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Choice Broking Trading Software Review 2024 | Features and Demo


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Choice Broking Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Choice Equity Broking Private Limited is a Mumbai-based full-service stock broking firm and was incorporated in 2010. This is a subsidiary of a publicly listed financial service provider organisation named as Choice International Limited. It was formerly providing tis financial services since 1993.
Choice Broking offers its online trading and the premium financial service for the complete range of financial products such as Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, Mutual Funds, wealth management, Insurance and the Loan against share. It is a depository membership with the CDSL and NSDL. Choice Broking is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and ICEX. The Choice Broking avails their customers with several margin trading services to its customers. It allows the customers to allow the clients to purchase the shares by funding the smaller portion with its funds and use the broker funds for the remaining amount.

Choice Broking Trading Software

Choice Broking facilitates its customers by providing various trading software to smoothen their trading services. It has Jiffy that is designed specially for working on the mobile and web platform. The company has various mutual fund investment platforms available on mobile and web named as “Investica”. The trading applications are provided for free to each and everyone client of Choice Broking.
Choice Broking also avails its customers with the third-party ODIN trading platform designed and built by 63 moons technologies. ODIN is among the most stable and the popular trading platforms that are available in India and is used by many other full-service and discount brokers.
Choice Broking provides various other online trading platforms to its clients that makes trading quick, simple at ease. Some various investment platforms that are provided by Choice Broking are:
1. Jiffy (Mobile App).
2. Jiffy (Web-based).
3. ODIN.
4. Investica (Mutual Fund Investment).
Each one of this trading software is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the customer. Let’s know about them in detail.

1. Jiffy (Mobile App)- Jiffy is an in-house mobile-based application developed by Choice Broking. The application is supported on both the Android and iOS platform. It allows the customers to do trade in various segments such as Equities, Derivatives, Currency and Commodity at the fast pace by using Jiffy. Jiffy offers the users with an online IPO investment by using the UPI payment gateway. This application is a feedback-oriented platform that focuses on providing the fluent and excellent trading experience to the customers.

Features of Jiffy (Mobile App)

• It has a very clean, well-organised and simple UI.
• It provides an all in one stock trading platform.
• It avails its customers with live market depth.
• It provides the customers with insightful research reports.
• It provides its customers with price alerts and notifications.

2. Jiffy (Web-based)- Jiffy provides its customers with an online trading website with the seamless mobile application. This software can be accessed from any system or phone that has a web browser installed in it. The website is very intuitive with the multiple hosting features.

Features of Jiffy (Web-based)

• It avails its customers with an easy navigation technology.
• It provides the customers with a glimpse of global indices, market indices and OI spurts.
• It avails its customers with the dedicated research section.
• It provides an easy and quick placement of orders.
• It provides the real-time market data.
• It avails its customers with an all in one trading platform for Equities, Derivatives, currency and commodities.
• It avails its customers with a customised watchlist.
• The application provides its customer with the easy fund transfer facility.
• It has an inbuilt brokerage calculator tool.
• It has various in-house reports to track the ledger, P&L.

3. ODIN- This platform is one of the simple, secure, stable and strongest trading platforms that are made available in India for trading in the Equities, Derivatives, Currency and Commodity at BSE, NSE and MCX. The Trading terminal is equipped with the ability to place the multiple types of order with the complexity of order processing capabilities.

Features of ODIN

• It provides access to multiple the asset classes, segment and at international exchanges.
• It provides an extensive cross-asset market watch.
• It has a data-driven decision-making features to make it work better.
• It supports with various market depth window.
• It provides various charting facility across the multiple asset classes and periods with more than 100 indicators.
• It provides an extensive back-testing and optimization.
• It provides instant updates on order status, open positions, MTM, etc.
• It facilitates the customers with the facility to place the orders from the watchlist.
• It has designed shortcut keys to trade faster and smoother.

4. Investica (Mutual Fund Investment)- This software is proprietary software of the Choice Broking that was launched in 2017 for various online mutual fund investments that are made available on the Android, iOS and web portal. This application is considered to be the best platforms to make investment in mutual funds in India. It helps the customers to achieve their financial goals with the access to the India’s first Robo advisor ‘Optimo’.

Features of Investica

• It provides access to the direct funds.
• It avails its customers with the clean interface and easy navigation technique.
• It provides various goal-based investing services to its customers.
• It provides the timely based updates and notifications.
• It allows an instant withdrawal of up to 50,000 for the liquid fund investments.
• It provides the facility to track the family investments.
• It provides an auto recommendation in order to keep the portfolio optimized for the maximum returns.
• It allows the tracking of external funds.

Choice Broking Software Download

The Software can be downloaded from the company’s website from the downloads options that is made available on the Markets section at the footer of the page.


Choice Broking avails their customers with the proprietary as well as industry-standard ODIN trading platform to its investors for trading at BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX and mutual fund investments. The Choice Broking provides the feedback oriented that aims at providing trading and investment journey simple and fluent to all its customers. The customers can choose to either invest via web, mobile app or ODIN software as
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, an individual cannot buy mutual funds by using the Choice Broking mobile application. The company offers a separate trading platform Investica for mutual funds investments. Investica can be easily accessed from the mobile phones or computers through the web browser or mobile app supported on Android and iOS devices.
The Choice Broking charge 0.02% for currency futures trading and Rs.20 per lot for currency in options trading.
The Choice Broking Jiffy application supports the Android and iOS platforms. This mobile application can be further accessed on an Android Smartphone or iPhone but it is not compatible with laptops.
Choice Broking Charge 0.02% for equity, currency and commodity.
NFO (New Fund Offer) is a subscription offer for a new fund launched by the asset management company or mutual fund house to raise the capital. Choice Broking offers its investors the facility to apply for the NFO services through Investica.
Choice Broking auto square- off all the open intraday positions at 3:15 PM.
Yes, Choice Broking stock broker provides its customer to offer the trade and depository services. The company focus and provide the research-based tips and recommendations.
Choice Broking Jiffy is a very secured and trusted application that has a secure retrieval and data storage by using the modern encryption technique (256- bit SSL encryption).
Choice Broking charges 0.20% for equity delivery trade. These trades are known as cash & carry trades.
Choice Broking avails its customers with Investica as a trading platform.
Yes, Choice Broking trading software are safe and secure to use.
Yes, Choice Broking provides the margin funding facility to its customers.
Yes, Choice Broking offers online IPO applications to its customers. IPO offers an early opportunity to buy the shares of the companies that are not previously traded publicly.
Some Key features of Jiffy app are: • Quick Order placement. • Live Market Depth. • Best Stock Screener • Easy Navigation. • Insightful Research Reports. • Live Market Data. • Customised Charts and Watchlists.
Choice Broking will charge ₹0 annual maintenance charge for trading account and ₹200 for demat account.
Yes, the customer can buy or sell mutual funds if they already hold an account with choice Broking.
Yes, Choice Broking allows its customers to enjoy the facility of margin trading to its customers. The investors can further enhance their buying or selling their power through the MTF Services that is provided by the broker. It is done to utilize the broker funds to a consider the extent to execute the transaction.
Yes, Choice Broking stock broker allows to place the BTST order to its customers. This order enables the customer to sell the stocks before an individual gets its delivery in the demat account.