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ProStocks Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

ProStocks is a discounted stock broker of India and it is registered by SEBI (Stock exchange board of India). Prostocks has no. of services and products to choose. Prostocks charges zero brokerage on equity delivery trades and flat 15 per trade for Intraday and F&O trades. Through computer programs for stock trading, it provides powerful trading software including its Mobile Trading App and options trading software free.

Trading software review facilitates its customers by providing various advanced trading software. One of the unique selling features of ProStocks is that it sells its trading software for free. The stock broker offers trading terminals, options trading mobile app and various trading websites for free to all of its customers. Prostocks trading software are easy to use and are filled with the more advanced features that include real-time live streaming quotes, charts, multiple market watches and much more.

ProStocks Trading Software

Trading software review provides best professional stock trading software to its customers for free. The advanced trading software by ProStocks are listed below:
1. ProStocks Desktop (Installable Trading Platform).
2. ProStocks Web (Web-based Platform).
3. ProStocks Mobile (Mobile Trading App).

All the ProStocks trading software provides good features to invest in equity, currency and derivatives at NSE and BSE. The traders have introduced best software to buy stocks by keeping in mind the needs of both the experienced and new traders.

1. ProStocks desktop trading terminal (Installable Trading Platform)

The stock broker provides the fully functional trading mode which allows users to place orders in a better and faster way. This desktop stock trading software provides a dealer terminal-like experience to the traders. Users can download desktop trading computer software on their desktop computer and use it for trading via internet.

Features of stock trading software for pc are listed below:
1) Stock trading desktop offers trading across NSE and BSE.
2) The User can create his own stock programs trading market watch on multiple indices as per his needs.
3) Desktop trading platforms provide an advanced real-time charting feature with good analysis tool.
4) The user can place buy/sell orders quickly directly from Charts on desktop for trading stocks.
5) Trading desktop computer software avails the users with an In-built Index Options strategies and Options calculator.
6) The user can monitor multiple scrips for new high/ low, new 52 weeks high/ low etc.
7) Trading desktop pc software allows users to place orders in bulk form across exchanges.
8) Best stock trading software for pc supports After Market Orders (AMO).
9) Best desktop stock trading software allows to Set notifications and price alerts.
10)Desktop trading software helps in viewing and monitoring the positions and holdings.
11) It secures the transaction details.

ProStocks desktop trading application download Process
This platform offers a range of features to analyse and trade in stocks, derivatives etc. Following are the few steps to download the app.

Steps to Download ProStocks Desktop App are:
1) Go to the ProStocks official website.
2) Select the 'Support' tab on the top right-side menu and then click on 'Downloads'.
3) Now, click on the 'Trading Platforms - Download' present on the left side menu.
4) Select the 'ProStocks Desktop Trading Application' to download the application.

2. ProStocks Web (Web-based Platform)

This ProStocks web trading software is built by using the most advanced technologies. It allows the customers to make easy, fast and secure trading facility. It contains all the features and programs for trading stocks on desktop application on a web-based interface which makes is prostocks good for trading.

Features of ProStocks Web are:
1) ProStocks web trading allows trading across the equity, derivatives and currency at NSE and BSE by using a single platform.
2) The users receive live quotes and reports.
3) The users can create multiple market watch based on segments, industry and much more.
4) ProStocks web trading allows the users to set email and SMS price alerts.
5) It provides secure fund transfer facility with linked bank account.

3. Mobile trading platform (Mobile Trading App)

ProStocks Mobile application is best trading software for stocks with fully functional and allows secure trading across various segments. ProStocks mobile trading software is easy to use and compatible with major mobile operating systems like android, iPhone, etc.

Features of ProStocks Mobile Trading App
1. Phone trading apps allow the placing orders on stocks, derivative contracts etc. across the NSE and BSE. 
2. The customers receive live market updates with lightspeed trading mobile app.
3. Stocks mobile app provides various charting features with analysis tools to analyze the trades.
4. Mobile trading setup provides secured and reliable trading.
5. Best mobile stock trading platform for beginners.

ProStocks Stocks Mobile App Download
This trading technologies mobile app is available for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and iTunes App store.

ProStocks Forex Trading Platform

ProStocks offers trading facilities in currency derivatives. The users can use any of the available trading software online to trade in currency F&O. You can set up your own 3-monitor trading setup for trading.

Features of desktop forex trading platform are listed below:
1) The stockbroker offers both in-house built online trading software to its customers.
2) The trading platforms are available in desktop, web and mobile versions.
3) Desktop trading computer platforms are available free of cost to its customers.
4) It offers multiple choices in trading software; it focuses on providing the best trading experience to its customers.

