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FYERS Thematic Investing | Features, Investment, and Platform


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FYERS Thematic Investing Review

FYERS introduced Thematic investment platform for its clients which provides pre-designed investment plans to the investors based on certain market themes. Themes like Pharmacy, Banking and etc. contain a variety of diversified stocks in their sector. This is what makes it stand out from other themes as it provides diversified stocks. The themes provided by FYERS Fyers thematic investing basics reflect the latest trend in the market. Moreover, the stocks in the themes are selected and managed by professionals through thematic investing research to make sure that the clients generate most thematic investing funds out of each theme.

In this article we will provide you a quick look on Fyers thematic investing summary and Fyers thematic investing guide with proper Fyers thematic investing explained and proper Fyers thematic investing review and analysis.

Fyers thematic investing definition

Theme investing is an investment approach which focuses on broader macro-economic themes. Fyers thematic investing best for long-term investment horizon, serving as a forward-looking approach to capitalize on anticipated changes in our world. Fyers thematic investing hub provides certain themes like social, economic or corporate themes that are popular in society.

The Fyers thematic investing in stock market arises when a large number of people believe in the same theme and capital is shifted in the direction of these companies, driving superior performance. You can start Fyers thematic investing by Fyers thematic investment advisors private limited and Fyers thematic investing goals provide a constant diversify portfolio management.

Thematic investing trends aims to help investors benefit from long-term structural, transformative trends. Currently, equity markets have high exposure to technology and lifestyle-oriented themes for Fyers thematic investing 2023. Fyers thematic investing time interval can be differed since each rebalancing interval can be different.

Fyers review offers different kinds of thematic investing themes:
• Chemical Experts
• Market Leaders
• Hamara Bajaj
• Banking Magnates

Features of FYERS Thematic Investment

Thematic Investment is a service that is provided by only a few brokers in India.

Fyers thematic investing list of features is mentioned below:
1. Customize Portfolio: It offers the customers a pre-made portfolio based on the theme selected by the clients. In other words, FYERS thematic investment gives its customer an option for customizing their automatically generated portfolio to suit their preferences.
2. Zero charges: The FYERS thematic investment platform is completely out of cost i.e., no hidden management charges, or any other kind of hidden cost is charged.

Steps to use FYERS Thematic Investment Platform

Fyers thematic investing new does not require the users to install a specific app on the system. The web application is well optimized due to which it can be used on mobile phones and tablets smoothly.

Following are the steps to use FYERS Thematic investment platform:
1. Open the official website of FYERS.
2. Go to the Products Tab in the header section.
3. Select the “Thematic Investment” Option from the sub menu.
4. An informative page will appear which shows more information about the thematic investment.
5. Click on the blue login button.
6. Enter required details like Client Id, Password and your PAN number or DOB as a method to verification process.
7. Now, click on the blue “Sign In” button to sign into thematic investment platform.

Benefits of FYERS Thematic Investment

Benefits of thematic investing are mentioned below:
1. Powerful portfolio diversification
2. Fyers thematic investing world has compact themes which give you a concentrated exposure to events, government policies, ideas, current trend etc.
3. The diversification is limited and optimal.
4. Offer Fyers thematic investing high returns than mutual funds.
5. Fyers thematic investing work make easy smart investment decisions.
6. Themes can be customized based on your preferences.
7. Get 3 versions of every theme depending on your risk profile (High, medium, low)
8. Fyers thematic investing in stock is an intuitive and self-explanatory way of investing in the Indian stock market.
9. ETF thematic investing is also an educational experience as you can learn about the business environment.

Fyers thematic investing charges

Fyers thematic investing free as Fyers do not levy any brokerage on equity delivery or thematic Investing fees on the buy-side. Also, the Fyers thematic investing review charges for selling/exiting, rebalancing, and modifying themes are absolutely Free. There are only statutory charges are levied.

For Fyers thematic investing update you can watch videos Fyers thematic investing review youtube and Fyers thematic investing videos. You can also read Fyers thematic investing review of books to clear your doubts. For more queries feel free to write at Fyers thematic investing email and contact for Fyers thematic investing review questions answers contact at 08045699999.


