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Explore Upstox Trading Software: Unleash the Power of Smart Trading | Garv Thakur


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Upstox Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Upstox trading platform are offered by RKSV. It is the popular discount broker that is a tech-first low-cost broking firm in India. The company offers various trading software for Upstox in different segments in Upstox trading software equity, commodities, currency, futures, and options that are available on Upstox pro web and Upstox pro mobile trading platforms.

3 in 1 Upstox Account

Industox 3 in 1 account is provided by Upstox from the previous year which includes Bank account + Demat account + Trading account. Upstox has tied up with Indusland bank for providing customers extremely advance trading experience. Its trustable and secure and highly convenient. Customers can easily open an Upstox account

Trading Software of Upstox

Key Unique Selling Point (USP) of Upstox is its advanced trading platforms. The company provides both its own and the partnered platforms to the customers which has major trading and tools. Upstox trading platform demo and Upstox trading software video is also available in some trading platforms. Upstox trading software guide is available in most of the Upstox trading platform.

List of in house Upstox trading platform provided by Upstox is given below:
1. Pro Web (Web-based trading platform).
2. Pro Mobile (mobile trading application).
3. Algo Lab (bridge for AmiBroker).
4. Option Strategy Builder.
5. Order Generator.

Upstox also provides its customers the access to powerful third-party trading terminal. For Upstox desktop trading platform download customers can visit the official website of Upstox. List of Desktop trading software for Upstox is given below:
1. Dartstock (Desktop Trading Platform)
2. Nest Trader (Desktop Trading Platform)
3. Fox Trader (Desktop Trading Platform)

Let’s discuss Upstox trading platform review of all of these trading platforms including both Upstox in-house trading software and Upstox third-part trading software in detail.

Pro Web (Web-based Trading Platform)

Upstox pro is Upstox desktop trading software that is built using the HTML 5 technology. It can be accessed from any browser on a desktop, laptop or mobile. This platform also offers a range of features to the pro traders. These features will help the traders in analysing their trades, knowing the pulse of the market and trading fast and securely. For Upstox Trading software help, visit on Upstox official website.

Important features of the Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform:
• The customer can create watchlists and keep track of the desired scripts.
• It has powerful charting features with 100+ technical indicators in it.
• It makes fast order placements with Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Orders (CO)
• The customer can pre-set their order preferences & quickly place orders during highly volatile times.
• The customer can customize workspaces and use widgets to personalize the trading experience.
• The customer has access to various reports.
• The customer can view and monitor their portfolio.
• It provides keyboard shortcuts for faster and efficient trading.
• It provides access to the Upstox mutual funds platform.
• The notifications & alerts helps in keeping the customer notified about their trading and account details.

The customer can see the demo of using Upstox Pro Web platform by using the steps below:
1. Visit the Upstox website.
2. Click on ‘Products and Tools’ on the top menu.
3. Click on the Pro web page, and choose the ‘Try Live Demo’ option to watch and try other features of the demo.

Upstox Pro Mobile Trading App

It is the Pro Mobile trading application by Upstox (Upstox trading software beginners). The app provides mobile trading in different segments including stocks, derivatives, currencies, and commodities across NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges. Traders can also Upstox Trading software chart in this like: line stick chart, candlestick patterns, Heiken-ashi and bar chart. The customers can easily download this application free of cost and become location independent in trading. This application is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Features of Upstox Pro Mobile app:
• The customer can place, buy and sell orders on the move.
• It has the universal search tool to find desired stocks and contracts.
• NSE Trading software Upstox provides multiple segments to trade including cash, F&O, and currencies.
• Advances charting tools with 100+ technical indicators.
• Users can trade from the charts with ease.
• Customised watchlists available.
• It gives price alerts on set scripts.
• It provides access to real-time market feeds.

Algo Lab (Bridge for AmiBroker)

It is designed and introduced for the traders who use AmiBroker AFL to write trading strategies and algorithms. They can easily integrate AmiBroker AFL with the Algo trading software Upstox. Users can also place their trades directly from AmiBroker. A dedicated panel on Upstox Pro Web and mobile is available so that the customer can view, place and modify orders sent from AmiBroker.
Moreover, there are 2 additional plugin tools that are available with Algo Lab are- Interactive and Market Feed.

