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Choice Broking IPO Review 2024 | Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online


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Choice Broking IPO Review - Charges, Easy Steps to Apply Online

Choice Equity Broking Private Limited is a Mumbai-based full-service stock broking firm and was incorporated in 2010 by choice broking owner. This is a subsidiary of a publicly listed financial service provider organization named as Choice International Limited. It was formerly providing tis financial services since 1993.

IPO brokerage account offers its online trading and the premium financial service for the complete range of financial products such as Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, Mutual Funds, wealth management, Insurance and the Loan against share. choice trade review is a depository membership with the CDSL and NSDL. Choice Broking is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and ICEX. The Choice Broking avails their customers with several margin trading services to its customers. best broker for IPO access allows the customers to allow the clients to purchase the shares by funding the smaller portion with its funds and use the broker funds for the remaining amount.

Choice Broking IPO

Choice Broking allows the customer to apply for the IPO brokers via online. The customers can directly apply in an better choice IPO by using Jiffy and through a UPI (Unified Payment Interface) payment gateway. The Jiffy application provided by the broker is a dedicated platform that maintains the listing of an broker IPO with the details of open, close and the forthcoming IPOs. The customer can easily watch IPO brokerage charges and subscribe, modify and track the IPO application status easily via Jiffy app. You can easily trade on the basis of choice broking tips.

The Choice Broking is a full-service broker and best IPO brokers that has attained the dedicated research team that works on providing a free fundamental analysis of brokerage IPO through its IPO reports includes pre IPO brokerage. It assists the investors by taking the right and accurate decision at the time of making investments in an top IPO brokers. The reports of the IPO stock broker and choice broking IPO charges are provided to the customers in the research section on the broker’s website.

How can you apply in an IPO through Choice Broking?

Here are the steps for choice broking IPO apply by using the Jiffy app.
1. Login to the Jiffy Mobile application.
2. Visit the IPO section and have a look at the IPO’s.
3. Choose the IPO in which you want to invest in.
4. Click on the “Subscribe” option present at the bottom of the selected IPO detail page.
5. Enter the lot size of the particular IPO.
6. Now, Select the “Yes” option to bid at the cut-off price or input the bid price.
7. Enter the UPI Id, select the VPA code and select the “verify” option.
8. Tick on the checkbox to confirm that they are eligible as UPI bidder.
9. Select the “Subscribe” option.
10. Now, open the UPI application and approve the payment request.

Apply online through ASBA process

The customers can apply in the IPO via Offline by using the ASBA process. It can be only done if the bid amount is more than ₹2 lakhs.

Steps to apply using the ASBA process are:
1. Download the IPO application form from the exchange website and the physical form from the nearest stock broker.
2. The customer is required to fill in basic information such as name, PAN no., and bank account details.
3. Further, the customer needs to enter the lot size, bid price, bid amount.
4. Now for the credit of shares provide your demat account details.
5. Submit the duly filled form from the Self-syndicate bank (SCSB).
6. The SCSB will further verify and upload the IPO applications in the bidding system.
7. SCSB further block the funds to the extent of the bidding amount.
8. The funds further gets debited at the time of allotting the shares.

Transaction Status for Choice Broking IPO

The Jiffy application tracks the progress of the IPO transaction at every stage that reflects that whether an IPO has successfully accepted, failed, pending or cancelled. Let’s know more about Jiffy IPO status.

Payment Status

This status is usually shown at the time of a successful, failed or pending transaction. It depends on if the transaction carried out is successfully accepted or not.
• The Failure status determines the process to be re-initiated as to which the payment does not go through.
• The success status determines the payment process is successfully accepted.
• The pending status implies that the UPI mandate is not approved.

DP Verification Status

The DP verification status determines the successful, pending or the failed transaction that are based on if the demat details that are provided matches with the SEBI data or not.
• The failed status determines that if the DP details provided by the customer does not match with the DP registered in their name at SEBI.
• The successful status determines the DP details that are provided matches the DP registered in their name at SEBI.
• The pending status determines that the verification is still in the process.

