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GCL Securities Demat Account: Securely Manage Your Investments


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GCL Securities Demat Account Opening Charges and Details

Incorporated on 2004 by Mr. Tilak Raj Sharma with a strong team of expert advisors and marketing managers. GCL Securities is popular for its world-class services in affordable price as it is well-known for its low brokerage charges as compared to many other full-service brokers. GCL Securities is a SEBI registered broker and provide you the facility to trade/invest in BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. You can invest/trade in equity, derivative, currency, commodity, IPO and mutual fund through this platform. GCL Securities is popular for its two types of brokerage plan; Premium plan & Discount Brokerage Plan, both plans are equipped with modern features with low brokerage in all the segments.
As a depositary participant of CDSL, GCL Securities offers 100% paperless demat and trading account as well as offline facility to open an account through its nation-wide available branches. GCL Securities is fully dedicated to provide you every modern service in a very affordable price so that you can increase your earning drastically. GCL Securities offers many free trading software and tools on its platform such as:
• GCL On Time (Mobile app)
• GCL Pro Web (Browser-based website)
• Trading Terminal (ODIN)
This full-service broker’s motive is to bring unmatched trading services for you. GCL Securities team is continuously researching on to make trading and investment simple and hassle-free.

Demat Account & its types:

Dematerialisation account in short Demat account holds your securities, stocks, government securities, mutual funds, insurance, shares and ETFs in an electronic form by removing the practice of physical handling and maintenance of paper shares. 2-in-1 account is necessary if you want to trade in share market as demat account is necessary to hold your securities and trading account is necessary to place an order. In India, National Securities Depositary Limited (NSDL) and Central Depositary Services Limited (CDSL) are the organisation with whom you open a demat account and broker acts as a mediator between trader and CDSL & NSDL. A full-service broker or discount broker is depositary participant of either NSDL or CDSL or both.
Demat account is just like your bank account, only difference is that demat account holds your shares and bank account hold your cash. Investor can open a demat account with any broker or sub-broker. As per government notification, it is mandatory to have a Demat account along with a trading account i.e. 2-in-1 account to trade in share market .

Generally, there are 3 types of demat account:

• Regular Demat Account – For residing Indian citizens of the country.
• Repatriable Demat Account – For NRIs through which money can be transferred to any country abroad but needs to link with NRE Bank account.
• Non-Repatriable Demat Account – For NRIs but does not allow to transfer money abroad and also needs to link with NRO Bank account.

GCL Securities Demat Account:

As a depositary participant of CDSL, GCL Securities offers 2-in-1 account to all traders/investors across India. GCL Securities acts as a mediator between you and CDSL. Trading account is necessary for buying and selling of shares that’s why demat account is accompanied by trading accounts. With the help of GCL Securities demat account, you can trade/invest in equity, derivative, currency, mutual funds and commodity.
GCL Securities Demat account number is consist of 16-digit-number which is the combination of CDSL DP ID of 8-digit-number and your client ID of 8-digit-number. CDSL DP ID of GCL Securities is 12082400 and client ID is available in the Client Master Report (CMR). For example, if your client id is 98765432 then your account number will be 1208240098765432.

Features of GCL SECURITIES Demat Account

• GCL Securities offers free account opening service.
• Both online and offline account opening service.
• GCL SECURITIES is a Depository Participant (DP) of CDSL with CDSL DP ID is 12082400.
• Clients can manage their demat account online via mobile application or browser-based website.
• One can apply for an IPO via GCL SECURITIES demat account.
• 24/7 online customer support via phone, email and live chat.
• Customers can trade in BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.
• Offers you to trade in almost all segments such as equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual funds and IPO.
• Zero hidden charges.
• Fully secure platform.

GCL Securities Demat Account Opening Charge:

GCL Securities aims to provide you every modern service in a very affordable and genuine price, you don’t need to pay single penny on opening of demat account.



Demat Account Opening Charges


Demat AMC

Rs.300 per year or Lifetime free AMC for Rs.1250


GCL Securities Demat Account Charges:

Various other demat account transaction charges are as follows.



Account Opening Charges (Demat)


Account Maintenance Charges

₹300 per annum

Demat Conversion

₹10 per certificate/unit + ₹30 courier charges

Remat Charges

Actual CDSL charges + ₹30 courier charges

Transaction Charges (Buy)


Transaction Charges (Sell/Debit) (Stocks)

₹11 per transaction (within GCL), ₹21 per transaction (outside GCL)

Pledge Creation


Pledge Creation Confirmation


Pledge Closure


Pledge Closure Confirmation


Pledge Invocation


Failed Instruction Charges


Margin Pledge / Un-pledge

₹11 per ISIN

Margin Re-Pledge / Un-pledge

₹5 per ISIN

Failed Instruction




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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GCL Securities offer customer chat support through which you can chat with customer support executive to resolve your query.
No, GCL Securities does not provide the facility of Algo Trading.
GCL Securities allow BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) facility only in Futures & Options. BTST is not allowed in equity delivery segment in GCL platform. In the case of equity delivery, you need to have the stocks in your account before selling them.
Yes, GCL Securities offers following trading software and mobile application: • GCL On Time (Mobile-application) • GCL Pro Web (Web-based browser) • Trading Terminal (ODIN)
Yes, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are available in GCL Securities platform.
Yes, GCL Securities offer free research and advisory services to their clients. Through this platform, you can enhance your trading experience.
No, GCL Securities does not offer offline trading facility to their clients. You can trade through online method by using mobile application and browser-based website.
No, GCL Securities does not allow Bracket Order (BO) and Cover Order (CO) on their platform.
Currently, GCL Securities does not offer NRI demat and trading services.
No, trading in Forex is not available on GCL Securities platform.
Yes, After Market Order (AMO) facility is available in the GCL Securities platform.
No, GCL Securities only offers 2-in-1 account to resident Indians.
Flex SIP is the facility through which an investor can invest at predetermined intervals in the available eligible schemes of the fund. The formula linked to value of investments is used to determine the higher amount.