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Seamless Beginnings: Garv Thakur's Guide to Paytm Money Account Opening


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Paytm Money Account Opening Review – Process and Charges

Paytm Money Limited is one of the India’s largest discount brokerage platforms and a brand of One97 communications Limited. Paytm money account opening offer services in equity trading, Mutual funds, IPO, ETFs, Digital Gold on its platform. Paytm Money is a SEBI registered fully digital platform and a proud member of BSE and NSE. Paytm money brokerage charges start from ₹15 per executed order. Paytm Money demat and trading account contains a wide range of features with no hidden charges.

Paytm Money Account Opening Charges



Paytm Money Trading Account Opening Charges


Paytm Money Trading Account AMC


Paytm Money Demat Account Opening Charges


Paytm Money Demat Account AMC


AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Charges. Paytm money annual maintenance charges are zero.

Paytm Money Account Opening 2024

Facility of Paytm Money Account opening available for all existing Paytm users and non-paytm users. If you do not have a Paytm account, you can easily open Paytm account online by registering your mobile number. Paytm Money account opening annual charges is nil. Paytm Money account opening application process is very easy as it offers complete online and hassle-free account opening service. Paytm Money offers demat as well as trading account to its customers. Paytm Money is a depositary participant of CDSL and also provides various demat services to their customers.

Paytm Money Account Opening Benefits

Paytm money account opening features are given below:
• 100% paperless.
• Zero demat account opening charges.
• Low brokerage charges.
• Zero Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC).
• You can invest in Equity, Derivative, IPO, Digital Gold and Mutual Funds.
• Online account opening and digital KYC.
• Brand of E-commerce giant One97 communications ltd.
• Fully transparent with No hidden charges.

Paytm Money Account Opening Documents

As Paytm Money account opening process is fully digital procedure, you don’t need to submit the physical documents to the broker office. Take the clear picture of the required document and upload it in the required tab. List of the documents required to open Paytm money account is given below:
• Pan Card.
• Aadhaar Card.
• Passport size photograph.
• Cancel cheque or passbook front page.
• Clear picture of your signature in a white paper.
• One video recording for IPV.

How to Open Paytm Money Account?

Paytm Money account online opening includes both Paytm money trading account and Paytm Money Demat account opening process. It helps you to open account in Paytm money faster and easier. Paytm Money Account opening form is available on the official website of Paytm money. Paytm Money Account opening guide and procedure is explained well below. Paytm Money account opening procedure consist of mainly 3 stages.

Follow the below steps to open a Paytm money demat and trading account:
1. Download the Paytm Money App from Google Play Store or App Store or open Paytm money account opening link
2. Enter your email id and mobile number.
3. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number and click ‘I want faster access’.
4. For Paytm Money KYC verification, submit all the required documents.
5. Enter your trading experience and trading preference to complete the stock onboarding process.
6. Complete the procedure of Aadhar based E-sign on the account opening form.
7. Broker will register your details with the exchange and CDSL. Once registration gets completed, you will get the notification of account activation.

At every stage of account opening, you need to submit the required details.
Stage 1: KYC Verification
1. Enter your Pan number as well as upload a clear picture of Pan Card.
2. Enter your personal details like your full name, marital status, gender, parent’s name, date of birth, profession.
3. Upload a clear picture of your signed signature in a white paper and save it.
4. Upload your passport size photograph.
5. Upload a 5 second video of introducing yourself to complete the In-Person Verification (IPV) process and click submit.
6. Enter your address and upload a clear picture of your Aadhar card.
7. Add your nominee’s name (optional).
8. Declare your tax status and annual income.
9. Fill your bank details like IFSC code and bank account number.
10. Verify your bank details by uploading a clear picture of cancel cheque or passbook front page.
11. Under the stocks tab, click explore and then click on start investing.
12. Click on start, open my account.
Once you see the green tick on your KYC status with a message as ‘Your details are successfully verified then you can move to another stage.

