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Choice Broking NRI Account Opening 2024 | Charges, Services Review


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Choice Broking NRI Account Opening, Charges, Services Review

Choice Equity Broking Private Limited is a Mumbai-based full-service stock broking firm and was incorporated in 2010. Choice broking sub broker a subsidiary of a publicly listed financial service provider organization named as Choice International Limited. It was formerly providing tis financial services since 1993.

Choice broker services offers online trading and the premium financial service for the complete range choice broker services of financial products such as Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, Mutual Funds, wealth management, Insurance and the Loan against share. Choice broker services are a depository membership with the CDSL and NSDL. Choice broking review is a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and ICEX. Broker choice avails their customers with several margin trading services to its customers. Right choice investment allows the customers to allow the clients to purchase the shares by funding the smaller portion with its funds and use the broker funds for the remaining amount.

NRI Account Opening Charges



NRI Account Opening Charges


NRI Account AMC


Equity Delivery Brokerage


Equity Future Brokerage


Equity Options Brokerage


Other Charges

Demat Account AMC- ₹200 per year

NRI Account Review by Choice Broking

Choice Broking is a full-service broker that offers various online trading and advisory services to the NRIs. The clients open ICICI NRI account from usa and Canada are an exception to these accounts under this broker.
The broker avails its customers with a 2 in 1 account that is a combination of demat and trading accounts to the NRIs. ICICI NRI NRO account opening online enables the NRI to trade in various segments such as stocks, derivatives, and investments in Mutual Funds.

NRI Services provided by Choice Broking

Choice Broking makes trading and investing in Indian Market possible for the NRIs. NRI brokerage account needs to have a PIS permission along with the certain accounts.
1. NRI Trading Account.
2. NRI Demat Account.
3. NRI Bank Account (NRE or NRO PIS)
4. Custodial Account (for trading in Equity F&O)

Choice Broking supports RBI designated banks such as Axis Bank and HDFC Bank thar also needs a PIS permission or certificate to the NRI for trading in the Indian Markets.

Choice Broking NRI Trading Account

It is an NRI Trading account for the NRIs to place the buy or sell orders at the national stock exchanges in India. The broker avails its customers with various online trading platforms to invest or trade in the equity, derivatives and mutual funds with choice broking services.

An NRI needs an NRE account to make investments in equity delivery and mutual funds on the repatriable basis and consequently he needs a NRO account to make investments in the equity delivery and mutual funds for the non-repatriable basis. To make investment in the F&O segment, NRI’s can make investment through the NRO account using ICICI direct NRI application. There are no extra top choice brokerage charges applied on ICICI NRI trading account.

Choice Broking NRI Demat Account

Choice Broking NRI Demat Account is an online account that has the securities purchased through the Choice Broking trading account. This account safeguards the shares from the physical theft and damages at top choice trading.

Choice Broking is a depository participant of NSDL and CDSL that offer various demat services to the resident and non-resident Indians. An NRI can open either an NRI Repatriable demat account or NRI Non- Repatriable Demat account that are based on the condition whether an ICICI bank NRI trading account would like to make investment on the repatriable or non-repatriable basis. Some of the corporate benefits such as dividend and interest on the securities that are held in interactive brokers NRI account automatically gets credited to their linked. NRE/ NRO bank account.

NRI brokerage account India

After opening all the accounts NRIs can trade online through the Choice Broking Jiffy app in the desired stocks.
Steps for ICICI bank NRI account opening procedure in Choice Broking
1. Log in to the Jiffy- It is either through the web-browser or mobile app by using their login credentials.
2. Easy transfer of money to the PIS linked bank account- NRIs need to transfer the money from their savings account to the NRE/NRO PIS account.
3. Place the Buy/Sell Order- NRI can buy or sell the order through the Jiffy app. Before placing the order, an NRI needs to ensure to have sufficient stock for the sell order.
4. Contract Note Submission- End of the day, the broker has to send the contract note to the bank for further procedure. The bank will be held responsible for TDS and will accordingly transfer or receive the funds from the broker account.
5. Stock Settlement- The stocks are credited or debited from the NRE or NRO demat account on T+2 days on the basis of buy or sell order request.

