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FYERS Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

FYERS Securities is a Bangalore based discount stock - broker that offers trade in Equity cash, F&O and Currency Derivatives segments at NSE. Being incorporated in 2015, the firm focuses on providing services at low brokerage rates. In fact, FYERS is an acronym of “Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self” that reflects the values of the company. This organization is built by young entrepreneurs with a belief of providing the best trading platform with lowest possible cost of trading in India.

The simple pricing model by FYERS offers trade among different segments for a standard brokerage fee of maximum ₹20 per executed order, irrespective of the size of order. There are no brokerage fees charged by FYERS in the Equity Delivery segment. Moreover, a variety of FYERS trading software to use like in-house build web trading platform, installable desktop trading terminal and mobile trading app are provided free to the customers. FYERS Algo trading review is also good and algo trading works well with FYERS API bridge. FYERS trading software with TradingView can also work using FYERS API bridge. This broker moved to a free investment zone in 2018, by offering Free Equity Delivery trade.

FYERS Trading Platform Reviews in Detail

FYERS provides its in-house built trading platforms to the customers. FYERS trading software in India offers a range of essential and advanced trading features FYERS trading software charts and FYERS trading software tools etc. that are available in desktop, web and on mobile platforms. Fyers trading software charges are zero for all Fyers account holders.

List of FYERS Trading platforms is given below:
1. FYERS One (Installable Trading terminal)
2. FYERS App (Mobile Trading application)
3. FYERS Web Trader (Web-based platform)

FYERS Trading Software Details

1. FYERS One - It is a desktop trading terminal. This FYERS trading software for PC is built specially for professional traders. This FYERS desktop trading platform download can be done form FYERS website, and FYERS trading software cost is zero. It provides a fast terminal like experience to the traders. This desktop-based trading application consists of many trading features that includes advanced charting, F&O analysis tool, portfolio tracker, stock screeners and EOD reporting.

Key features of Fyers One are:
• Get access to multiple segments and exchanges.
• Create watchlists set by sectors, derivatives and indices.
• Inbuilt technical stock screener to monitor intraday movements, circuit breakers, support and resistance levels and much more.
• It has heat maps and an Index meter that helps in reading the pulse of the market.
• It provides data on the latest and historic market turnover.
• Get access to real-time information and announcements on the key events of companies.
• Fyers One has advanced charting facilities with the historical EOD data.

2. FYERS App- It is an advanced mobile trading application that has essential features designed for traders for trade on the go using their smartphones. Users can easily download Fyers Mobile app from Google play store or apple app store.

Features of Fyers Mobile App:
• Trade seamlessly in stocks, derivatives across NSE and BSE.
• It facilitates the users by providing multiple watchlists that they can create too.
• 100+ technical indicators and other tools.
• Users can place basket orders.
• Fyers app has historical EOD data of 25+ years.
• In-built data analytics tools for critical market insights.
• Get live updates from the exchanges and the markets.
• Fast and secure trading facility.
• Various option strategies to learn, simulate and execute.
• Fyers app has stock screeners to screen stocks from various sectors and indices.