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FYERS Mobile App Review - Features, Demo, Download

FYERS Securities Pvt Limited is a discount broking firm based in Bangalore, Karnataka which offers discount broking plans to the clients with flat brokerage schemes. FYERS Review is satisfactory among customers. Their keen focus is to provide their users latest technology in order to make the stock trading experience fluent and convenient. FYERS Mobile App works well and helps the users to trade in various segments. FYERS mobile app guide is explained well below.

FYERS App Review (FYERS Mobile Trading App)

FYERS app is the FYERS Mobile App New available for mobile trading. FYERS Market app is a modern trading application to provide best mobile trading experience to the customers. FYERS mobile app pricing is zero for all Fyers account holders. FYERS app is specially designed for the active traders who enter and exit positions quickly. FYERS mobile app mutual fund investing helps to make your mutual fund investment easier. services are also available for the users. Fyers API review is also satisfactory. This application is loaded with a number of unique features which are explained in detail below.

Features of Fyers Mobile App

Some of the many Fyers Mobile app features is given below:
1. Advanced Charts: This application has advanced charting features with 100+ technical indicators and historical data support of 25+ years.
2. Complete Synchronization: Integration of watchlists, chart settings, and all other trading related functions of FYERS web with the application has made the trading even easier. Both web and app can be accessed simultaneously without disruption.
3. Seamless User Experience: The optimized user-interface enables the traders to multitask and manage trading easily. It is specially designed to increase speed which is a big value for seasoned and active users.
4. Trade Directly: Users can place, modify and monitor order directly the charts.
5. Highly Secure: FYERS Markets has passed all the regulatory requirements tests and has a very high level of security protocol. Moreover, it has been tested by one of the top application testing companies in India.
6. Multiple Watchlists: Various watchlists can be created and tracked separately according to customers requirement.
7. Quick Updates: All the latest updates from regulators, stock exchange and market information are provided by this application in the form of notices.
8. Back Office Support: Back office can be directly accessed for any historical trade related information, costs and holdings. In case of any queries, the support portal can be accessed by traders for quick answers.

FYERS Mobile App Download

FYERS Mobile app installation facility is available for both FYERS Mobile app for iPhone and FYERS Mobile app for android mobiles. Visit Fyers mobile app Google play store or Apple app store to get Fyers mobile app link and to download Fyers mobile app by searching. FYERS mobile app android reviews are good among users.

After downloading, Fyers mobile app login can be done using Fyers account’s login credentials.

Benefits of FYERS Mobile Application

• Data Analytics Tool: Clients can get critical market insights with this data analytics tools. This provides the analysis of various charts which has to be studied by the clients, manually in the absence of this feature.
• Stock Screener: Fyers mobile app platform has stock screener feature helps the clients screen stocks across different markets and sectors. It assists in finding new trade opportunities that could be profitable for their portfolio.
• Stimulate Option Strategies: It offers various options strategies for new stock traders which can be applied while trading. This helps the user decide the best strategy for the situation.

FYERS Mobile App Demo

FYERS Mobile App Customer Service Number - 080-60001111