1. The NRI cannot place an intraday and BTST order.
2. NRIs cannot trade in the commodity and currency.
3. NRIs cannot make investment in the banned and caution scrips. The list of the banned scrip is available on the website of RBI.
4. NRIs are not allowed to make short selling. NRIs must have sufficient stock before placing any sell order.

Documents Necessary for opening an NRI account with Choice Broking

A certain set of documents is required to open an NRI account with Choice Broking. The list of the documents is listed below:
1. PIS permission letter.
2. PAN Card Copy.
3. Overseas Address Proof.
4. Indian address proof (If any).
5. Passport size photograph.
6. A cancelled cheque of NRE or NRO savings account
7. FATCA Declaration form.

NRI Account Opening with Choice Broking

The account opening form for NRI is the same as for the Indian Residents. Here, are the steps to open an NRI bank account with Choice Broking.
1. Open an NRI bank account from either of the two an NRI bank account with HDFC Bank or Axis Bank.
2. An NRI customer needs to get the PIS approval from RBI (in which the account is opened).
3. Download the account opening form.
4. Fill in the application form.
5. Make the set of the required documents listed above.
6. Attest all the necessary documents by the competent authority.
7. Scan all the filled forms along with the supporting documents.
8. Email the documents for the verification procedure in the Choice Broking NRI desk.
9. Now, further courier documents to the Choice Broking Office.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, an individual cannot buy mutual funds by using the Choice Broking mobile application. The company offers a separate trading platform Investica for mutual funds investments. Investica can be easily accessed from the mobile phones or computers through the web browser or mobile app supported on Android and iOS devices.
The Choice Broking charge 0.02% for currency futures trading and Rs.20 per lot for currency in options trading.
The Choice Broking Jiffy application supports the Android and iOS platforms. This mobile application can be further accessed on an Android Smartphone or iPhone but it is not compatible with laptops.
Choice Broking Charge 0.02% for equity, currency and commodity.
NFO (New Fund Offer) is a subscription offer for a new fund launched by the asset management company or mutual fund house to raise the capital. Choice Broking offers its investors the facility to apply for the NFO services through Investica.
Choice Broking auto square- off all the open intraday positions at 3:15 PM.
Yes, Choice Broking stock broker provides its customer to offer the trade and depository services. The company focus and provide the research-based tips and recommendations.
Choice Broking Jiffy is a very secured and trusted application that has a secure retrieval and data storage by using the modern encryption technique (256- bit SSL encryption).
Choice Broking charges 0.20% for equity delivery trade. These trades are known as cash & carry trades.
Choice Broking avails its customers with Investica as a trading platform.
Yes, Choice Broking trading software are safe and secure to use.
Yes, Choice Broking provides the margin funding facility to its customers.
Yes, Choice Broking offers online IPO applications to its customers. IPO offers an early opportunity to buy the shares of the companies that are not previously traded publicly.
Some Key features of Jiffy app are: • Quick Order placement. • Live Market Depth. • Best Stock Screener • Easy Navigation. • Insightful Research Reports. • Live Market Data. • Customised Charts and Watchlists.
Choice Broking will charge ₹0 annual maintenance charge for trading account and ₹200 for demat account.
Yes, the customer can buy or sell mutual funds if they already hold an account with choice Broking.
Yes, Choice Broking allows its customers to enjoy the facility of margin trading to its customers. The investors can further enhance their buying or selling their power through the MTF Services that is provided by the broker. It is done to utilize the broker funds to a consider the extent to execute the transaction.
Yes, Choice Broking stock broker allows to place the BTST order to its customers. This order enables the customer to sell the stocks before an individual gets its delivery in the demat account.