Interactive- It facilitates in receiving order signals from AmiBroker to Upstox. The other features include:
• Receiving notifications whenever your strategy on Amibroker AFL triggers on an order.
• Viewing and managing the orders and positions from the same screen.
• Modifying and placing orders.
• Viewing the alerts organized by time, with the latest one placed on top.
• Amibroker Upstox trading software charges are Zero. if the customer wishes to add an Interactive plugin to Algo lab.
• Market Feed- It gives the traders access to real-time OHLC (open-high-low-close) and EOD data. The other features are:
• You receive the real-time EOD data of NSE Equity and NSE F&O Segment.
• The data is 100 % adjusted for the corporate actions.
• It gives you access to Intraday historical data for three months and EO historical data for 12+ years.

If the customer wishes to add the market feed plugin, they can do Upstox trading software buy for free.

Upstox Option Strategy Builder

It is designed for Futures & Options (F&O) traders. It allows you to build different Option and future products. You are required to select 'Products' and 'Instruments' and based on your selection the tool will provide you with all the critical information. The information will be like the margin required for the strategy and the payoff graph required to analyse the strategy which helps the customers to take an informative decision.

How does Upstox Option Strategy Builder Works?
1. Open the Upstox Option strategy builder and choose an exchange and ticker i.e., Stock name.
2. Select the segment (F&O), Expiry date, Side (Buy/sell), Type (Call/ put for Options) and the quantity.
3. The customer can add multiple instruments in a single strategy.
4. The tool will help you in generating the total margin requirements along with the complete breakdown of various margin types like Span, Exposure etc.
5. The tool will generate the Payoff graph highlighting the payoff at various price points, break-even points, Profit & loss values and zones.

Upstox Order generator

This is a simple web-based tool that help you to creates orders and you can share these orders with friends as well. It is useful only when the customer wishes to discuss his trading ideas with others and take their opinion. Upstox Order Generator is available on the company’s website.

Steps to access this tool:
1. Visit the Upstox website.
2. Click on ‘Products and Tools’ from the top menu.
3. Click on ‘Order Generator’ present under the ‘Tools and Calculators’.


This is an Upstox trading platform for PC and desktop. Also, Upstox has partnered with iDarts. This is to offer the customers the range of features so that they can identify trading opportunities, analyse each stock and trade efficiently and effectively.

Key features of Dartstock:
• It provides the times and sales filter to scan the markets with the filters like Quantity, Sector, Index and much more.
• Includes a live scanner to scan the markets for scrips with highs and lows for the days, week, month and year.
• Trend scanner is also available to spot the bearish zones and monitor the changes in the Open Interest of options.
• It has Opportunity Finder to find the scripts that fit with the criteria of three that have PE Ratio, Market Cap, Traded Volume Turnover and 1-year return etc.
• It provides special watchlists for the resistance and support watch, Intraday recovery, High trade volume stocks and fall scripts.
• It also contains advanced charting tools with Intraday history and daily historical data.

Fox Trader

This is again a desktop trading platform but it is chargeable. It allows the traders to analyse the market fluctuations with multiple charting tools, back test the strategies and improves the trading experience.

Key features of Fox trader:
• It provides an easy back testing with 300+ studies and 200+ conditions to analyse the past data.
• It has the live scanning feature to monitor the markets in real-time.
• It helps in running the strategies on charts and scanners.
• It helps in automating the strategies with an API.
• It helps in viewing and monitoring the current positions and P&L.
• It automates the trailing stops and stop levels. (This feature is chargeable and the trader needs to pay if he is willing to use this platform.)

Nest Trader

Nest trading software for Upstox is desktop platform. It is owned by Thomson Reuters and is one of the famous trading platforms in India. For Nest trading software Upstox download you can visit the official website of Upstox and if Nest trading software not working connect with Upstox customer care team.

Key features of Nest Trader:
• It has a customisable interface with different layouts, fonts, colours, and much more. It is to customise as per the needs of the trader.
• It provides the fast-streaming data facility with the quick refresh rates.
• It has the stability at high loads.
• It provides the facility of streaming data to multiple monitors.
• It has advanced charting that carries multiple chart types with 60+ indicators.
• It contains advance order types like Cover Order (CO) and Bracket Order (BO).
• It provides fully customisable hot keys for faster and efficient trading.

Upstox Trading Software Download

All trading software except desktop trading terminals can be download on mobile as well. To download trading software in android mobile, visit Google play store. For Upstox trading software iOS, visit Apple app store.

