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FundsIndia Trading Software Review - Download, Demo and Details


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FundsIndia Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

FundsIndia is a Chennai-based online discount broker that was incorporated in the year 2009 by FundsIndia founder C.R. Chandrasekar and Srikanth Meenakshi, completed their education from University of Hyderabad. FundsIndia is India’s friendliest online-only investment platform with 13 + years of excellence in enhancing the investment experience for its users. FundsIndia advisor gives users access to mutual funds from leading fund houses in India, stocks from the BSE & NSE, corporate fixed deposits, and various other investment products with some FundsIndia brokerage rates charges. FundsIndia nri service facility is provided by the broker.

FundsIndia portal is a SEBI registered stock broker with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). FundsIndia SEBI registration number is INB011468932. Brokerage in FundsIndia aims to offer trading and investment services in Equity, Derivatives, IPOs and mutual funds. FundsIndia product also have focus on providing education to the customers on various trading and investment related topics through an online learning center. FundsIndia provide every Indian a world-class investment platform and sophisticated investment guidance. FundsIndia is spread all over 2,000 cities across India and 66+ countries have invested over ₹9,700+ crores on its platform in Mutual Funds, Stocks and other investment products.

FundsIndia trading platforms

FundsIndia software group has a number of advanced software and platform for mobile as well as desktop to provide smooth and smart trading experience. FundsIndia platform offers various advanced features to its customers. Users can download FundsIndia software with FundsIndia software updated version and experience advanced and new features. FundsIndia software login can be done using FundsIndia software account login credentials. FundsIndia software charges for trading software are nil for all FundsIndia users. FundsIndia trading software is also helpful for beginners. FundsIndia software has many users.

FundsIndia rank India’s first & largest among the free online investment platforms. Financial products like mutual funds, equities, fixed deposits, NPS & much more are also offered you can also avail value-added services like flexible SIPs. Android users can easily fundsindia app download from google play store and iPhone users can easily download from App store.

List of FundsIndia trading software services

After FundsIndia login online customers can avail its various features and different FundsIndia trading software options as its main menu have many modes and items by the FundsIndia trading software makers. All FundsIndia trading software plans and features are listed below.
1. Get Quotes.
2. Demat Balance.
3. My portfolio.
4. Order Book.
5. Trade Book.
6. Reports.
7. Accounts.
8. Profiles.
9. My Watchlists.
10. News.
11. Regulatory References.
12. FAQs.

Benefits of using FundsIndia Trading Software

1. FundsIndia has in-built trading platforms that use robust OMS, RMS and API from Omnesys and charts.
2. FundsIndia is one of the most advanced trading platforms in India.
3. Fundsindia trading software prices are zero to all the customers.
4. FundsIndia trading software free download facility is available.
5. All the platforms offer advanced charting, technical screeners and analytics tools to its users.

Features of FundsIndia trading software

• The customer can easily place buy and sell orders on the move.
• You can find desired stocks and contracts by using search tool.
• Advances charting tools with 100+ technical indicators.
• Users can trade via different charts with ease.
• Customized watchlists available for its users.
• FundsIndia gives price alerts on set scripts.
• FundsIndia trading software provide access to real-time market feeds.

If your FundsIndia trading software not working and for any FundsIndia trading software help or FundsIndia trading software support you can contact on FundsIndia toll free number i.e., 04461104100.


FundsIndia review aims at filling the technological and service gaps that hinders the traders and the investors growth to the increased returns. FundsIndia support constantly updates their products and services that fulfils every intricate need of the demanding trader. FundsIndia includes powerful trading platforms across multiple devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FundsIndia is one of the tops first value-added investment platform across the India. It offers free investment account opening, customers can get access to a wide array of investment products like mutual funds from all Asset Management Companies (AMCs), stocks from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Fixed Deposits from companies, and more.
Yes, investing in mutual funds through FundsIndia is absolutely free with free account opening facility.
FundsIndia charges less brokerage as compare to Zerodha for intraday trading in Equities and Commodities.
Yes, mutual fund investment through FundsIndia is absolutely free.
By placing request to transfer funds in the 'Withdrawal Request' page after logging in to your account. Payout requests placed before 2 pm will be executed on same day, while payout requests made after 2 pm will be executed by next working day.
You need to go tab My Accounts > Downloads and choose from list of the downloadable.
FundsIndia (est. 2009) is an online investment platform, owned and promoted by Wealth India Financial Services Pvt Ltd, established in 2008 by C.R. Chandrasekar and Srikanth Meenakshi.
Yes, you can apply for an IPO through FundsIndia account by using some simple steps.
FundsIndia offers unparalleled value-added services in a power-packed online platform that had never been presented in India before.
FundsIndia is one of the tops first value-added investment platform across the India. It offers free investment account opening, customers can get access to a wide array of investment products like mutual funds from all Asset Management Companies (AMCs), stocks from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Fixed Deposits from companies, and more.
No. You need to provide single one mandate for all your SIPs. As long as your SIP amount in any single day is less than your specified limit in the mandate, just single mandate will be sufficient for all your SIPs.
Yes, FundsIndia account has been equipped with the best online safety and protection tools to ensure your investment transactions always take place in a secure environment.
You need to send a signed letter with both your signature as well as the nominee's signature – to activate the new nominee at FundsIndia.
You need to go on left side menu go to your current sips. Go to right most column and select option to cancel your sip amount.
Yes, shifting from the direct plan of investing to FundsIndia is a quick and easy process. It involves just some simple steps.
Yes, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) all over the world can invest in all the mutual fund schemes offered by all Asset Management Companies (AMCs) at FundsIndia.
You can redeem your money by selecting the redemption option available in your FundsIndia dashboard. Standard redemption process takes a few working days to credit amount in your account, but the instant redemption option allows you to process your request instantly.

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