Tradejini Trading Software Review - Features and Demo


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Tradejini Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Tradejini is the joint venture of Mr. Kishore Kumar J and Mr. Dinesh Kumar M who both have combined 60 years of trading experience. Tradejini is one of the best discount brokers of India. It has started its services in 2012 as a SEBI registered broker. This Bangalore-based broker is now a famous brand of stock broking industry with 16000+ active clients base and presence in 900+ cities. Tradejini provide the facility to invest in national exchanges such as BSE, NSE, MCX, MCX-SX and MSEI and in multiple segments such as equity, derivative, currency, commodity and mutual funds. It charges brokerage of @flat Rs.20 per executed order in almost every segment. As a depositary member of CDSL, Tradejini offers demat and trading account services on its platform through which you can trade or invest in the share market.
Tradejini provides attractive exposure and leverage facility in almost every segment through which you can trade more. Tradejini aims to provide every modern facility in affordable price. It is a very secure platform. Tradejini offers many free trading software and tools such as Nest Trader, Now, Flash, brokerage calculator, margin calculator, options calculator and referral calculator.

Tradejini Trading Software:

Tradejini offers 3rd party trading software to their clients. All the software is equipped with unique features and facilities. Take a look below on trading software offered by Tradejini.
1. Tradejini- Nest Trader (Desktop-based Trading Platform).
2. Tradejini- Now Mobile (Mobile-based Trading App).
3. Now Trading (Browser-based Trading Website).

1. Tradejini- Nest Trader (Desktop-based Trading Platform):

Nest Trader is developed by Omnesys Technologies, it is a very advanced platform designed to make trading easy and simple. This trading software is equipped with modern and digital technology so that you can understand market trends. Tradejini Nest Trader has inbuilt technical analysis tools, live intraday charts, live streaming quotes, alert features and customized watchlist. Some of the important features are as follows-
• Enables you to place After Market Order (AMO).
• You can create multiple watchlist.
• Enables you to trade in BSE, NSE and MCX.
• 100+ technical indicators.
• Enables you to trade in multiple segment such as equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund, futures and options.
• Enables you to check the margin for different product types with ‘what if analysis’ feature.
• You can set alert value, alert type, exchange symbol and tools.
Steps to download Tradejini Nest Trading Terminal:
It is a very easy process, you can download Tradejini Nest trading Terminal in your desktop/laptop by following below steps:
• Open the home page of Tradejini website.
• Under download option, select ‘software’ and press enter.
• Download the software as per your trading requirement.

2. Tradejini Now Mobile (Mobile-based Trading App):

Tradejini offers NSE Now software to all their clients. This is a smartphone-based application through which you can trade from any place and access the charts, technical analysis tools, you can create your own watchlist and much more. It is available for android and IOS users respectively on Google play store and App store. Key Features are as follows:
• Real-time market data
• Enables you to place After Market Order (AMO).
• Trade across multiple segments; equity, derivative, currency, commodity, mutual fund and F&O.
• Instant fund transfer.
• Enables you to access the charts and quotes even at slow internet speed.
• Alert facility.
• Ultra-fast application.
• Hassle-free and user-friendly mobile application.
• Trade from any place.
• It allows you to track the portfolio and holdings with ease.
• You can easily download Tradejini Now app from Google play store and App store available respectively for Android and iPhone users.

3. Tradejini Now Web (Browser-based Trading App):

Now Web is a browser-based trading platform offered by Tradejini to all their clients through NSE Now Express site. You can access this website by using any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. to enhance the trading experience it has inbuilt customizable market watchlist, real-time charts, technical analysis tools and much more. Some of the important Tradejini Now Web Trading platform is as follows:
• Real-time charts and quotes.
• Alerts and notification via SMS and email.
• Customizable multiple watchlist.
• Order placement, full streaming even at slow internet speed.
• Enables you to trade in all segments except IPO and across almost all national exchanges such as NSE, BSE and MCX.
• User-friendly and clean user interface.
• No need to download and install.

Steps to access Tradejini Now Web Terminal:
It is a very simple process, you can access Tradejini Now Web Terminal in your desktop/laptop/mobile by following below steps:
• Open official website of Tradejini.
• Under technology tab given in the main menu bar, scroll down and click on ‘Read More’ under ‘web based’ heading.
• Use you login credential such as member id, user id and click on validate to access this platform.

Tradejini Trading Tools:

Tradejini offers many trading tools to enhance your trading experience, you can calculate brokerage, margin, referral and much more by using these tools. Such calculators are as follows:
1. Flash – To keep you updated with latest market information and news, Tradejini offers ‘Flash’ which is a unique tool through which you can keep your share market information fresh and fully updated.
2. Brokerage Calculator – Tradejini offers brokerage calculator through which you can calculate brokerage, STT charges, transaction charges, stamp duty charges, SEBI charges and other government charges.
3. Margin Calculator – Tradejini offers margin calculator through which you can calculate margin exposure available in various different segments.
4. Option Calculator – Tradejini provides option calculator which helps in determining risk and reward potential.
5. Smart Order – Tradejini offers smart order which is a bracket order along with a stop loss order and compulsory target. It is available to trade in equity cash , equity F&O, commodity F&O and Currency F&O segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, call and trade facility is available on Tradejini platform, you need to call at +91-80-26086600 and request executive to place order in place of his/her.
No, Tradejini offers zero balance amount, there is no need to maintain any balance to trade.
Equity, Currency and Commodity Derivatives: T+1 day Equity Cash segment: T+2 days
Yes, Tradejini offers advisory services to their clients.
Under this segment, stocks are compulsory settled by delivery. For intraday trades, netting off is not allowed.
Kindly follow the below steps: • One can call us at +91-80-40204020 or submit a request at for the procurement of client master report (CMR) from Tradejini. • Post procuring the report, submit it to the other broker from whom you intend to transfer the stock along with a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS). • Kindly procure a delivery instruction slip (DIS) from the other broker, fill and submit it to the same broker. • DIS is a document instructing a broker to initiate transfer of shares from current demat to another demat account. • On receiving CMR & DIS, other broker will transfer the securities to Tradejini demat account. • CMR includes following documents – Bank details, client name, date of birth, depositary participant client id, depositary participant id, email id, mobile number, nominee details, permanent and communication address.
Call and trade is offered by broker as it is an alternate option to place orders in which broker will trade in place of their client when any client call and allow the trader to place order.
In-Person Verification (IPV) is regulatory requirement by SEBI to verify the authenticity of applicant before activating a demat/trading account.
Yes, Tradejini offers technical analysis tools such as indicators, study-lines and scanners.
Tradejini has started a referral program wherein any client (referrer) who refers a new client (referee) will get 10% of the brokerage paid by the referee client for lifetime.
Buy today & sell tomorrow (BTST) is applicable when any investor buys the stock today which is ‘T’ day and sells it to next day which is T+1 day.

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