Arihant Capital Trading Software Review - Features and Demo


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Arihant Capital Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Arihant Capital is one of the best discount brokers of India, operational since 1992. This Indore-based old broker is a famous brand of stock broking industry with 200000+ active clients and presence in 200+ cities with 900+ branches and outlets. Arihant Capital provide the facility to invest in national exchanges such as BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX and in multiple segments such as equity, derivative, currency, commodity and mutual funds. As a depositary member of CDSL and NSDL, Arihant Capital offers demat and trading account services on its platform through which you can trade or invest in the share market. One can open an account in 10 minutes on Arihant Capital or you can call on toll free number so that company’s representative can help you on opening an account. Arihant Capital believes in providing every modern and world-class service at your doorstep.
Arihant Capital offers very high leverage up to 10x leverage for trading in intraday segment in more than 200 stocks. Any NRI across the globe can trade in Indian share market via this platform, NRI needs to open a NRI demat & trading account with Arihant Capital. Arihant Capital provides many free software and technical tools so that you can invest, analyse, enhance your trading skills easily.

Arihant Capital Trading Software:

Arihant Capital offers ultra-fast and modern trading software to their clients. .
1. Aero (Browser-based Trading Platform)
2. Arihant Mobile (Mobile-based Trading App).
3. ODIN Diet (Desktop-based Trading Terminal).

1. Aero (Browser-based Trading Platform):

Arihant Capital offers ‘Aero’ which is a browser-based trading website, accessible from any desktop or laptop. Any user can use this website by using any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firebox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. This trading website is equipped with modern & digital technology so that you can easily analyse the market. Aero has inbuilt technical analysis tools, live intraday charts, live streaming quotes, alert features and customized watchlist. Key features of Aero are as follows:
• Access real-time stocks.
• Allow you to create multiple watchlist.
• Allow you to trade in BSE, NSE and MCX.
• Trending charts & technical indicators.
• Real-time market quotes.
• Facilitate you to trade in multiple segment such as equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund, futures and options.
• No need of installation.
• Seamless personalization.
• Powerful and unique trading features such as open interest, option chains, put-call ratio, pivot watch, a heat map and advanced charting.
• Screeners are available to access potential stocks
• Access to historical data.

2. Arihant Mobile (Mobile-based Trading App):

Arihant Capital offers ‘Arihant Mobile’ which is a smartphone-based application through which you can trade from any place and access the charts, technical indicators, technical analysis tools, create your own watchlist and much more. Arihant mobile app is available for android and IOS users respectively on Google play store and App store. Key Features of Arihant Mobile application are as follows:
• Real-time market data
• Allows you to invest/trade in equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund and F&O.
• Instant fund transfer.
• Facilitate you to buy and sell during high volatility.
• One-click trade
• Alert facility.
• Precise charting tools, spot market trends and 100+ market indicators.
• Ultra-fast application.
• Hassle-free and user-friendly mobile application.
• Trade from any place by using internet.
• This app allows you to track the portfolio and holdings with ease.
• You can easily download Arihant Mobile app from Google play store and App store available respectively for Android and iPad users.

3. ODIN Diet (Desktop-based Trading Terminal):

ODIN Diet is desktop-based trading platform designed for the advanced trading needs of the active traders. This ultra-fast trading platform has inbuilt customizable market watchlist, real-time charts, technical analysis tools and much more.
• Real-time charts and quotes.
• Alerts and notification facility.
• Customizable multiple watchlist.
• Accessible in slow internet speed.
• Enables you to trade in almost all national exchanges such as NSE, BSE and MCX.
• User-friendly and clean user interface.
• Technical indicators.
• Easily downloadable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are available in Arihant Capital platform.
On Market Transaction is the type of transaction for sale and purchase of securities through a broker on the stock exchange to be settled through clearing house. Off Market Transaction is the type of transaction which is settled directly between two Bos with or without the broker and no clearing house is involved.
The mutual funds used to pay a sum based on prevailing NAV after adjustment of expenses in the case of winding up of mutual fund scheme. Unitholders are used to receive a report on winding up from the mutual funds which provides all the necessary details.
Yes, Arihant Capital offer free advisory services to resident and Non-Resident Indians on investing in mutual fund.
FPI registration charges are as follows: • Category 1 FPIs are exempt from payment of registration fees. • Category 2 FPIs need to pay registration fees of USD 3000 for a block of 3 years. • Category 3 FPIs need to pay registration fees of USD 300 for a block of 3 years.
Yes, Arihant Capital provides the facility of Algo Trading on its platform.
Arihant Capital offers a range of investment options including government bonds (NHAI, REC, NABARD), NCDs, debt funds and corporate fixed deposits.
Yes, Arihant Capital offers mobile-based trading platform so that you can invest, analyse and trade in share market at any place around the world and also Arihant Capital offers browser-based website so that you can invest by using any browser from your mobile, laptop or desktop. Mobile application of Arihant Capital are as below: • Arihant Mobile • Wealth4me
Yes, Arihant Capital has a dedicated team of experts for commodity research that provide technical and fundament research on various agro and non-agro commodities.
No, if you’re an existing customer of Arihant Capital then you don’t need to open a new trading account, you just need to check whether your currency derivative trading option is activated or not, in case you can contact at
Yes, Arihant Capital offers call and trade services for buying and selling of shares pn BSE and NSE.
No, Arihant Capital only offers 2-in-1 account to resident Indians and NRIs.
Yes, Arihant Capital has a team of dedicated investors that deals with investors under the FPI categories.
Yes, Arihant Capital Markets Limited allows to open more than one account with the same Depositary Participant (DP).

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