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GCL Securities Mutual Funds: Your Path to Diversified Wealth Growth


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GCL Securities Mutual Funds Review - Charges and SIP

GCL Securities is a brand and famous name of Indian share market, founded in 2004 by Mr. Tilak Raj Sharma as an entrepreneurial startup but very soon emerged as a full-service broker of the industry. GCL offers to invest in equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund and IPO. It is a SEBI registered broker which facilitate you to invest in BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. As a depository participant of CDSL, GCL charges Rs.0 on opening of demat and trading account on this platform. GCL is one of the best and trustworthy brokers which offers two types of account (Traditional and discount brokerage plans) in which both types of account are classified according to their different brokerage plans. You can open an account with GCL Securities through offline and online method. It provides hassle-free, easy-to-use and ultra-fast trading platform ‘ODIN’ through which you can trade or invest from any place across India. GCL Securities is one of the famous platforms for its low brokerage rates in all the trading segment and also it provides free research and advisory services to all its clients across India. GCL Securities is fully dedicated to erase the misconception about share market and continuously creating awareness about the benefits of investing in share market among different classes of people so that they can increase their income with the help of right investment and trading knowledge.
GCL Securities offers mutual fund investment services through browser-based BSE Star MF Smart Investing platform and acts as the facilitator between the client and BSE. GCL Securities also provides research services to its customers that help them to choose right scheme according to their investments which can fulfil their financial goals. GCL Securities focuses on providing every best service so that you can increase your financial statements. You can access BSE Star MF Investing platform offered by GCL Securities from your mobile and desktop, as it is a very unique, flexible and simple platform to use.

Key Features of GCL Securities Mutual Fund:

Mutual Fund investment platform provided by GCL Securities is 100% safe & secure as transactions get routed through BSE platform. Research and advisory services are also offered by GCL Securities so that you can select right scheme to fulfill your financial goals. Some of the key features are as follows:
• Single window access to any mutual fund scheme or product.
• Analysis of all the AMC.
• Only with one account, you can invest with any available AMC.
• Free online account opening.
• GCL Securities provides mutual fund research 2 times a month.
• Facility of back-office platform so that you can easily manage your investment.
• Rating of all the regular mutual funds.
• Trade by using BSE Star MF Smart Investing platform.
• 100% secure as every transaction get routed through BSE.
• GCL Securities acts as a facilitator.

GCL Securities Mutual Fund Account Opening Process:

To invest in GCL Securities Mutual Fund, you need to sign up as a new client. You need to open a demat and trading account with GCL Securities through official website of the company and then, apply to use the mutual fund transaction facility. As account opening is totally free on GCL Securities with annual maintenance of Rs.300 per year. This is an online procedure to open an account for mutual fund investment.

Steps to open an online account:

• Register online by visiting official website of GCL Securities.
• Now, click on ‘open instant account’.
• Enter your required details in the client registration form.
• Generate OTP.
• Enter OTP and click next.
• Upload all the scanned copies of relevant documents along with your photograph.
• After document’s verification, your account will get activated and you will receive a notification in your mail-id.

GCL Securities Mutual Fund Cut Off Timing:

The mutual fund cut-off timelines determine the Net Asset Value (NAV) at which you can buy or sell a mutual fund. The funds should reach the Asset Management Company (AMC) to ensure you get the mutual funds on the same day NAV. The cut-off time is variable based on the type of mutual fund and value.

Fund Type


Cut-off Timings

Liquid & overnight funds with L0 suffix


12.00 PM

Liquid & overnight funds without L0 suffix


1.00 PM

All other funds for value < 2 lakhs


1.00 PM

All other funds for value >= 2 lakhs


12.30 PM

Liquid & overnight funds without L0 suffix


1.00 PM

All other funds for value < 2 lakhs


1.00 PM


GCL Securities Mutual Fund Customer Care:

GCL Securities offers online customer support, you can contact through email, live chat and call.
• For general queries & requests :
• For grievances & complaints :
• Customer care phone number : +91-141-6625500

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GCL Securities offer customer chat support through which you can chat with customer support executive to resolve your query.
No, GCL Securities does not provide the facility of Algo Trading.
GCL Securities allow BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) facility only in Futures & Options. BTST is not allowed in equity delivery segment in GCL platform. In the case of equity delivery, you need to have the stocks in your account before selling them.
Yes, GCL Securities offers following trading software and mobile application: • GCL On Time (Mobile-application) • GCL Pro Web (Web-based browser) • Trading Terminal (ODIN)
Yes, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are available in GCL Securities platform.
Yes, GCL Securities offer free research and advisory services to their clients. Through this platform, you can enhance your trading experience.
No, GCL Securities does not offer offline trading facility to their clients. You can trade through online method by using mobile application and browser-based website.
No, GCL Securities does not allow Bracket Order (BO) and Cover Order (CO) on their platform.
Currently, GCL Securities does not offer NRI demat and trading services.
No, trading in Forex is not available on GCL Securities platform.
Yes, After Market Order (AMO) facility is available in the GCL Securities platform.
No, GCL Securities only offers 2-in-1 account to resident Indians.
Flex SIP is the facility through which an investor can invest at predetermined intervals in the available eligible schemes of the fund. The formula linked to value of investments is used to determine the higher amount.