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Diversify Your Portfolio with ICICI Direct Mutual Funds: Tailored Investments for Financial Success | Garv Thakur


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ICICI Direct Mutual Funds Review - Charges and SIP

ICICI Direct is a full-service stock broker providing mutual funds services since 2001. The company aims at providing over 2500 mutual funds for more than 36 fund houses in India. The customers can very easily diversify their investment portfolio with a broad range of funds available with the broker. ICICI Direct offers the various regular mutual funds services.
If an individual invests in ICICI AMC through ICICI Pru Mutual Fund then no charges will be levied. The platform allows to make the investment either through SIP or lumpsum. The company offers various categories of mutual funds that includes the senior citizen pension plan, Retirement plan, tax-saving scheme, vacation planning scheme, equity funds, debt funds, hybrid mutual funds and more.

Features of ICICI Direct Mutual Funds
1. It creates a smart personalized portfolio that has to be optimized for the returns that are based on their risk appetite.
2. It allows you to track their portfolio 24*7 and helps in generating the automated triggers.
3. It has a complete paperless KYC registration in a single click.
4. It provides access to more than 2500 mutual fund schemes.
5. It allows investment in mutual funds through SIP as well as lumpsum.
6. It compares the schemes for you to select the most suitable one for the financial needs.

ICICI Direct Mutual Fund Charges



ICICI Direct Account Opening


ICICI Direct Mutual Fund AMC Fees


ICICI Direct MF Transaction Charges

MF Investment less than ₹8 lakhs, SIP: ₹30 or 1.5% whichever is low.

When MF investment is ₹ 8 lakh or more, No charges.

ICICI Direct MF DP Charges

₹ 700 as AMC

Other Charges

Exit load will be applicable on the redemption of the schemes.


ICICI Direct Mutual Fund SIP
ICICI Direct allows the investments in mutual funds either through the lumpsum or SIP. The SIP is a disciplined way to make investments in mutual funds simply by investing into the small amounts at the regular intervals. The customers can choose a time period in order to invest regularly in a particular scheme. The customer can also increase, decrease or stop the SIPs at any time.

Steps to start a SIP with the ICICI Direct
1. The customer can register with the fund houses for SIP.
2. You can login with the ICICI Direct through the Id and password.
3. Click on the SIP Option and then create a SIP Plan.
4. Select an AMC, fund category and the subcategory as “All”.
5. Select the “Go” button.
6. Choose a scheme in which you wish to make investments by pressing the “SIP” tab.
7. Further, fill in the SIP related information such as investment amount, tenure, investment date, etc.
8. The customer can make investments in mutual funds through SIP.
Note: The customer needs to hold the sufficient investment amount in the linked bank account or the SIP will get rejected.

Advantages of ICICI Direct Mutual Fund
1. It is an independent trading platform that allows to make investments in regular mutual funds.
2. It allows the customers to make investments in direct mutual fund through the ICICI Pru Mutual Fund.
3. It has an integration with more than 36 fund houses.
4. It charges ₹0 as the transaction fee for the mutual fund investment.
5. All the other regular mutual fund schemes except the ICICI Mutual funds scheme charges fees from the customers.

ICICI Direct Mutual Fund has collaborated with more than 36 fund houses to avail its customers to with the regular mutual fund facility. The customers can easily make investments in direct schemes such as ICICI Pru AMC, simply by visiting the official website. In case the customer is willing to make investments in ICICI Mutual fund only then ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is considered to be the right platform for you. When an individual is willing to make investments in mutual funds from the different fund houses than they can choose ICICI Direct.
ICICI Direct is quite expensive as it charges commissions and fees from the investors on mutual funds except the direct schemes of ICICI Pru AMC that is free. 

Comments for Diversify Your Portfolio with ICICI Direct Mutual Funds: Tailored Investments for Financial Success | Garv Thakur


  • jamez cutt

    Hello guys I wan to say this to whom it may concern. Investing in crypto was my husband ideal. I trade with some crypto platform not knowing they where sc!m and this made me lose almost all I had. Am only happy because I found help after reporting to a recovery firm and they helped me recover all I lost to these fake crypto platform. My advice is that everyone need to be careful of the platform you deal with. If you have falling victim of these fake platform do not hesitate to file a complaint to this company helped me and I believe she can help you too. Stay safe guys.

  • Gaurav

    Nice Review

  • bhagwat Jain

    I hold NRI shares on and will demat them with ICICI. Upon selling these shares, will the proceeds be credited to NRE or NRO account? Depending upon the answer, I will map either the NRO or NRE account to my NRI Trading account.