FYERS Thematic Investment Platform is a semi-automated investing platform introduced for the FYERS customers. fyers thematic investing hall wide range of choices from many trending themes in the market and allows them to invest in the pre-selected portfolio of diversified stocks in that theme. fyers thematic investing for beginners is very helpful in making investing in stocks easier and increases the profit chances for the customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To buy either calls or puts, the margin requirement is only to the extent of the premium. Margin for buying options = Premium * Total Quantity.
Derivative contracts which are going to expire in the current month are called ‘Near Month Contracts’, those which expire next month are called ‘Next Month Contracts’ and those which expire after the month are called ‘Far Month Contracts’.
FYERS offer 3 trading platform for seamless trading experience i.e., Fyers one, Fyers app and Fyers web traders for all users. All of this trading software are best according to their features. Find the detailed information of Fyers trading software above.
Fyers offers multiple modes to add funds in the traders trading account. They can add funds via IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, UPI and internet banking.
Proof of Identity, Proof of Address, PAN card, Bank statement, cancelled cheque and photographs are required to open an account with Fyers.
After Fyers NRI account downloading of account forms. Read all the instruction given on them and fill the Fyers NRI account opening form accordingly.
Visit the official website of Fyers. Click on products and then on FYERS API. Now make a request access to get FYERS API or FYERS mobile app API.
No, fund withdrawal is only processed through bank transfers.
No, fund withdrawals are credited only to the primary bank account.
When a customer places an order over the phone through a dealer, Fyers charge an additional ₹20 as Call and Trade Fee. Being an online stock broker, it prefers that the customer uses its online trading platform to execute orders. All trading software including an installable trading terminal, website and mobile application are made available free of charge to customers.
Visit the official website of Fyers. Click on Products and then click on API. Now make an online request access to get Fyers Free API.
Visit the official website of fyers and fill the Fyers online account opening form to open online account in Fyers.
In that case, the client is obligated to clear all the dues to the broker immediately. Failing which, the client will be charged a penalty.
Yes, Fyers provides algo trading.
If your Fyers API app inactive, visit the official website of fyers and check Fyers API documentation to activate it.
Yes, the minimum balance amount can be utilized to enter into any position.
Yes, Fyers allow investors to take Intraday future positions with lesser margin requirements than carry forward future transactions. But it is mandatory to square off such positions on the same day.
Anyone who has an account with Fyers is eligible for Thematic investments. It can be used by new and experienced investors alike.
To use Fyers API, you need to connect your Fyers trading account to the trading platform.
No, Fyers API Bridge is chargeable. Fyers API bridge monthly charges is ₹500 per month and Fyers API bridge yearly charges is ₹3600 per year.
Yes, FYERS provides "Good till Canceled" (GTC) or "Good till Date" (GTD) or "Valid till Date" (VTD) order.
IPV (In-Person Verification) is conducted through web camera after either collecting the account opening form or once all necessary documents are received by the FYERS’ executive.
A theme index represents the value of the particular theme/portfolio of stocks.
It is a mutual contract between two parties which derives its value from an underlying asset.
Yes indeed, as it is a regulatory requirement.
Yes, already existing Demat accounts can be linked with FYERS trading accounts. For further details, customers can contact their sales executive.
Yes, It provides market updates and news alerts.
Yes, it is mandatory to have a Demat account in order to make Thematic investments.
After Fyers Trading software login, you can use the Fyers trading software. Login to Fyers Trading software using your Fyers account’s login credentials.
Traders can only nominate one person per mutual fund folio. In case, a client holds more than one folio then different nominees can be appointed for each folio.
Open your account in Fyers and you can trade using various Fyers trading platforms. Fyers trading reviews are also good.
Yes, Fyers offer advanced technical charts on its free trading terminal.
It is a facility that enables the investor to carry forward his/her futures positions beyond the expiry of contract. Basically, it’s a two-legged transaction. In the first leg the investor needs to square off the near month position, subsequently in the second leg he/she will have to take a fresh position in the same direction in the next or far month.
Yes, Fyers provides After Market Order (AMO).
Fyers API is free but there is Fyers api bridge cost which user has to pay to use.
The details will be communicated to the traders within 3 days from the date of transaction.
Fyers API is an algo trading tool provided by Fyers. It is a set of rest APIs that will provide integration with Fyers in-house trading platform with which the customers can build their own customised trading applications. Users can get signals for manual or automatic trading signal based on the strategy chosen by the user.
Fyers API is an algo trading tool provided by Fyers. It allows users to get signals for manual or automatic trading signal based on the strategy chosen by the user.
This cycle refers to the period in which the buyer and seller of shares settle their obligation to each other. In India, we follow the T+2 settlement cycle. So, if the transaction takes place on Monday, the settlement will be done on the second trading day, which is Wednesday, if the transaction takes place on Tuesday, the settlement will take place on Thursday, so on and so forth.
Minimum margin is the margin amount that the investor should have allocated towards the open positions. If the minimum margin level is breached, the system will automatically block further funds. In case an investor does not have sufficient funds in his/her account, the position will be squared off.
It charges only for an executed order. So even if an order is executed in 5 different trades then it is considered only 1 executed order and you need to pay only ₹20.

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