematerialization Request

₹10 per certificate + ₹50 per request


₹30/- per  

 Request + NSDL/CDSL  

 Or ₹10/- for every  

 hundred securities


 Part thereof a flat fee of ₹ 10/- per certificate whichever is higher

Demat account opening in alice blue

Alice blue online demat account opening is available at free of cost to traders. Customers can get their demat account opened with CDSL through Alice Blue, since Alice blue CDSL is the depository participant (DP) of CDSL. Talking about CDSL, it is one of the two designated depositories in India. Now what Alice blue CDSL does is, they hold the securities in the alice blue demat. As alice blue demat charges zero, it become easy to individual to open alice blue demat account.

Documents Required for Alice blue free account opening

Following documents are required to open Alice blue demat account
1. Aadhar card.
2. PAN card.
3. Latest bank statement with IFSC/MICR code and address.
4. Cancelled cheque.
5. Address Proof.
6. Passport size photo.

How to open a demat account in Alice blue?

Demat account opening in alice blue is a 3-way simple step procedure that customer needs to follow:
1. Fill the application form to open alice blue demat account.
2. Upload all the necessary documents.
3. Click on the submit button and your alice blue demat account will get activated within 24hrs.

Demat account opening in alice blue provides you a convenient way to keep shares, mutual funds, bonds, NCD’s and other securities in electronic form.

Alice blue dp charges

Charges for Regular Demat Account:

1. Aliceblue account opening charges is zero with the following benefits:
a. ANT Plus FREE
b. Small Case FREE
c. Tickertape FREE
d. Free Investments (MF + IPO)
e. Learning Courses FREE
f. Single Margin Benefits
g. Refer and Earn Benefits

2. Alice blue demat amc charges: ₹400/- per annum (Will be deducted at the rate of 33.30 + GST per month)
3. Alice blue dp charges: ₹15+ 18% GST.
4. Charges for credit entry: NIL.
5. Re-issuance of Delivery Instruction Booklet: ₹100/-.
6. Demat certificate: ₹10 per certificate & ₹50 per request.

Reasons to Choose Alice Blue for Demat Account
• Alice blue account open charges is zero
• Direct deposit of dividend and bonus in your alice blue demat account.
• Online management of aliceblue demat account
• World class customer support for aliceblue demat account holders.
• More than 15 branches across the country to provide alice blue CDSL services.
• Aliceblue demat account provide online investment in Equity, Corporate FD’s, Insurance and etc.
• Online trading at exchanges like BSE, NSE and MCX.
• Option to freeze alice blue demat account
• Research-based analysis and relationship management to all customers without any further cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Demat account opening under Alice Blue is completely free.
Yes, you can place NRML orders in Alice blue.
MTM refers to Market-To-Market margin which covers the daily difference between the price of contract and its closing price on the day of purchase.
Alice blue customer support number is 098219 59487.
Certainly, Minor Demat Account can be opened with Alice Blue. In this case a legal guardian has to be appointed. Documents of legal guardians are required at the time of opening an account.
Natural gas brokerage in Alice blue is ₹15 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower).
Yes, Alice Blue stock broker is very trusted. They have a big list of items to offer, and they serve their customer in most customer friendly manner.
There is no minimum balance requirement in Alice Blue trading account. Clients can add money in a trading account according to their need and extra money can be withdrawn as per the wish of the account holder.
Alice blue traditional brokerage plan has been discontinued by Alice blue. Only freedom 15 brokerage plan is available in Alice blue. Visit to check Alice blue brokerage rate.
Alice Blue has over 17 branches and 1000’s of franchise offices across India.
Soft copy of following documents are required in order to open an online account with Aliceblue: i. ID proof (PAN card) ii. Address proof (Aadhar card/Voter ID/Passport) iii. Passport size photo iv. Scanned signature v. Income proof (Bank statement of last 6 months/ ITR/ Last three months’ salary slip)
Alice Blue helpline number is 080-61575500/22174600.
No, it does not provide trading service on forex.
Yes, Alice Blue offers direct Mutual Funds through a dedicated online platform. There is no commission or brokerage charge on Mutual Funds.
Investing in Smallcase will attract a one-time flat fee of ₹100, apart from that usual brokerage charges will be applicable per transaction.
Crude oil brokerage in Alice blue is ₹15 per order.
Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA) is a special category of Demat account which can be opened / held only by individual investors. It is available for holding a value up to ₹50,000.
IPV refers to In-Person Verification, where the documents and client has to get verified by the broker personally while opening a trading and demat account. IPV can be done either through mobile Or Web camera. A video has to be recorded showing valid ID proof and client’s face during IPV process.
The size of file should be less than 5MB in JPEG, PDF or PNG format.
No, it does not provide any free tips.
Now there is only one brokerage plan in Alice blue i.e., Alice blue freedom 15 plan. Login to Alice blue Bot to change your current Alice blue brokerage plan.
eSign refers to digital signature. If client’s Aadhar card is linked with his mobile number, then he can virtually sign the documents through OTP.
Alice blue option trading brokerage is ₹15 per order. Both Alice blue option buying brokerage and Alice blue option selling brokerage is same.
No, it does not provide live market notifications and news.
The brokerage of Zerodha Max ₹20 per trade while the brokerage of Alice Blue Max ₹15 per order. Both the brokers are discount Brokers. Alice Blue provides more margin as compared to Zerodha.
It is a limited level of permission given to the firm by the traders in order to debit shares from the Demat account of trader whenever shares are sold. If a client is not willing to provide POA, then shares can be sold using CDSL TPIN mode. But this restricts the sell transaction to maximum of ₹ 1 crore per day. Moreover, it will result in limiting off-market transfer to ₹2 lakh per scrip and overall, ₹10 lakh per day. If the portfolio is above ₹ 1 crore and the client wish to sell more than ₹ 1 crore of stocks from his holdings in a day, he must provide POA.
Alice Blue does not provide a demo trading account.
No, it does not provide 3-in-1 account service.
It offers more than 15 additional products worth ₹3000 free of cost to enhance your trading experience.
Login to Alice blue Bot to change your current Alice blue brokerage plan.
Yes, it does provide combined ledger for both segments.
Alice blue traditional brokerage plan has been discontinued.
Transaction password is the password used while placing orders.
Yes, Alice Blue allows to trade in commodity.
Alice blue was incorporated in 2006 and is the fastest growing firm. It is a Bangalore based discount broker firm. Its minimum brokerage fees with maximum exposure makes it stand out from its competitors.
Indeed, the broker has designed a mobile app i.e. ANT mobi with a motive to provide better mobility to services it offers. This app is supported on android, windows and iOS platforms. It provides ease of trade from anywhere.
If eKYC is complete and Aadhar is linked to the mobile number, then the account can be opened instantly. In case, signed papers are sent to the broker, then it will take 24 hours to open the account once the documents are received.
3:15 PM is the Intraday square off time for Alice Blue.
Alice Blue Equity Options brokerage is ₹15 per order.
Those who are willing to trade only in F&O (Equity, Commodity or Currency), Demat account is not required.
No, Alice Blue does not provide this feature.

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