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Enhance Your Trading Experience with Paytm Money: Top Trading Software at Garv Thakur


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Paytm Money Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Paytm Money is the sensation of new era in the field of share market. Established in 2017 as a discount broker of India, Paytm money started their services as a direct mutual fund investment platform, as of now it enables you to invest in equity stocks, IPO, ETFs, Mutual Fund and Digital Gold. You can also invest in mutual funds on a weekly or monthly basis by using SIP feature. Paytm Money trading software platforms are very well organised platform where you can enhance your wealthy journey. 

Paytm Money Trading Software 2024

Paytm Money Trading software Online Features helps you to keep track of your favourite companies by using watchlist and get access to real time market data like top gainers or losers, different indices, drawing tools etc. Paytm Money Trading Software requirements is that you must have an account in Paytm money. Paytm Money trading software login can be done using Paytm money account login credentials. Paytm money trading software charges are nil. Paytm Money trading software API is also available free of cost.

Paytm money trading software offers various features to make your trading and investing experience better. Paytm money trading software 2017 was the very first launched version of Paytm money trading software. Paytm Money Trading Software User guide and Paytm trading platform review is given below. Currently, there are two Paytm money trading platform available to users for free.
1. Paytm Money Web Trading Platform (Browser Based).
2. Paytm Money App (Mobile application).

Paytm Money Web

It is a Paytm Money trading software web which is compatible across all supported web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. It works on mobile web and Paytm Money Trading software desktop as Paytm Money Trading software windows supports it well. It has Paytm money guest login facility so that users can check Paytm Money trading software demo. Paytm Money trading software shares and enables facility to invest in Equity, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Digital Gold and IPO.

Paytm Money Web Features
• Fully digital, 100% paperless.
• Invest in Equity, Mutual funds, IPO, Digital Gold and ETFs.
• Access to real time market data.
• Access to advanced chart and tools.
• Maps availability.
• You can view multiple scrip.
• Smooth and user-friendly.

Paytm Money App

It is a mobile based Paytm Money Trading software Application through which you can trade in different segments from anywhere. Paytm Money Trading Software Download is easy and free. Any Android or iOS user can download Paytm money mobile trading app from Google Play store or Apple App Store respectively.

Paytm Money App Features
• Make your own customize watchlist.
• Technical indicators and drawing tools.
• Trade or invest from any place across the India.
• Hassle free and very easy to use.
• 100% paperless KYC.
• Price alert notification.
• Invest in multiple segments in one click.
• Great Design and clean user interface.
• No need to pay any charge to download and access the Paytm Money App.

Paytm Money GTT Orders

Apart from the above trading software, Paytm money also offers GTT order facility. GTT stands for Good Till Triggered. It will get triggered only when the stock fulfils your required conditions. GTT orders can get executed anytime within a year once the set price is reached. GTT orders has a validity of 1 year and users can place both buy and sell orders. Paytm money GTT order charges are zero which means it does not charge any additional amount to provide GTT order facility to their customers.

Steps to place a GTT order in Paytm Money
1. Select any stock to place GTT order.
2. Click on Stock and go to GTT section under instructions
3. Fill the trigger price and other order details and then create GTT.


Paytm Money trading software works well and are very convenient to use and investors can invest in any segment. Paytm Money software is a transparent platform whose motive is to make investment and trading simple and hassle free. Paytm money trading software price is zero so that anyone can trade or invest from anywhere is just a click. Paytm trading app review is also good. Users can watch the Paytm Money trading software video or Paytm money trading software tutorial on YouTube as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paytm Money has a user-friendly trading app that can be used seamlessly for trading orders. Their trading app is easy to use and has loads of awesome features, available to iOS as well as Android users.
Paytm Money is a new Company , As a being a discount broker, Paytm Money is highly affordable and accessible for beginners as well as experienced customers.
Paytm money app helps users to trade and invest using their smartphones. Paytm money offers two Paytm money app i.e., Paytm money mobile trading app and Paytm Money MF (Mutual fund).
Brokerage charges on Paytm money is low i.e., ₹15 per executed order. It is good for trading.
There is Zero Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for Demat Account and Trading account. AMC is charged to maintain the accounts.
Paytm money discount broker charges flat brokerage and it is generally considered safe for trading.
Brokerage for Paytm money trading is charged @₹15 per executed order. Users can also find brokerage calculator in Paytm money website.
Yes, it is very important to complete your KYC verification on Paytm Money .
Paytm money provides good services in stock trading with low Paytm brokerage charges.
Paytm Money is a depository participant with Central Securities Depositories Limited (CDSL) to provide depository services (demat services) to the customers. Depository charges are charged to provide demat services.
It is a very safe and coherent platform to do trading and investments .
Intraday brokerage charges Paytm money is ₹15 per executed order. All open intraday orders are auto squared-off at the end of the day.
As per the services provided by paytm money and reviews, it is considered safe as a reliable stock broker of India.
Yes, Paytm money is discounted brokerage house of India. Paytm money stock broker is a subsidiary of Noida-based One97 Communications, the company that owns Paytm.
Yes. You can buy/sell Mutual Funds if you have an account with Paytm Money. You can also get upto 1% higher returns with direct plans.
Paytm money app brokerage charges or Paytm money brokerage trading charges is ₹15 per executed order.
On Paytm Money, you can start your SIP as low as ₹100 .
No, it is not permitted to invest through credit card at Paytm Money .
You can trade in Paytm money using Paytm money mobile app or Paytm money web browser.
No. Paytm Money doesn't provide trading tips for stock and commodity trading.
Paytm Money charges ₹10 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivative products. Options trading is used in hedging or reducing the risk exposure of the portfolio.
Delivery Charges is a fee charged by the stock exchanges for trades done through them. Most brokers include clearing charges to it. These charges can be seen in the contract note.
As per paytm money stock broking review, it is considered safe.
Paytm money demat account opening charges and AMC are zero. But there are other demat services charges applicable.
Download Paytm money mobile app and sign in using Paytm account login details. Complete the Paytm money KYC, uploaded the required documents and complete rest of the process to open Paytm money account.
It is not permitted to invest via Paytm wallet. You can invest via Net banking, UPI and Debit card of your verified account.