IPO Application Status

The IPO application status determines and reflects the subscribed, modified, cancelled or failed procedure.
• The subscribed status determines that the IPO application is successfully accepted for which they will receive the UPI mandate request that requires approval.
• The cancelled status further displays that cancellation of the IPO application.
• The modified status shows when the modified price or the quantity in the IPO application may differ.
• The failed status shows the IPO subscription that has failed and the application procedure has to be re-initiated.

The customer can anytime modify or cancel the IPO application details through the bidding screen. The customer can change the price, lot size, quantity through their screen for which the customer will receive the message from the exchange and then a new UPI mandate for the approval in case the bid amount is increased.

Charges for Choice Broking IPO

The Jiffy application offers various online IPO application services to the customers. There are no charges for an IPO through the Jiffy application. There is no additional brokerage charges on IPO apply on IPOs subscription.

Allotment Status for Choice Broking IPO

The Allotment status in Choice Broking IPO can be easily checked through the IPO registrar’s website. The customer will further receive the e-mail and the SMS on the registered mail id and mobile number of the allotment status once the allotment process is finalized. To know about choice broking trading charges and to know about brokerage charges of choice broking visit its official website.

If the allotment is successful then the customer will receive the allotted shares in the demat account and then the bid amount blocked by the bank will be further debited. If the customer does not receive any shares during the IPO allotment process, then the bid amount will be further blocked by the bank and will be then released. The customers can also choose the IPO allotment status present on the Choice Broking website.


Choice Broking provides an easy and convenient online IPO application process. The applications have to be made by using the UPI as the payment gateway. The customer can further choose to apply via offline by using the ASBA Choice Broking Demat Account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, an individual cannot buy mutual funds by using the Choice Broking mobile application. The company offers a separate trading platform Investica for mutual funds investments. Investica can be easily accessed from the mobile phones or computers through the web browser or mobile app supported on Android and iOS devices.
The Choice Broking charge 0.02% for currency futures trading and Rs.20 per lot for currency in options trading.
The Choice Broking Jiffy application supports the Android and iOS platforms. This mobile application can be further accessed on an Android Smartphone or iPhone but it is not compatible with laptops.
Choice Broking Charge 0.02% for equity, currency and commodity.
NFO (New Fund Offer) is a subscription offer for a new fund launched by the asset management company or mutual fund house to raise the capital. Choice Broking offers its investors the facility to apply for the NFO services through Investica.
Choice Broking auto square- off all the open intraday positions at 3:15 PM.
Yes, Choice Broking stock broker provides its customer to offer the trade and depository services. The company focus and provide the research-based tips and recommendations.
Choice Broking Jiffy is a very secured and trusted application that has a secure retrieval and data storage by using the modern encryption technique (256- bit SSL encryption).
Choice Broking charges 0.20% for equity delivery trade. These trades are known as cash & carry trades.
Choice Broking avails its customers with Investica as a trading platform.
Yes, Choice Broking trading software are safe and secure to use.
Yes, Choice Broking provides the margin funding facility to its customers.
Yes, Choice Broking offers online IPO applications to its customers. IPO offers an early opportunity to buy the shares of the companies that are not previously traded publicly.
Some Key features of Jiffy app are: • Quick Order placement. • Live Market Depth. • Best Stock Screener • Easy Navigation. • Insightful Research Reports. • Live Market Data. • Customised Charts and Watchlists.
Choice Broking will charge ₹0 annual maintenance charge for trading account and ₹200 for demat account.
Yes, the customer can buy or sell mutual funds if they already hold an account with choice Broking.
Yes, Choice Broking allows its customers to enjoy the facility of margin trading to its customers. The investors can further enhance their buying or selling their power through the MTF Services that is provided by the broker. It is done to utilize the broker funds to a consider the extent to execute the transaction.
Yes, Choice Broking stock broker allows to place the BTST order to its customers. This order enables the customer to sell the stocks before an individual gets its delivery in the demat account.