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Sharekhan Mobile App Review - Features, Demo, Download

Sharekhan is among the largest stock brokers in India. It was incorporated in the year 2000 and provides its brokerage services by its website. It has grown immensely since last 10 years and now is considered as the leading stock broker of India. The stock broker provides its services to almost all kind of customers that includes investors, traders, corporate, institutional and NRIs. It provides its trade execution facilities for the Equity Cash and derivatives segments on BSE and NSE, commodity facilities on MCX and NCDEX.
The stock broker provides various investor education programs to its customers. It provides the in-person trading assistance to all of its customers. It provides a wide range of trading software and tools for the customers in order to trade online. It provides the flexibility to its customers to choose trading platform which suits the needs of the customer.

Sharekhan Mobile App
Sharekhan Mobile app is a trading application from Sharekhan. It offers trading facility from anywhere, anytime and in any segment. It is a advanced software that is well designed to offer trading services at BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. It allows trading in various segments such as equity, equity F&O, Currency F&O and Commodities. The application is available for free to all the customers.
The Sharekhan mobile trading application carries major expectations from clients and for the potential comes to performance, user experience and analysis. The Sharekhan trading app with their brand name is the much better version than its earlier mobile apps.

Stand out features of Sharekhan Application
1. It provides online trading on various platforms such as smartphone, Tablets an iPAD. It allows trading in Equity Cash, Derivatives or Currency derivatives and Commodities at MCX and NCDEX.
2. It provides order book to track orders.
3. You can find and use technical indicators from the number of technical indicators available.
4. It has easy and fluent investment in mutual funds SIP.
5. It analyses the market and take informative decisions to buy or sell the stocks.
6. It allows trading in commodities segment also.
7. It avails its customers with free trading classes and tutorials at Sharekhan. Classrooms are available to improve trading knowledge.

Sharekhan Mobile Trading App Demo
Before you stick to a mobile application, one must be aware of all the features that this platform provides in terms of research analysis, data points, portfolio management, charting, customizations, market monitoring and much more.
It is for the mobile application that place your trades and make money in the stock market. If the mobile app itself fails to deliver then it simply implies to have gone to war with a broker gun. Some of the various features of mobile trading app are:

1. The home screen of the application provides an idea of the stock market indices from a macro level.

2. The Market watch feature user can select any particular scrip, check details and charts at the fundamental and technical level, view percentage and monetary change in the stock value.

3. The application is connected directly to the multiple feeds in order to provide news around the stock market, commodity or IPO space. With a single click, the customer can view the detailed information around specific news.

4. The user prefers to perform a detailed analysis. The application allows the users to have the option to view charts that includes line, bar, Candlestick of scrips for a particular day, week, months or years back. The charts have features such as tracker ball and advanced chart studies.

5. The advanced feature and option search are available for the users that are looking to perform derivative trading.
6. The mobile app allows trading in Currency. It was previously missing in the older version of application.
7. The users can receive information on the top 52-week gainers, losers with the data on the top turnover stocks and the top volume sold stocks over a period of last one year. All the data points play an important role for the trader deciding on the specific stocks to invest or trade-in.
8. The Pattern finder feature helps to save time and understand latest trading ideas based on the objective calculation daily.

Benefits of using Sharekhan Mobile App
1. It provides the extra security layers brought in to solve the problems that are stated in the previous versions.
2. It provides an excellent user experience to its customers in terms of navigation, additional user clicks and overall usability.
3. It has made fund transfers easy for pay-in and pay-out.
4. It offers much higher number of features and thus it provides more options to carry out the analysis.
5. It allows to put different type of orders such as bracket order, normal order, After-market orders, Sell against Margin order as well.
6. It personalizes the default screen as you log in to the application and pick any screen from options including home, market movers, market watch and portfolio.
7. It provides easy access to the news feed, research reports and tips the right on the application.
8. Customers wishing to invest in mutual funds, the application allows them to start, modify or pause your SIPs any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case the customer forgot or lost their Sharekhan Login Id then they can get it back on their mobile or mail id at any time just by submitting an online request. Steps to recover Sharekhan Login ID are: • Visit the Sharekhan Website. • Select the login or trade option in the top right. • Click on the Forgot Id. • Now, check on login Id. • Enter the mobile number and mail. • Validate the Captcha code. • Click on the Submit Option, then the login will be sent to their mobile or mail as per their choice.
Yes, Sharekhan offers mutual funds SIP services.
Good-For-day is the validation period of order with Sharekhan. The orders that are placed under GFD are valid until the market closes on the day of the placing order and it will be executed as soon as the set price is available.
No, Sharekhan do not offer the forex trading facility.
Sharekhan is known for bringing the new and innovative ways of investment. It helps its customers to earn more profits in the near future. It is a very trustworthy firm and one must feel safe being under them.
Trade Tiger is the Sharekhan desktop trading platform.
Sharekhan works on various platforms and this makes it very convenient for the users. It provides a pretty solid mobile trading facility. The platform works on high speed advancement and gets the work done in no time.
In order to open a trading account with Sharekhan, the account opening is free.
Sharekhan offers four types of accounts to suit the customers need: • First Step (For Beginners) • Classic (For Investors) • Trade Tight (for Active Traders) • Advisory (For HNIs)
Yes, while the bidding for the IPO shares is open, the customers can modify or cancel the IPO application placed online.
Pay-in options include Cheque, Online Bank Transfer via IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, UPI, Net banking/Payment Gateway from Reliance Smart Money Platform. Pay-out/Fund Withdrawal- Bank Transfers only.
Sharekhan is a depository participant with both NSDL and CDSL depositories. The customers can choose from one of the depositories at the time of account opening. The Sharekhan DP Id on which depository you have the account with. Sharekhan DP Ids for NSDL and CDSL are: NSDL DP Id: IN300513 CDSL Id: 12036000
No, Sharekhan is not free. The company charges brokerage and other fees for its services.
It is a part of Stop Loss order. When an individual places a stop loss order then you are required to enter two types of prices i.e. Trigger price and Limit Price. The stop loss order gets activated when the price of a security reaches or crosses the trigger price. The order is executed at the limit price as mentioned.
Yes, Sharekhan provides day trading and it increases the chance of doing excellent business of luring the customers in who are just as willing to put their money into action.
There are two ways to open an account with Sharekhan: • Request a call back from Sharekhan representative for account opening. • Now, visit the local branch or request a call back and their sales representative will call you in some time.
No, the users can’t utilize the trading account allocated funds for IPO. But they can transfer fund between the trading account and IPO account.
Yes, this stock broker provides news and live market alerts.
No, Sharekhan does not allows to have multiple trading accounts with the same.
Yes, Sharekhan provides the quarterly reports of equity and mutual funds.

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