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Edelweiss Review 2024 | Brokerage Charges, Margin, and Details


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Edelweiss Review | Brokerage Charges, Account Opening

Edelweiss trading limited is a full-service stock broker that was incorporated in the year 2008. It is Mumbai-based full-service stock-broking firm. Edelweiss online share trading is the part of renowned Edelweiss Group which was incorporated in 1995 and is a leading diversified financial service company. Edelweiss broking offers Edelweiss margin trading facilitates its customers to invest and trade in almost all the major asset classes such as Equity Debt, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Currency Derivative, Commodities and Edelweiss option trading by open Edelweiss trading account.

Edelweiss share trading view offers several investment advices that is backed by the research and analysis to the Edelweiss share trading app customers across the asset classes, trading styles and the time horizons. Edelweiss share trading app has the best array of the Edelweiss online trading software that are available for all the mediums such as Mobile App, website and desktop trading software. Edelweiss algo trading by using Edelweiss trading API is also available for its users through Edelweiss stock trading app. Edelweiss trading terminal has developed its strong presence across the India with more than 475 offices in almost 200 locations. Edelweiss online trading portal has developed 11,398 employees catering more than 12 lakh clients across various businesses. Edelweiss demat and trading account charges are also zero.

Types of Account in Edelweiss Stock Trading Company

The Edelweiss provides three types of brokerages plans to meet the needs of traders.
1. Discount Brokerage Plan (Edelweiss Lite)- Edelweiss share trading login is considered as the next generation online trading plan for the customers who can make trading online with the help of various tools and with the minimal support of the broker. This plan offers trading services at the ultra-low brokerage fees of flat ₹10 per executed order in almost all the trading segments at BSE, NSE and MCX.

2. Edelweiss Lite- In this plan, the customer is charged with a percentage of the trade value as the brokerage. Edelweiss web trading offers the complete personalized trading experience by providing the relationship managers without any extra cost charged.

3. Advance Subscription plans- Edelweiss proprietary trading is an advanced subscription or prepaid plan that the customers have to pay a lumpsum amount for the upfront of 12 months. The brokerage can be charged under the prepaid plans that are much low than that of the standard plan. It is for the active traders that also provide personal relationship manager, high leverage, free research and training. It charges low brokerage that includes the plan itself. margin trading in Edelweiss and Edelweiss trading brokerage charges offers seamless trading experience to its customers.

Charges of Edelweiss Stock Trading Firm

The charges of the Edelweiss are charged as per the different plans of the stock broker:
1. Account Opening Fees and AMC.
2. Edelweiss Lite Plan Charges.
3. Edelweiss Elite Plan Charges.

Edelweiss online trading App

Edelweiss trading & holdings limited avails its customers with various Edelweiss trading platform review that helps the customers to trade in an effective manner with ease. Various trading platforms provided by Edelweiss are:
1. Edelweiss Trading Website.
2. Edelweiss Xpress.
3. Edelweiss Xtreme Trader.
4. Edelweiss Mobile Trader.

You can easily do edelweiss trading platform download to use Edelweiss trading app for pc to start trading in your favorite stocks. Edelweiss mobile trading app demo are also available on its website. Edelweiss trading charges are also zero to its users.

Advantages of Edelweiss Stock broker

1. It is a full-service broker that offers various discount brokerage plan.
2. It provides the flat ₹10 per executed Edelweiss trading brokerage charges across all trading segments.
3. It avails the customers with the free research, trading tips and recommendations.
4. It provides an instant paperless Edelweiss online trading facility.
5. Edelweiss trading platform login Edelweiss trading portal provides excellent trading software that work smoothly on mobile and desktop.
6. Edelweiss algo trading login provides various online IPO investment services.
7. Edelweiss trading plans provides high leverage facilities across the cash, F&O and the CDS segments.
8. It provides relationship managers and various add-on services such as PMS to its customers.

Disadvantages of Edelweiss Stock Broker

1. This broker does not allow to pull Bracket Order (BO) and Good-Till cancelled (GTC) orders.
2. It charges a high minimum brokerage as 3 paisa per share in delivery and 1 paisa per share on the Intraday and Futures.
3. It avails its customers with Call and Trade at an additional cost of ₹20 per call.
4. It charges ₹50 per month for the research calls and trading tips.

How to close Edelweiss trading account?

In order to close Edelweiss demat and trading account, you will have to duly fill and sign the account closure form and submit the same in hard copy to your Relationship Manager/ Equity Advisor or to a branch nearest to you. Both trading and demat accounts should have NIL balance (debit/credit) in order to process the closure request. The original hard copy of Edelweiss demat and trading account closure form can be submitted to your Relationship Manager/ Equity Advisor or to a branch nearest to you or you can contact to Edelweiss trading customer care number. If you have any issue Edelweiss trading account login then you can contact to Edelweiss trading contact number 18001023335.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It offers an online IPO applications to its customers. It offers an early opportunity to buy the shares of companies that are not previously traded publicly.
Edelweiss charge ₹10 per executed order for the equity delivery trade. These trades are also termed as cash and carry trades or CNC.
It is a diversified financial service provider that engage in providing the investment banking and advisory services and holdings.
Edelweiss charges ₹0 Annual Maintenance Charge for trading account and ₹500 (from 1st year) for a demat account. AMC amount is charged to maintain the accounts.
CNC refers to cash and carry. This product is selected for the delivery-based trading.
Yes, Edelweiss provides various trading tips for the stock and commodity trading to its customers.
Edelweiss charges ₹10 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity futures trading.
It charges ₹190 per crore i.e. 0.00019%.
Edelweiss charges ₹10 per executed order for equity, currency and commodity options trading. The options are highly leveraged derivative products.
Yes, the customer can buy or sell mutual funds if they already hold an account with Edelweiss.
The square-off time for opening all Intraday positions is at 3:00 PM.
Cover order can be squared off by selecting the cover order in the order book and then clicking on the Exit button.
No, Edelweiss is a full-service broker providing its services across various segments.
Yes, the new traders can rely on Edelweiss and can start their journey using this stock broker.
Edelweiss charge ₹10 per executed order for Intra-day trades. Such orders are also known as the Intraday Margin Square-up or MIS orders.
No, Edelweiss is a full-service broker providing its services across various segments.

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