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Edelweiss Trading Software Review | Features, Demo and Downloads


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Edelweiss Trading Software Review - Features and Demo

Edelweiss is a full-service stock broker that was incorporated in the year 2008. It is Mumbai-based full-service stock-broking firm. This company is the part of renowned Edelweiss Group which was incorporated in 1995 and is a leading diversified financial service company. Edelweiss demat account review offers and facilitates its customers to invest and trade in almost all the major asset classes such as Equity Debt, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Currency Derivative, Commodities and Futures and Options.

Edelweiss trading review offers several investment advices that is backed by the research and analysis to the Edelweiss customers across the asset classes, trading styles and the time horizons. Edelweiss has the best array of the trading platforms that are available for all the mediums such as Mobile App, website and desktop trading software. Edelweiss trading API helps to in automatic trading to minimize your trading time.

Edelweiss reviews have developed its strong presence across the India with more than 475 offices in almost 200 locations. It has developed 11,398 employees catering more than 12 lakh clients across various businesses. Swing trader software reviews offers swing trading software review for swing traders.

Edelweiss trading platform review

Edelweiss avails its customers with various trading platforms that helps the customers to trade in an effective manner with ease. Various trading platforms provided by Edelweiss are:
1. Edelweiss Trading Website.
2. Edelweiss TX3 software.
3. Edelweiss Mobile Trader.

Edelweiss trading app review have following mentioned trading software for different user requirement.

a) Edelweiss Mobile Trader:

This trading software is an award-winning full-fledged smartphone trading application that is available for all the users free of cost. Using this single application further helps the customer to track markets, transact and monitor all on a single platform. Edelweiss trading plans offers various trading capabilities i.e. to trade or invest on NSE, BSE in Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency, Mutual Funds, NCDs and Bonds.

Features of Edelweiss Mobile Trader

Edelweiss app use may give you the following listed features for trading:
1) It has the detailed comprehensive market information.
2) Edelweiss platform provides live streaming data various exchanges NSE, BSE & MCX for all the users free of cost.
3) trading software review provides various live news on the application before television.
4) Trading software reviews has stock screeners that has filter stocks as per the defined metrics.
5) Edelweiss trading platform demo provides various advanced charting with more than 17 technical indicators.
6) Edelweiss trading platform login provides secure the fund transfer facility with UPI.
7) It provides the creation of customized watchlist up to 100 stocks.
8) It helps in monitoring the P/L of its open positions from anywhere.
9) It allows investment in mutual funds that includes saving taxes ELSS funds from the same application.

Edelweiss software download process is easy and simple. Edelweiss nest trader software download from the official website of the edelweiss to trade across all trading segments according to the traders’ requirements.

b) Edelweiss Trading Website:

It is a free online trading platform that offers various trading and investment services in the multiple financial products such as Equity, Equity derivatives, commodity derivatives and mutual funds. Edelweiss trading website is specially designed for the enthusiastic investors as it allows portfolio tracking, latest news on the assets, instant fund transfer facility that leverages the latest technology.

Edelweiss open trading account provides the super easy Portfolio Organizer where the customer can manage and will further track all the portfolios access brokers at one place. It also has Guided portfolios that allows the customers to achieve an individual investment goals whether it be starting a SIP for the tax savings or to plan their children’s education.

The Small case on the Edelweiss is a thematic investment enables the investors to make investment in equity baskets across the ideas and themes. Edelweiss trading app for pc also facilitates its customers with a reporting section that empowers the traders and investors to view the reports across trade, Holdings, P&L, Tax and charges. Therefore, it serves as a one stop solution for all of the customer needs. Edelweiss online trading software download or swing trading software free.

c) Edelweiss tx3 desktop trading software-

Installable Edelweiss desktop trading software that has analytical features to traders. Edelweiss trading platform download free to utilize all the features from google play store.

Features of Edelweiss software for pc:
1) Comprehensive Market information- It provides the in-depth market analysis among the different markets with data in advance-decline ratio, trends in FII and DII flow, open interest analysis, option chain, etc.
2) Advance Charting feature- It provides the real-time charting feature with more than 60 technical indicators and drawing tools.
3) Multiple Reports- Edelweiss online trading app helps in viewing and downloading various reports such as ledger, Transaction history, DP Bills, etc.
4) Live Market Tracker- It has a live market tracker that automatically updates whenever a stock hits the high/low or Resistance/support levels.
5) Live News- Edelweiss software provides access to live news to helps the customers to gain from each profitable market situation.
6) Tools- It provides various tools such as event calendar, option calculator to make informed decisions.

Edelweiss trading software download

Users can easily do Edelweiss share trading software download with zero Edelweiss trading app charges through google play store and iPhone users can download through App store or if you find any issue regarding the same then contact at Edelweiss trading customer care number: 1800 102 3335


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It offers an online IPO applications to its customers. It offers an early opportunity to buy the shares of companies that are not previously traded publicly.
Edelweiss charge ₹10 per executed order for the equity delivery trade. These trades are also termed as cash and carry trades or CNC.
It is a diversified financial service provider that engage in providing the investment banking and advisory services and holdings.
Edelweiss charges ₹0 Annual Maintenance Charge for trading account and ₹500 (from 1st year) for a demat account. AMC amount is charged to maintain the accounts.
CNC refers to cash and carry. This product is selected for the delivery-based trading.
Yes, Edelweiss provides various trading tips for the stock and commodity trading to its customers.
Edelweiss charges ₹10 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.
It charges ₹190 per crore i.e. 0.00019%.
Edelweiss charges ₹10 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity options trading. The options are highly leveraged derivative products.
Yes, the customer can buy or sell mutual funds if they already hold an account with Edelweiss.
The square-off time for opening all Intraday positions is at 3:00 PM.
Cover order can be squared off by selecting the cover order in the order book and then clicking on the Exit button.
No, Edelweiss is a full-service broker providing its services across various segments.
Yes, the new traders can rely on Edelweiss and can start their journey using this stock broker.
Edelweiss charge ₹10 per executed order for Intra-day trades. Such orders are also known as the Intraday Margin Square-up or MIS orders.
No, Edelweiss is a full-service broker providing its services across various segments.

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