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Arihant Capital Mutual Fund Review

Once Benjamin Graham said that the intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists. Stock market is full of opportunities and possibilities through which any person around the world can enhance their assets by investing in the listed companies of the stock exchanges. When we think about a platform through which we can analyse the market trend and execute our trade easily then Arihant Capital is one of the first priorities of the traders and investors, established in 1992 and become one of the largest discount brokers and financial service firm in a very short period of time. The main objective of the Arihant Capital is to maximize the client’s profit and to become one of the most trusted and globally reputed platforms. Arihant Capital has their branches in 200 cities of India with 900 outlets with a client base of 200000+ clients across India.
Customers can trade and invest in NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX via Arihant Capital. It is a Depository participant of (DP) of both CDSL and NSDL. It provides services in Equity Broking, Portfolio Management Services, Mutual Funds, IPO, Fixed deposits, Bonds etc. Arihant Capital charges brokerages of 0.03% of turnover in intraday segment which is quite low as compared to other discount brokers.

Arihant Capital Mutual Fund:

Arihant Capital offers 100% paperless process to invest in mutual fund which is quite easy. Arihant Capital has 5000+ mutual fund schemes from 30+ fund houses to choose from both regular and direct mutual funds as offered by them. Arihant Capital makes investment easy and hassle-free. It has a team of experts to guide you and tools to research, compare and invest in mutual fund.

Why to Choose Arihant Capital Mutual Fund?

• Serving since 1992.
• Both direct and regular mutual fund is provided by them.
• 5000+ mutual fund schemes from 30+ fund houses to choose from.
• No transaction charges.
• Professional team to guide you regarding investment.
• 100% paperless facility to invest in mutual fund.
• Allows you to invest all at once or start a monthly SIP with ease
• High liquidity in Mutual funds.
• Personalized mutual funds reports are provided.

Arihant Capital Mutual Fund Charges

Mutual fund account opening charges

Rs 0

Mutual Fund AMC

Rs 0

Mutual Fund Brokerage Charges

Rs 0

Note- There is no commission charges by Arihant Capital while investing in direct mutual fund. But you need to pay commission to distributer indirectly while investing in regular mutual fund schemes.

Arihant Capital Mutual Fund Account Opening

You can invest in mutual fund with Arihant Capital by using demat and trading account or without having a trading account through the conventional application mode wherein you have to fill in application form and provide a cheque. By opening an account with Arihant Capital, you can invest seamlessly using the same funds and platforms.

Arihant Capital Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Arihant Capital has 2 kind of mutual fund investments platforms. Which includes:
• Aero (Browser-based platform).
• Arihant Mobile (Mobile application)
• Wealth4Me

1. Aero (Browser-based platform)
It is a browser-based website which allow customers to invest in mutual fund online. You can login into this portal with your Arihant Capital account’s login credentials. Some features of Arihant Capital Web based platform are written below:
• Track your mutual funds online.
• Access it on any browser on your mobile, tablets and laptops etc.
• Invest across various schemes with it.

2. Arihant Mobile (Smartphone-based platform)
Arihant mobile is a mobile-based application. Customers can easily invest in mutual funds via it. You can download ‘Arihant Mobile’ app from Google play store and App Store. You need to enter your Arihant Capital account’s login credentials to access this app.
• Invest across various schemes.
• Track your mutual fund portfolio.
• Latest market news.
• Instant price alerts.
• Get notified about any update or information.

3. Wealth4me (Mobile-based application)
Wealth4me is a smartphone-based mutual fund investment platform that can help you to meet your financial goals. Wealth4me is available for download in Google play store and App store respectively for android and IOS device.
• 100% paperless process to invest in mutual fund
• Allows you to choose best mutual funds that suit your risk profile.
• Allows you to invest in SIP with ease.

Arihant Capital Mutual Fund SIP

Follow the below steps to invest in Arihant Capital Mutual Fund SIP online:
1. Login to ‘Wealth4me or Arihant Mobile’.
2. Click on ‘Investment offerings.
3. Select ‘Mutual fund’.
4. Click on ‘Register SIP’.
5. Choose scheme and confirm.

Arihant Capital Mutual Fund Customer Care:

For any queries and issues, you can call on +91-022-68836660 or you can also write an email to Visit the nearest branch office for any offline support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are available in Arihant Capital platform.
On Market Transaction is the type of transaction for sale and purchase of securities through a broker on the stock exchange to be settled through clearing house. Off Market Transaction is the type of transaction which is settled directly between two Bos with or without the broker and no clearing house is involved.
The mutual funds used to pay a sum based on prevailing NAV after adjustment of expenses in the case of winding up of mutual fund scheme. Unitholders are used to receive a report on winding up from the mutual funds which provides all the necessary details.
Yes, Arihant Capital offer free advisory services to resident and Non-Resident Indians on investing in mutual fund.
FPI registration charges are as follows: • Category 1 FPIs are exempt from payment of registration fees. • Category 2 FPIs need to pay registration fees of USD 3000 for a block of 3 years. • Category 3 FPIs need to pay registration fees of USD 300 for a block of 3 years.
Yes, Arihant Capital provides the facility of Algo Trading on its platform.
Arihant Capital offers a range of investment options including government bonds (NHAI, REC, NABARD), NCDs, debt funds and corporate fixed deposits.
Yes, Arihant Capital offers mobile-based trading platform so that you can invest, analyse and trade in share market at any place around the world and also Arihant Capital offers browser-based website so that you can invest by using any browser from your mobile, laptop or desktop. Mobile application of Arihant Capital are as below: • Arihant Mobile • Wealth4me
Yes, Arihant Capital has a dedicated team of experts for commodity research that provide technical and fundament research on various agro and non-agro commodities.
No, if you’re an existing customer of Arihant Capital then you don’t need to open a new trading account, you just need to check whether your currency derivative trading option is activated or not, in case you can contact at
Yes, Arihant Capital offers call and trade services for buying and selling of shares pn BSE and NSE.
No, Arihant Capital only offers 2-in-1 account to resident Indians and NRIs.
Yes, Arihant Capital has a team of dedicated investors that deals with investors under the FPI categories.
Yes, Arihant Capital Markets Limited allows to open more than one account with the same Depositary Participant (DP).

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