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Upstox IPO Review | Steps to Apply Online, Charges, Application


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Upstox IPO Review - Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online

Upstox is the Second largest discount stock broker in India. Upstox has offered online trading services at BSE, NSE, and MCX since 2012. Upstox also offers Mutual Funds  and upstox ipo Investment facility. Upstox is famous for its discount brokerage plan and the powerful trading software. Upstox trading software is built in-house and is free to all its customers. Upstox ipo process is simple and easy to understand.

What is ipo in upstox?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. It refers to the set of stocks which a company sells to the public. By using IPO any private limited company becomes a public limited company. In this process, a company gets listed in the stock market where its stock begins to trade. Company offers IPO to trade their shares directly to the investors. There is a upstox ipo date predefined for every IPO on which it was made available to public first.
The private company brings IPO or sells their shares to raise funds for their upcoming projects, pay off the debts, sell promoters holding or simply receive the advantages of listing at the stock market. You can also take upstox ipo subscription to make smart investment.

For the investors who are looking to invest upstox ipo, an IPO provides a great opportunity to buy shares of the company. We will provide you all upstox ipo details and how to subscribe ipo in upstox details in description here. There is no specific upstox ipo eligibility criteria and you can also apply for upstox sme ipo.

In this article we will read about how to buy ipo in upstox and how to buy ipo shares in upstox and upstox ipo application status. We will also help you to understand upstox new ipo and upcoming ipo 2023 upstox through which you can diversify your portfolio.

How to invest in IPO through upstox?

Upstox ipo apply (Using UPI and Net banking)

Upstox ipo apply process is simple and easy you can do upstox pro ipo apply or upstox pro ipo apply by using two way:
1. Upstox IPO Application (UPI Based)- The broker provides the online IPO applications to its customers. The customers can apply in an IPO at BSE and NSE online using UPI as a payment mode.

What is upi id in upstox ipo?

How to bid for ipo in upstox?:To place an IPO application bid through Upstox you can use the UPI ID linked to any of the banks that currently supports UPI ASBA.
The bank doesn’t need to be registered with Upstox as a primary or a secondary account. However, you should be an account holder in the bank account linked with the UPI ID that you will use to apply for an IPO.
Note: In case you are not an account holder, you cannot use the UPI ID of a bank account of a friend or a family member.
2. Net Banking IPO application (ASBA based)- If an Upstox customer is wishing to apply in an IPO without using UPI, then he can apply in IPO using ASBA net banking.

Steps to apply in IPO through net banking are:
1. Visit the website of the bank in which you are holding an account and login to your account.
2. Move to “Invest in IPO” section of the website.
3. Select the IPO in which you will invest.
4. Enter the details such as the number of lots, price, etc.
5. Confirm and click on “Submit” to submit the application form.
Note: The above process may differ slightly from bank to bank.

How to subscribe ipo in upstox Online?

To apply for an IPO through Upstox, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Visit the Official website of Upstox and login to your Upstox trading website.
2. Log in to Upstox IPO using your UCC Id and PAN.
3. Enter your birth year to verify the account.
4. Select the IPO you wish to apply from the list.
5. Enter the bid. (You can add up to 3 bids).
6. Click on the “Place Bid” option at the bottom.
7. Enter your UPI ID and click on “Continue”.
8. Enter the lot size and your bid amount and then click on “Continue”.
9. Confirm the order.
10. You can track your IPO application by clicking on “Your applications” tab

How to bid for IPO in upstox or how to apply ipo in upstox app?

For upstox ipo allotment status and how to delete ipo application in upstox and upstox ipo application number and upstox ipo allotment status and upstox ipo allotment and ipo shares not credited upstox read the below mention steps carefully.
If you’re using an older version of the Upstox app, read this.

Applying for an IPO on the Upstox platform is easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:
1) Log in to the Upstox mobile app using your User ID and Password.

2) Enter your birth year to verify your account.

3) Go to the 'Invest' tab from the bottom navigation bar and click on the ‘View ongoing IPOs’ from the IPO section.

4) Click on the ‘Details’ button below the widget of the upstox ipo apply you want.

5) Use the IPO details page to go through all the company-related details.

6) Click on the ‘Place Bid’ button at the bottom of your screen.

7) Enter your UPI ID and click on ‘Continue'.

8) Enter the lot size and your bid amount and click ‘Continue’.

9) Confirm the order.