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Master Trust Trading Software Review 2024 - Features and Demo


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Master Trust Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Master Trust is a discount brokerage firm that is a part of Master Trust Capital Services Ltd. This brokerage firm was incorporated in the year 1985. The Capital Services Limited is one of the leading financial firm company in India.
This Master Trust Group has entered to the discount brokerage business since August 2014. The Master group has initiated to offer both the flat fees each trade and the standard trading plans. The company has successfully earned and developed the PAN India presence holding the client base of 2,50,000 that covers more than 300 locations across the 22 states in India.

Here, are some of the unique features of this discount broker.
1. It has a single trading and back-office software for all the segments that includes Equity, Currency, and Commodity. It has a single login for the trading and back-office software that makes it convenient.
2. It offers various flexible feature where in the balance across the various segments i.e. equity, commodity, derivatives and currency can be used as one single balance.

Trading Software by Master Trust
Master Trust is a stock broker that offers the broad range of trading software and tools to the customers for free of cost. Master Trust has aimed at keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers and has developed and introduced trading software to meet the customer requirement. The broker has developed a dedicated relationship manager to provide the personalized assistance. Various trading platforms provided by the broker to the customers are:

A. Master Swift 2.0 (Installable Trading Software)- It is a trading terminal for all the active traders. It helps the customer to monitor the markets, buying or selling the shares and then placing the orders in real-time.
Features of Master Swift 2.0:
1. It provides support to the customers through monitors and components.
2. It provides the advance charting technology with multiple technical indicators.
3. It allows the customers to place the bracket and cover order from the platform.
4. It avails the customizable hotkey features with the shortcuts to for high-speed trading.

How to download the Master Swift?
The Master Swift 2.0 is a downloadable trading platform. The customers can download the application on their desktop. Steps to download the application are:
1. Go to the official website of Master Trust.
2. Select the “download” option present at the right end of the page.
3. Select the Master Swift 2.0 to download the application on the system.

B. Master Trust Mobile Trading Application- It is a trading application that provides on the go solution for all the trading and investment need of the clients.
Features of Master Trust Mobile App:
1. It makes trading easy from anywhere and at any time.
2. It provides dual security level that avails total encryption.
3. It provides real-time streaming quotes.
4. It provides the customers offline notifications.
5. It allows trading across multiple segments.
6. It has an advanced charting facility with more than 100 technical indicators.
7. It allows the creation of multiple market watches.
8. It has exit positions with the price alert notifications.
9. It allows placing the market, limit, stop-loss, aftermarket and cover orders.

Steps to download the Master Trust Mobile Trading App
1. Go to the app store.
2. Search for “Master Mobile” and select the first option that will appear.
3. Select the “Install” option.
4. Open the application with your login credentials and Click on “Next”.
5. Select the images as the secure access and further enter the password.

C. Master Marts- It is a trading website that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. An individual just needs a browser and login credentials to start trading with Master Trust website trading platform.
Features of Master Trust website:
1. It allows to carry operations on BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.
2. It allows the placing of Futures & Options trades on the NSE platform.
3. It allows the placing of aftermarket orders.
4. It allows trading from anywhere and at any time.
5. It allows the placing of orders across various segments.
6. It tracks the value of investments in real-time.

Steps to download the Master Trust Website:
1. Go to the official website of Master Trust.
2. Click on the “Trade online” menu that is present on the right side of the page.
3. Login with your client Id and choose the mode as Lite or classic. You will be landed on the dashboard.

Master Trust is a complete prepared stock broking company. This application makes the trading things less difficult for the customers to allow them trading from anywhere and at any time. The mobile application by Master Trust is a portable exchanging platform for its customers. It provides the various helpful devices to market research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It is good for the beginners. Even the customer has a little or no experience in trading, an individual will find that company armed with its exhaustive daily, weekly and monthly reports helps the customers to get a complete understanding of the overall behavior of industry.
It charges ₹20 per executed order for currency future trading and ₹20 per executed order for currency Options trading.
No. Master Trust does not provide trading tips for the stocks and commodity trading to its customers.
Master Trust capital was developed with two companies Master Capital Services Ltd and Arora financial consultants ltd in the year 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
It charges ₹0 for free equity delivery trade. These trades are known as Cash & Carry trades or CNC.
Real app, It Offers trading facility various segments with lots of features.
Yes. Master Trust provides online IPO application to its customers.
Master Trust charges ₹20 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.
Yes, Master Trust is safe for trading. It is one of the top financial services company in the country.
Master Trust Capital has a hands-on research and analytics team with the tone of expertise that analyse data if various segments of the industry.
Master Trust charges ₹0 as an AMC for a trading account and ₹300 for a demat account. The AMC is charged to maintain the accounts.
Yes. It allows its customers to buy or sell mutual funds if they hold an account in Master Trust.
Master Trust charges ₹20 per executed order for Intraday trades. Such orders are also known as Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS orders.

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