After downloading the Upstox apps, Upstox trading platform login can be done using Upstox account login credentials. Update trading software will be available in software itself whenever there is a new update available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A stop-loss order is an order placed with a broker in order to buy or sell a specific stock once the stock reaches a certain price. A stop-loss is designed in order to limit an investor's loss on a security position.
Yes, everyone can invest in mutual fund through Upstox with Upstox demat account.
While carrying Intraday orders, we trade using margins and thus the trade goes in loss showing the negative balance. It will show the negative balance till the time we square off our trade or their RMS team do so. Your AMC might be deducted and this is the reason why it shows negative balance.
No, you cannot buy direct mutual fund through Upstox as it does not provide direct mutual fund schemes.
₹20 brokerage and 5x intraday margin are the most suited for a new trader. Whereas, the Priority plan is best for the experienced traders who require higher leverage. The brokerage charges (₹20 per trade) are also higher under the Priority Plan.
It allows customers to trade across Equity, Currency, Commodity and Derivative segments in Indian stock market. Upstox has various advanced technology platforms like Pro Web, Mobile Nest Trader, Fox Trader and DartStock.
The Upstox has pioneered the low-cost brokerage model. Thus while trading with Upstox, equity delivery trades are free of cost. For intraday trading on BSE, NSE and MCX and F&O. It is 0.05% or up to ₹20 per order traded.
Upstox is good for mutual funds as it provides regular mutual funds plans from 2500+ fund houses.
Upstox Nest Trader download from official website of Upstox is possible.
You can invest in mutual funds through Upstox if you have a Upstox demat account.
The Upstox provides three trading platforms. There is Upstox Pro web that you can access from your favorite browser. The other software Upstox Mobile which is available on both Android and iOS will help you in trading on the go.
Upstox runs a partner program wherein you can become a sub-broker and start referring customers from your network. You can earn commissions when they trade. You can receive earnings in two ways in this program either earn a part of the brokerage paid by your referrals or earn incentives for referrals when they open an Upstox account.
The Account opening is free. But if you pay ₹149, you will get a brokerage credit worth ₹250 with the validity of 30 days.
To buy mutual fund in Upstox, login to Upstox MF using Upstox ID and password.
You can withdraw money from your Upstox account directly from the application. You go to the balance section of the app and choose to “withdraw funds” from your securities or commodities account. Once after selecting the account, click on the “withdraw” screen. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on “submit”.
Upstox is an online broker and a POA is compulsory during the account opening. This is done in order to keep your information safe and secure.
Upstox is one of the top discount brokers of India. It provides trading services at very low and unbeatable prices.
There is no limit of how many banks accounts you can link with Upstox. One bank account will be marked as the primary account and rest of them will be marked as the secondary bank accounts.
There is no such thing as Upstox branches. Upstox is a complete online stock broker. Only its registered office is situated at New Delhi and Head office situated at Mumbai.
No, Upstox does not provides direct mutual fund schemes or plan.
Upstox Mutual fund is an investment platform where investor invests in a pool of money to achieve their long-term financial goals.
Yes, any one with Upstox demat account can buy mutual funds in Upstox. If you do not have an Upstox demat account, you can easily open an online Upstox demat account.
Upstox Mobile App Support is significantly invested in technology. After Upstox mobile app login users can use its features and tools to its customers. For Upstox mobile app links, visit the official website of Upstox.
Mr Ravi Kumar CEO & (Co-Founder), Kavita Subramanian (Co-Founder) and Shrini Vishwanath.
The monthly maintenance charge for the demat account is ₹25 (excluding GST). This amount will be charged at the end of every month.
The trading with Upstox is completely safe. The company started offering its services in 2012 and since then it has grown exponentially. It has lakhs of trusted customers and over 5 lakh customers traded in January 2020. This made it rank as the second largest discount stock broker in India. The company is registered with the SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX, CDSL and NSDL. It is regularly audited by the exchanges and no violations have been noticed so far. The company is backed with the leading investors like Ratan Tata, Tiger Global and GVK Davix.
Login to Upstox mobile app or login to Upstox trading software using your Upstox demat account login credentials to use Upstox demat account.
Yes, Upstox provide mutual fund investment facility to customers.
