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Wisdom Capital Trading Software Review 2024 | Features and Demo


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Wisdom Capital Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Wisdom Capital is a big name in the brokerage industry, started its services in 2013 as a discount broker of India. Now, it is one of the favourite brokers of the trader and investor because of its outstanding services and products.

Wisdom Capital brokerage reviews

Wisdom Capital charges 3 types of brokerage plans; Freedom plan (zero brokerage plan), Pro plan (Rs.9 per executed order) and ultimate plan, you can choose any plan as per your trading need and also you can switch from Freedom plan to Pro & Ultimate. Every plan is equipped with attractive leverage and margin exposure. Wisdom capital is enhancing their services day by day, now it has their presence in 500+ cities with active client base of 25000+ clients. You can take demo through its website Wisdom Capital Trading Platform Demo.

Wisdom Capital Trading Software

Wisdom Capital is fully dedicated to provide you world-class services. It offers many free trading software for their clients. Some of the Wisdom Capital Trading Platform as follows:
• Trade Eye (Mobile-based Trading App).
• Nest Trader (Desktop-based Trading Software).
• Fox Trader (Trading Terminal).
• Wisdom Pro Trading App (Mobile-based Trading App).
• Wisdom Trade (Browser-based Trading Website).

1. Trade Eye (Mobile-based Trading App)

Trade Eye is a mobile-based trading app available in App Store specially designed for iPhone users. This application is registered with Ashlar Securities. It facilitates you to trade in BSE, NSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX.
• Trade by using any IOS smartphone.
• You can set your own multiple watchlist.
• Lightweight.
• Enables you to place aftermarket order.
• Hassle-free and user-friendly application.
• Access to technical indicators, order book, trade book, funds view and much more.
• Easily downloadable and installable.
• Available in App store.

2. Nest Trader (Desktop-based Trading Software)

In Stock Market Wisdom Capital offers Nest Trader which is an ultra-fast desktop-based trading software. This software has a wide range of features.
• You can create multiple watchlist.
• Enables you to track performance of stocks on various parameters.
• Market scanners.
• Access to risk management system to monitor the reports and trades.
• Advanced technical charts and fundamental analysis tools are available.
• Easily accessible in any operating system.

How to download Nest Trader?

You can easily download the Nest Trader software offered by Wisdom Capital.

Kindly follow the below steps.
• Visit the official website of Wisdom Capital.
• Under trading platform section, click download.
• Under download section, on the left side, click trading software.
• Under Trading software, Nest demo video, Nest software 32 bit and Nest software 64 bit is available.
• You can easily download Nest Trader software.

3. Fox Trader (Trading Terminal)

Wisdom Capital partners offers the most advanced trading software which is equipped with a wide range of modern features, technical indicators and much more.
• It has semi-automatic order book feature.
• Equipped with multiple scanners to understand and analyse the past data with 200+ signals, 300+ studies and other ways.
• Real-time market analysis.
• Faster monitoring of market by using chart.
• Fast order execution.
• Integrated with End of Day (EOD) technical analysis feature.

How to download Fox Trader?

You can easily download the Fox Trader software offered by Wisdom Capital. Kindly follow the below steps.
• Open the official website of Wisdom Capital.
• Under trading platform section, click Fox Trader.
• Under Fox Trader, in the last there is an option ‘Download the set up of Fox Trader’ is available.
• You can easily set up Fox Trader in your desktop.

4. Wisdom Pro Trading App

Wisdom Pro is a highly modern ultra-fast trading application for smartphone users. This application is enabled with many new features to manage portfolios, watchlists and research. This application is only for android users.
• Real-time market analysis.
• For the first time in India, trading from charts on this platform.
• It occupies space of less than 3 megabytes on the mobile device.
• Hassle-free, user-friendly interface and intuitive desktop interactivity.
• Variable charting option.
• Enables you to create many watchlists.
• Instant order placement and order book update without any glitches.
• More than 9 types of chart including candles, bar, hollow candle, line, mountain, volume, Heikin-Ashi, Colored bar and much more.
• You can easily download the Wisdom Pro Trading app as it is available in Google Play Store.

5. Wisdom Trade

Wisdom Trade is a browser-based trading website easily accessible from any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firebox etc. You only need your login credentials; login id and password to use this platform.
• Multiple technical indicators and charting tools.
• Live scanners.
• Single point access to profile, back-office reports.
• Customisable trading screen.
• Shared watchlist between various trading platforms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can switch your plan, it allows you to change your plan from freedom to pro and ultimate but not allowed to change from ultimate to freedom and pro to freedom.
Yes’ Wisdom Capital is trustworthy broker in 2013 Wisdom Capital came in Stock market. It has registered with major national exchanges BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX.
No, Wisdom Capital does not charge any extra brokerage on cancelling and modifying an order.
No, Wisdom Capital does not allow to invest in any IPO.
Wisdom Capital is equipped with many unique features such as zero brokerage plan known as Freedom plan, handsome leverage facility in all segment, you can switch from one plan to another.
No, Wisdom capital does not offer to invest in US stocks.
You can change your brokerage plan from Freedom to Pro and Ultimate within 24 hours, you need to send an email to
Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Order (CO) are intraday orders that’s why it needs to be square off 15 minutes before the market closes.
Yes’ Wisdom Capital Stock Broker is offering extremely advance features and Lowest brokerage in all over the Brokers in India.
Yes, Wisdom Capital offers semi and fully Algo trading on its platform.
Yes, Wisdom Capital’s executive will come to collect the form if you choose Pro and Ultimate plan. To request the visit, kindly mail at
NRML refers to when a trader wants to avail the leverage benefits in equity delivery whereas CNC (Cash and Carry) refers to when a trader can buy shares on the behalf of available funds in his/her account.
No, Wisdom Capital only offers 2-in-1 account on its platform.
Yes, you can place After Market Order (AMO) on Wisdom Capital.
If RMS square off the position then it will charge Rs.20 + GST per executed order.