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Upstox Dartstock Review

Who is upstox?

Upstox is a tech-first and the most famous low-cost broking firm in India. Upstox provides trading opportunities to the customers at unbeatable prices. Upstox allows trading in different segments such as Equities, Commodities, Currency, Futures and Options.
The firm is famous for its innovative, reliable, easy-to-use and fast platforms. Dartstock by upstox provides an advanced technical analysis platform with various facilities and multiple tool techniques.

To access Dartstock, a customer is required to have upstox account. All the services offered by Upstox can be used free of cost for four months only when you hold an account with Upstox.
In this article we will go through upstox dartstock margin and upstox dartstock app download and upstox dartstock market share and upstox dartstock charges in details.

What is dartstock in upstox?

Upstox dartstock meaning is simple and clear. Upstox dartstock is the one stop solution for all the needs of a customer. Dartstock by upstox is considered as the smartest platform for the traders that fulfil all the needs of the trader. Dartstock in upstox gives you the maximum valued trading support along with the wide variety of useful tools. Upstox dartstock historical price works as an extension of the customer’s trading powers by providing services like Market stats, price alerts, live news feed by using historical data.

Upstox has tied up with iDarts to provide the customers one of the best desktop trading platforms in the world. Upstox dartstock app has multiple features that makes it available for you. Upstox dartstock market is almost an extension of your trading powers.

• Is dartstock free for upstox?
If you are an Upstox Trading client, it is Free to use. Hence there is zero upstox dartstock charges.

Upstox dartstock Features

The features of upstox dartstock account are:

1. Scanners: It is consisting of four predefined scanners which are Trend Scanners, Live Scanners, Open Vs. high/low, Opportunity Finders.
a) Live Scanner- It is available for equity and future segments. The customers get high and low for the day, week, month and year.

b) Trend Scanner- This feature is important for the intraday traders. This scanner will help the customers in identifying the bullish and bearish trade.

2. Market Status: This keeps a tab on the live trading sessions. With the help of the widgets like Top Gainers & Losers, Support and Resistance watch, Intraday recovery/fall and heat maps you can see which stock is progressing and what all factors are driving the market.

3. F&O Tools: This tool is designed for the experienced traders. The customer can view the actions in futures, rollover contracts, futures spread info, gainers and losers in open interest, option payoff graphs, option calculator and option chain or tools. It provides a unique space for the F&O trader to cut through all the noise and save time while trading.