The client can freeze his account in case he does not wish to do any transaction in the near future. This helps in curbing the unauthorized use of demat account & prevention of frauds. The account will be de-freeze only on the instructions of the account holder.
When you open a Upstox demat account, Mutual fund segment is automatically activated. But if you plan to invest in Upstox mutual fund SIP, an Upstox mutual bank mandate bank mandate form is required to allow auto debit from your bank account at regular intervals as chosen by you to invest in SIP.
To reactivate your Upstox account, all you need to do is to fill the reactivation form and email it to us at ‎ You also need to send a bank statement of the last three months that have been self-attested. Once after we receive this, your account will be reactivated within 24–48 business hours.
Upstox mobile is an advanced trading app provided by Upstox for easy and seamless trading experience.
Upstox core services does not include providing trading or stock tips. As an online broker, Upstox believes in keeping costs as low as possible.
Upstox is trustworthy and reputed stock broker in India. It is registered with SEBI. CDSL, NSDL, BSE, NSE and MCX with multiple exchanges are verified the UPSTOX.
There is no minimum balance that you are obliged to maintain in an Upstox Mutual Fund account once after the first time when you purchase the SIP.
You can upgrade your Upstox account by just sending an email from the registered email Id to Remember to keep the subject line "Request to change brokerage plan." Make sure that you mention your Name and UCC in the email. The request for changing brokerage plans will be processed in 24-48 hours during business days.
One of the major advantages of having trading account with Upstox is their low-cost structure. As a result, they do not provide any RM (Relationship Manager) services, even in Mumbai.
The Trigger price in Upstox is the pre-set price on a buy or sell order in trading. The order here is a special order such as a “stop-loss order”, a “take-profit order”, “bracket order” and a “cover order”.
The withdrawal of money procedure is an online process. Thus, every request is processed within 24 business hours after the trading day has ended. The Upstox staff get notified of your withdrawal request and hence they process all withdrawals once at the end of each day.
There is no demat account opening charges in Upstox. Free demat account opening in Upstox is available.
Upstox mutual fund is regular.
Yes, the account opening in Upstox is free with a ₹249 prepaid brokerage plan. Currently the company does not charge any account opening fee for the individual trading accounts.
When you open a Upstox demat account, Mutual fund segment is automatically activated in it. There is no separate activation required.
Upstox brokerage charges are Equity Delivery- ₹20 or 2.5% (whichever is lower) for Equity & Future- ₹20 per executed order or 0.05% (whichever is lower) for option Flat ₹20 per executed order.
There is no separate account opening required for mutual fund investment in Upstox. Only a Upstox demat account is required to be open. Visit to check Upstox demat account opening procedure.
To start trading with Upstox, you need to open an account in Upstox stock broker.
Upstox Nest trader login can be done using Upstox Nest Trader.
Upstox demat account provides demat services. Upstox provides demat account facility as it is depository participant with both CDSL and NSDL. Anyone can easily open demat account with Upstox online.
In order to change your phone number in the Upstox account, you will have to open an online service request. To change phone number in Upstox, follow the below mentioned steps: a) Go to b) Click on 'Sign in' > 'Dashboard' c) Upstox Login to the dashboard (Upstox back office) d) Choose and click on the 'Service Request' box e) Then, click on 'Change your Mobile Number" f) Enter the new phone number and verify the OTP. Once after the request is submitted, it will be processed in 24 to 72 hours.
There is no separate Upstox trading software brokerage. Only Upstox brokerage is applicable as per the Upstox brokerage plan.
Visit to find the Upstox account opening procedure.
Upstox is not a listed company. It is a privately owned company run by the promoters of the company including Mr. Ravi Kumar and Mr. Shrinivas Viswanath. Four major investors that include Mr. Ratan Tata, Tiger Global Management, GVK Davix and Kalaari Capital Partners invested in this company.
The “Validity in Upstox” means the tenure or period for which a placed order is valid. The price of a stock moves up and down on a regular basis and thus the order is executed only when the matching price is available.
Span and Exposure margin is the leverage provided by Upstox to their customers. Find the above list to check Upstox margin exposure or visit the official website of Upstox to check Upstox exposure calculator.
If you are deciding to close your account then you can delete it, then you can delete it. Upstox does not charge any fees to close your Upstox demat or Upstox trading account. Just make sure that all your dues are clear and transfer all existing securities from your Upstox demat account.

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