  • bhagwat Jain

    I hold NRI shares on and will demat them with ICICI. Upon selling these shares, will the proceeds be credited to NRE or NRO account? Depending upon the answer, I will map either the NRO or NRE account to my NRI Trading account.

  • Rajack shelon

    This is a WARNING not to do any business with this company.You will be asked to pay for bogus “taxes” in order to withdraw which were not mentioned before. And even if you do pay, You still can’t. If you are in this mess or similar one get help by contacting Marketpeace .n et Their service was so easy to work with and we recouped all my losses till the last penny. You can send a message to WhatsApp +84 94 767 1524.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is good. It is a reputed fund house offering the direct mutual fund services. By investing in direct schemes, you can save on commissions and charges. These commissions and charges add up to a significant amount in the long-term.
With this facility, If an order remains unexecuted on a specific trade but you are not required to log in again and place the same orders again. ICICI direct will keep submitting the remaining order to the exchange everyday morning.
While an IPO is open for bidding, the customer can place the order for IPO share anytime (24*7) simply by visiting the ICICI Direct website.
The brokerage charged by ICICI Direct is very expensive. The brokerage charges will be reduced by subscribing to ICICI Direct prime or prepaid brokerage plans. The brokerage charged is very high for the novice traders.
A Limit Price is an order to buy or sell shares at the specified price or a better price. The better price for a buy order will be the lowest possible whereas, for a sell order it will be the highest possible. You need to specify a maximum price for a buy order and a minimum price for a sell order. The order will be executed at the specified price or a lower price for the buy orders or a higher price for sell orders.
The online account opening with the Aadhar based digital signature is not provided to the NRIs. The US based NRIs can open an account online. The paperless process takes just 2 days to open an account once the application is submitted.
The Post IPO is closed the allotment process gets completed within the next 5th working days and on the 6th working day the shares are listed on the exchange.
The ICICI Direct account gets automatically deactivated if it remains unused for 6 months. The account will continue to attract charges. So, in case you are planning to deactivate your account for few days or couple of months then it does not make much difference whether it is active or deactivated.
ICICI Direct is an integrated account of trading, demat and bank accounts. In such accounts, all the accounts are linked together to facilitate the customers with the smooth and faster trading. All the accounts are opened altogether at once by filling a single application form.
“Convert to Delivery” (CTD) in ICICI Direct is an option where in the customers can convert your intraday positions (margin buy) into cash delivery. The customer can convert the entire order or a part of it. The customers is required to pay the entire trading value (100% margin) while converting the order.
Only one IPO application is allowed per savings bank account with the ICICI Bank.
The ICICI Direct customers can open a demat account for free of cost. The customers planning to open a ICICI trading account along with the demat account will be charged ₹975 for opening the account.
No, ICICI Direct does not provide trading services in the commodity segment.
Yes, you can withdraw an IPO application while the IPO is still open. Simply visit ICICI direct website, visit the IPO order book for placing a withdrawal request.
The ICICI direct bullet brokerage allows the customers to trade in Intraday for free brokerage. They will square off within 5 minutes by the customer. ICICI does not charge any brokerage for the intraday position squared-off in less than 5 minutes. However, the other charges and taxes will be applicable as per their brokerage plan. This plan is offered on the Intraday Margin plus facility.
ICICI Direct Equity ATM (eATM) is the facility where the customers receive money from selling the shares in 30 minutes into their trading account. In a normal settlement cycle, the money is credited to their T+2 working day excluding holidays.
ICICI Direct Cloud Order facility designed for placing the quick orders. Instead of filling the order form while the market is on, you could prepare and save a number of orders well in advance. Such orders remain in the cloud order queue until you delete them. These orders are not sent to the exchange until they place the order.
ICICI Direct offers both the NSDL and CDSL depositories for the demat account. The customers can select any one of them at the time of opening an account. The ICICI Securities is the depository participant with both the NSDL and CDSL.
In order to convert an Intraday position to delivery (Cash Segment), you need to click on the “Convert to Delivery” (CTD) link on the “Margins Positions” page. You can convert a position in full or part. The CTD would require the full payment of the trading value.
IOC order in ICICI Direct is an abbreviation for “Immediate or Cancelled” order. It is a type of order validity that you have to select while placing a buy or sell order. The other options in order validity are ”Day” and “VTC” (Valid Till Cancelled).

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