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Arihant Capital Exposure|Margin, Features, Intraday and Futures


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Arihant Capital Margin/Exposure Limit for Intraday and Futures

Successful investing is to managing risk in place of avoiding it. Arihant capital market limited is one of the best stockbrokers of India which follows its own tagline ‘Generating Wealth’ that means the company is very much dedicated to empower you so that you can generate wealth by investing through this platform. Incorporated in 1992 by Arihant capital owner named Ashok Kumar Jain, as a financial service provider and very soon converted as a discount broker of Indian brokerage industry. Leverage capital partners provides the facility to trade or invest in BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX from a single trading account. Check Arihant capital markets ltd LinkedIn and it also has its presence in more than 200 Indian cities through 900+ Arihant investment centers. Currently, Arihant Capital has a client base of 2 lakh+ customers along with Arihant capital sub broker and it is increasing you can also check on Arihant capital LinkedIn.

As a depositary participant of CDSL and NSDL, Arihant Capital offers free demat and trading account opening on its platform. Arihant capital exposure trading provides leverage facility of up to 10x for equity intraday trading. Arihant capital margin trading offers a wide range of software and tools such ODIN Diet, Aero, Arihant, margin calculator etc. With the help of Arihant capital exposure facility and tools and software, one can analyses the market trend and book profit. Arihant capital markets ltd IPO offers IPO facility to its users.

Arihant Capital Margin

Trading Margin

1x (100% of trade value)

Equity Delivery

1x (100% of trade value)

Equity Intraday

5x (Up to 20% of trade value)

Equity F&O

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))

Currency F&O

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))

Commodity F&O

1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))

Arihant capital exposure review

Arihant Capital is known as one of the highest leverage providers in the stockbroking industry. leveraging capital allows you to trade more over the funds available in your demat account as it aims to increase your financial earning through Arihant capital stock recommendations. Customer-centric approach of the company makes it unique as compared to many other stockbrokers. With the help of Arihant Capital’s leverage facility, ant trader can buy unaffordable shares and, in this way, by trading more in the share market, one can enhance their assets in a very less time.

Arihant market capital Margin and leverage are interconnected but margin refers to debt or loan required to open a position in which assets owned by an individual is considered as collateral for soliciting a loan from a broker whereas multiple of exposure to account equity is known as leverage. For Arihant capital margin calculator and Arihant margin calculator helps you to calculate margin trading.

Arihant Capital Margin Policy

• It is necessary for traders to square off all MIS positions before 15 minutes to market closing time otherwise you need to pay auto square off charges to the broker.
• If you want to convert your margin positions into delivery then you should have sufficient funds in your demat account.

Arihant Capital Margin Calculator

Arihant Capital margin calculator or NSE F&O margin calculator is an online margin calculator through which you can calculate SPAN margin, exposure margin, comprehensive VAR margin and premium margin required for trading in equity cash, futures and options. Margin calculator is available in the official website of Arihant Capital as well as inbuilt in the mobile application. It is very easy to use.
• Login into your account via official website or mobile application of Arihant Capital by using your mobile / desktop / laptop / tablet.
• Open margin calculator available in the footer of the website.
• Select your desired exchange where you want to trade in.
• Select the product type – Futures or options.
• Select the expiry date and quantity of your trade.
• Fill the strike price in case of options.
• Choose – put or call.
• In the last, click on add to calculate your Arihant capital leverage.

Arihant capital markets ltd branches

Arihant capital Indore owner has started its operation as Arihant capital markets ltd IPO or Arihant capital market Indore office address is mention below:
1. Arihant capital markets ltd Indore: Address: 6, Laad Colony Rd,
Nehru Park 2, Vallabh Nagar,
Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001.

2. Arihant capital Mumbai: 1011, Solitaire Corporate Park Building No.10,
1st Floor, New Chakala Link Rd,
Tarun Bharat, Andheri East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093.

3. Arihant capital markets ltd Ahmedabad: 245, 2 Floor,
Bgc Market Near Bach Kuva Gate,
Revdi Bazar, Revdi Bazar,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are available in Arihant Capital platform.
On Market Transaction is the type of transaction for sale and purchase of securities through a broker on the stock exchange to be settled through clearing house. Off Market Transaction is the type of transaction which is settled directly between two Bos with or without the broker and no clearing house is involved.
The mutual funds used to pay a sum based on prevailing NAV after adjustment of expenses in the case of winding up of mutual fund scheme. Unitholders are used to receive a report on winding up from the mutual funds which provides all the necessary details.
Yes, Arihant Capital offer free advisory services to resident and Non-Resident Indians on investing in mutual fund.
FPI registration charges are as follows: • Category 1 FPIs are exempt from payment of registration fees. • Category 2 FPIs need to pay registration fees of USD 3000 for a block of 3 years. • Category 3 FPIs need to pay registration fees of USD 300 for a block of 3 years.
Yes, Arihant Capital provides the facility of Algo Trading on its platform.
Arihant Capital offers a range of investment options including government bonds (NHAI, REC, NABARD), NCDs, debt funds and corporate fixed deposits.
Yes, Arihant Capital offers mobile-based trading platform so that you can invest, analyse and trade in share market at any place around the world and also Arihant Capital offers browser-based website so that you can invest by using any browser from your mobile, laptop or desktop. Mobile application of Arihant Capital are as below: • Arihant Mobile • Wealth4me
Yes, Arihant Capital has a dedicated team of experts for commodity research that provide technical and fundament research on various agro and non-agro commodities.
No, if you’re an existing customer of Arihant Capital then you don’t need to open a new trading account, you just need to check whether your currency derivative trading option is activated or not, in case you can contact at
Yes, Arihant Capital offers call and trade services for buying and selling of shares pn BSE and NSE.
No, Arihant Capital only offers 2-in-1 account to resident Indians and NRIs.
Yes, Arihant Capital has a team of dedicated investors that deals with investors under the FPI categories.
Yes, Arihant Capital Markets Limited allows to open more than one account with the same Depositary Participant (DP).