Stage 2: Stock Market Onboarding
1. After completing KYC verification, click on complete now and you will get the pre-filled application form.
2. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click submit.
3. Select the trading segment and exchange.
4. Fill your trading experience.
5. Upload the clear picture of your dark inked signed signature in a white paper.
Once you see the green tick on the second stage with a message as ‘Your details are successfully verified, you can proceed further to complete the next stage.

Stage 3: Account Opening Form (AOF)
1. Click on complete option to E-sign the AOF.
2. Enter your Aadhar number on the NSDL E-sign portal and click send OTP.
3. Enter the OTP received on your Aadhar linked mobile number.
Paytm Money will register your account with exchanges and CDSL and you will get the account opening activation details shortly.

Paytm Money Account Closure Form

To start Paytm Money account closing process, you need to clear all the dues with the broker and also transfer your securities, if any, to another demat account. For Paytm Money Account Close online follow these steps:
1. Under the support section in stock market product, click on download centres.
2. Download Account Closure Request Form.
3. Enter your client id, name, reason for the closure and sign it.
4. Attach a copy of the ledger.
5. Raise a deletion request.

Paytm Money customer support executive will contact you for the verification of the account closure request. Paytm money account opening and earn feature is also available. You can also watch Paytm money account opening video on Paytm money account opening YouTube. For any query, you can contact on Paytm money account opening email address.
Paytm money account opening email ID -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paytm Money has a user-friendly trading app that can be used seamlessly for trading orders. Their trading app is easy to use and has loads of awesome features, available to iOS as well as Android users.
Paytm Money is a new Company , As a being a discount broker, Paytm Money is highly affordable and accessible for beginners as well as experienced customers.
Paytm money app helps users to trade and invest using their smartphones. Paytm money offers two Paytm money app i.e., Paytm money mobile trading app and Paytm Money MF (Mutual fund).
Brokerage charges on Paytm money is low i.e., ₹15 per executed order. It is good for trading.
There is Zero Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) for Demat Account and Trading account. AMC is charged to maintain the accounts.
Paytm money discount broker charges flat brokerage and it is generally considered safe for trading.
Brokerage for Paytm money trading is charged @₹15 per executed order. Users can also find brokerage calculator in Paytm money website.
Yes, it is very important to complete your KYC verification on Paytm Money .
Paytm money provides good services in stock trading with low Paytm brokerage charges.
Paytm Money is a depository participant with Central Securities Depositories Limited (CDSL) to provide depository services (demat services) to the customers. Depository charges are charged to provide demat services.
It is a very safe and coherent platform to do trading and investments .
Intraday brokerage charges Paytm money is ₹15 per executed order. All open intraday orders are auto squared-off at the end of the day.
As per the services provided by paytm money and reviews, it is considered safe as a reliable stock broker of India.
Yes, Paytm money is discounted brokerage house of India. Paytm money stock broker is a subsidiary of Noida-based One97 Communications, the company that owns Paytm.
Yes. You can buy/sell Mutual Funds if you have an account with Paytm Money. You can also get upto 1% higher returns with direct plans.
Paytm money app brokerage charges or Paytm money brokerage trading charges is ₹15 per executed order.
On Paytm Money, you can start your SIP as low as ₹100 .
No, it is not permitted to invest through credit card at Paytm Money .
You can trade in Paytm money using Paytm money mobile app or Paytm money web browser.
No. Paytm Money doesn't provide trading tips for stock and commodity trading.
Paytm Money charges ₹10 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity options trading. Options are highly leveraged derivative products. Options trading is used in hedging or reducing the risk exposure of the portfolio.
Delivery Charges is a fee charged by the stock exchanges for trades done through them. Most brokers include clearing charges to it. These charges can be seen in the contract note.
As per paytm money stock broking review, it is considered safe.
Paytm money demat account opening charges and AMC are zero. But there are other demat services charges applicable.
Download Paytm money mobile app and sign in using Paytm account login details. Complete the Paytm money KYC, uploaded the required documents and complete rest of the process to open Paytm money account.
It is not permitted to invest via Paytm wallet. You can invest via Net banking, UPI and Debit card of your verified account.