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Tradejini Demat Account Opening Charges and Details

Incorporated on 2012 by Mr. Kishore Kumar J and Mr. Dinesh Kumar M which have the combined experience of 60 years of stock broking industry. Tradejini is well-known for its world-class services in affordable price. It is a SEBI registered broker and allows you to trade/invest in BSE, NSE, MCX and MCX-SX. You can invest/trade in equity, derivative, currency, commodity and mutual fund through this platform. Currently, online IPO investment facility is not available on this platform but you can invest via net banking of your bank account and Tradejini demat account will hold your allotted shares. Tradejini is popular for its low brokerage in various segment.
• Futures – Equity / Currency / Commodity : Rs.20 per executed order or 0.05% of turnover whichever is lower.
• Options – Equity / Currency : Rs.20 per executed order.
• Delivery – Equity : Rs.20 per executed order or 0.1% of turnover whichever is lower.
• Intraday – Equity : Rs.20 per executed order or 0.05% of turnover whichever is lower.
As a depositary participant of CDSL, Tradejini offers 100% paperless demat and trading account on its platform. Tradejini’s vision is to provide you every modern service in a very affordable price so that you can increase your earning drastically. Tradejini offers many free trading software and tools on its platform such as:
• Omnesys Nest
• NSE Now
• Now Mobile App
• Flash
• Brokerage calculator
• Margin calculator
• Options calculator
• Referral calculator.

Demat Account & its types:

Demat account is the short name of Dematerialisation account. Demat account holds your securities, stocks, government securities, mutual funds, insurance, shares and ETFs in an electronic form by removing the hassles of physical handling and maintenance of paper shares. Usually, you open a demat account with any broker but actually you are opening with National Securities Depositary Limited (NSDL) and Central Depositary Services Limited (CDSL) and broker acts as a mediator between customer and CDSL & NSDL.

Generally, there are 3 types of demat account:

1. Regular Demat Account – This type of demat account is for residing Indian citizens of the country.
2. Repatriable Demat Account – This type of demat account is for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) through which any NRI can transfer money abroad but it needs to link with NRE Bank account.
3. Non-Repatriable Demat Account – This kind of demat account is also for NRIs but it does not allow to transfer money abroad. It needs to linked with NRO Bank account.

Tradejini Demat Account:

As a depositary participant of CDSL, Tradejini offers depositary services on its platform. It provides 2-in-1 account to all traders/investors. Tradejini acts as a mediator between the customer and CDSL. Trading account is required for buying and selling of shares that’s why demat account is accompanied by trading accounts. With the help of Tradejini demat account, you can trade/invest in equity, derivative, currency, mutual funds and commodity.
Tradejini Securities DP Membership ID:
• CDLS – IN – DP – CDSL – 681 – 2013

Tradejini Demat Account Opening Charge:

Tradejini aims to provide you every modern service in a very affordable price, you don’t need to pay any amount on opening of demat account.



Demat Account Opening Charges


Demat AMC



Tradejini Demat Account Charges:

There are various demat account transaction charges such as remat charges, custody charges, pledge request charges and much more in the list.



Life Time Maintenance Charges

Rs.1999 + service tax

Account Maintenance Charges

Rs.300 + service tax

Stamp Charges payable upfront


Custody Charges




Transaction Charges (Market Trades)

Buy (Receive)


Sell (Debit)

Rs.9 + Rs. 5.50 (CDSL charges)

Transaction Charges (Off Market Trades)

Buy (Receive)


Sell (Debit)

0.03% or Rs.15 whichever is higher



Demat (Per certificate)

Rs.2 + Rs.50 as courier charges

Remat (Per ISIN)

Rs.15 + Rs.10 for every 100 shares or flat fee of 10% whichever is higher

Pledge Invocation


Pledge Request

Rs.20 + Rs.12 per request

Unpledge Request

Rs.20 + Rs.12 per request



Periodic Statement


By email



Rs.50 (Courier charges)



Cheque Dishonour charges

Rs.350 per instance

Failed Transactions

Rs.50 per ISIN

Account Closure


Modification in CML

Rs.25 per request

KRA upload/download


First delivery instruction book

Free (10 leaves)

Every additional booklet (10 leaves)

Rs.50 courier charges

Transfer through ‘easiest’ online




Adhoc/Non-periodic statement


By email

Rs.50 per request


Rs.50 per request upto 10 pages. Every additional page at Rs.5 + Rs.50 courier charges.


Why to choose Tradejini to open Demat Account?

• Online investment facility in equity, derivative, currency, commodity and mutual fund.
• Online management.
• Instant 100% paperless demat account opening process.
• Full security.
• Inter DP transfer facility.
• Hold IPO shares and mutual funds.
• Allows you to trade in BSE, NSE and MCX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, call and trade facility is available on Tradejini platform, you need to call at +91-80-26086600 and request executive to place order in place of his/her.
No, Tradejini offers zero balance amount, there is no need to maintain any balance to trade.
Equity, Currency and Commodity Derivatives: T+1 day Equity Cash segment: T+2 days
Yes, Tradejini offers advisory services to their clients.
Under this segment, stocks are compulsory settled by delivery. For intraday trades, netting off is not allowed.
Kindly follow the below steps: • One can call us at +91-80-40204020 or submit a request at for the procurement of client master report (CMR) from Tradejini. • Post procuring the report, submit it to the other broker from whom you intend to transfer the stock along with a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS). • Kindly procure a delivery instruction slip (DIS) from the other broker, fill and submit it to the same broker. • DIS is a document instructing a broker to initiate transfer of shares from current demat to another demat account. • On receiving CMR & DIS, other broker will transfer the securities to Tradejini demat account. • CMR includes following documents – Bank details, client name, date of birth, depositary participant client id, depositary participant id, email id, mobile number, nominee details, permanent and communication address.
Call and trade is offered by broker as it is an alternate option to place orders in which broker will trade in place of their client when any client call and allow the trader to place order.
In-Person Verification (IPV) is regulatory requirement by SEBI to verify the authenticity of applicant before activating a demat/trading account.
Yes, Tradejini offers technical analysis tools such as indicators, study-lines and scanners.
Tradejini has started a referral program wherein any client (referrer) who refers a new client (referee) will get 10% of the brokerage paid by the referee client for lifetime.
Buy today & sell tomorrow (BTST) is applicable when any investor buys the stock today which is ‘T’ day and sells it to next day which is T+1 day.

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