ProStocks trading platform demo

You can contact at +91 2262434343 or write at to request for a demo of ProStocks trading software and back office. For trading technologies desktop download visit the ProStocks official website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1) The KYC team sends an email about the receipt of the documents once all the account opening documents are received. 2) The team will verify the documents and request the customer for IPV, if required. 3) After completing the IPV, customer will receive a welcome call and will validate the details. 4) As soon as the verification is completed, a welcome mail will be sent to the customer with all the account related information.
You will receive a transaction statement every month if you have done any transaction or once in a quarter if there is no transaction during the period.
ProStocks offer Zero AMC Demat Account. Unlike other brokers, customers is not required to pay any annual fees. The ProStocks demat account without AMC is for all its customers including Individual, Corporate and NRI.
Prostocks do not charge any AMC for trading or demat account. ProStocks safeguards your account with zero maintenance charge.
ProStocks depository allows you to change the name of the corporate demat account and the existing account can be continued.
Yes, a depository account can be opened in ProStocks with the names of four holders but the account can only be used for dematerialization of shares that are held in the same combination. No shares can be credited by purchase or transferred from any other account. Hence the standing instruction for credits will be “N” for such accounts.
ProStocks will open your account on the same day after duly completing the account opening documents that are given in the office, in case you are already KRA compliant and In person Verification(IPV) is not required. If the IPV is required , then the ProStocks will open the account within four working hours post IPV. You will be able to trade from the next day subject to transfer funds for margin in the trading account with ProStocks.
Yes, NRIs can invest in stocks on delivery basis.
Yes, the customers can link with more than one bank account to your Prostocks trading account. There are no restrictions on the number of bank account you can link. It is advised to link all the bank account so that the customer can transfer the funds from any bank account they hold.
Nomination can be done either at the time of account opening or later. The Nominee name and address is to be provided by the account holder. The account holder is required to sign before the two witnesses.
Yes, demat account has several charges associated with them.
All the funds transfer request is received up to 5 PM on working days are credited to the client account electronically on the next working day.
No, all the trading applications that are provided by ProStocks are free. They do not charge for BSE BEST trading application even when you trade for NSE exchange in BSE BEST.
The customers are advised to contact customer care in case of any discrepancies.
Yes, Prostocks provide mobile application for android and iOS. The app is available on both the Android and iOS. The application is named as ProStocks KeyStone back office.
ProStocks has multiple pricing plans available to suit the trading needs of the customer. The customers can change the pricing plans anytime by contacting the customer support desk.
ProStocks margin in F&O segment is 1 times of the trade value.
Each NRI can purchase the maximum of 5% equity shares of listed company subject to overall limit for the listed equity shares of each company on repatriation benefit basis. NRI investment in equity shares of listed company without repatriation benefit is treated at par with Indian resident and there is no upper limit.
ProStocks margin in Options is 1 times of the trade value.
An intraday position trades are resulting from order types MIS and CO will be squared off at the pre specified time.
If an investor is willing to avail the services offered by Prostocks, then the investor has to open an account with Prostocks.
ProStocks provides Zero annual maintenance charges account. There are no account opening charges, no inactivity charges. It collects ₹1000 refundable deposit.
To open a demat account in CDSL, register yourself with a stock broker which is a depository participant of CDSL.
Being a new entry in the financial industry but it is a legitimate safe and reliable stock broker. The firm has received a good market share in a short time period owing to its low-cost pricing, advanced trading platform and faster customer service.
You can download KRA modification form available at the download section of ProStocks website or take the first page from KYC which is a KRA form. Fill in the information that you wish to change besides the name and PAN number in the KRA form, sign it and attach the self-certified PAN Card Copy.
Client can pick and choose one or more segments from the list below: 1) NSE- Equity Cash Segment. 2) NSE- Equity Future and Options Segment. 3) NSE- Currency Futures and Options Segment. 4) BSE- Equity Cash Segment. 5) BSE- Equity Futures and Options Segment. 6) BSE- Currency Futures and Options Segment. Note: The customer is required to select atleast 1 trading segment at the time of account opening.
ProStocks DP ID is 12083200.
Margin limit in ProStocks is up to 5 Times in Equity intraday segment.
Prostocks provide SMS alert facility for demat account holders where by the investors can receive alerts for debits (transfers) to their demat accounts, credits for IPO and offer for sale allotment, sub-division and bonus.

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