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Honest Insights: Samco Broker Review on Garv Thakur's Platform


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Samco Review | Brokerage Charges, Account Opening

Incorporated in 2015, Samco is a Mumbai based stockbroker of India that took over Samruddhi Stock Brokers Limited and renamed it to Samco Securities Limited. Founded by Mr. Jimeet Modi, Samco is one of the fastest growing stock brokers of India. samco securities is a SEBI registered company and a proud member of BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX. Stock basket Samco review offers a wide range of flexible products and services that’s why Samco has been rewarded by CNBC-Awaaz in 2019 as ‘India’s Best Equity Broking House’.

Samco Securities Brokerage Charges

Samco Securities charges brokerage @flat Rs.20 per executed order on buying and selling of shares. Brokerage charges are very flexible without any hidden charges. For brokerage calculator Samco or intraday margin calculator Samco visit the Samco website.



Equity Delivery

Rs.20 or 0.20% per trade whichever is lower

Equity Intraday

Rs.20 or 0.20% per trade whichever is lower

Equity Futures

Rs.20 or 0.20% per trade whichever is lower

Equity Options

Rs.20 or 0.20% per trade whichever is lower

Currency Futures

Rs.20 or 0.20% per trade whichever is lower

Currency Options

Rs.20 or 0.20% per trade whichever is lower


Rs.20 or 0.20% per trade whichever is lower


What is samco securities?

Samco trading review discount brokers is one of the biggest of India and depositary participant of CDSL. In review of Samco securities provides the facility to invest in equity, currency, debentures, bonds, ETFs, commodity and F&O on its platform. Below we mention Samco broker review on different topics.

Brokerage in Samco is very minimum brokerage of flat Rs. 20 per executed order without any hidden charges and conditions. Samco is an online digital platform known for its lowest brokerage, demat account, flexible products, margin funding, higher exposure and free trading software. Samco charges Rs.0 on demat/trading account opening with free annual maintenance on demat account. In Samco 5 Star rating stocks with highest leverage up to 15x on more than 500 stocks available on its platform.

What is Samco mutual fund?

Samco offers Mutual Fund investment services to customers through a software or platform known as ‘Rank MF’. If we talk about Samco mutual fund with the help of Samco’s ‘Rank MF’, you can invest in more than 2900 mutual funds which are rated and ranked on different parameters. SAMCO Mutual Fund Review is the only mutual fund research engine to provide mutual fund rankings which are ranked on basis of more than 20 million poin ts.
SAMCO NFO Review – Samco launched first NFO fund offer with Flexi Cap Fund on Janurary 2024.

SAMCO Demat Account Review

Samco India is well-known for its ultra-low brokerage charges which is flat Rs.20 per executed order for all segments. Samco login offers many free trading software and tools so that you can trade at any place across India. It provides leverage facility and gtt order in Samco with many marginal products available on SAMCO.


IPO Samco is the first stockbroker who had launched the country’s first capital market league known as Indian Trading League (ITL), inaugurated by legend Mr. Kapil Dev (Former captain of Indian Cricket Team. SAMCO offers online IPO services so that you can invest in upcoming ipo Samco companies. You need a trading or demat account on SAMCO to avail this beneficial service and to know about amc charges of Samco or dp charges in Samco you can visit the Samco website.

Samco Securities Account Opening Charges

Samco is fully dedicated to provide you extraordinary services in affordable price. You can open demat and trading account or Samco 3 in 1 account on Samco Securities without paying any charges.

Type of Account


Demat Account

Rs.0 (Free)

Trading Account

Rs.0 (Free)

Demat Account AMC


Trading Account AMC

Rs.0 (Free)

Samco Securities Ltd Margin Products

SAMCO Securities Review provides every best service in affordable price. There are 3 types of margin/exposure products offered by Samco Securities Ltd which are as follows:
1. Cashplus- This unique facility allows its investors up to 4x equity delivery leverage on more than 300 stocks at an interest rate of 0.05% per day. For example, if you have Rs.50,000 in your account then with the help of Cashplus facility, you can buy shares of worth Rs. 200,000.
2. Stockplus- This facility provides margin against shares for intraday or delivery trades. Investors can use holdings of their demat account to get the margin. Stockplus facility allows you to trade with Rs.0 balance in your trading account.
3. Instaplus- This facility is available for the equity derivative segment and currency derivative segment. Investors get the margin against the shares which they trade during a day.

Samco user id Platform Review

Samco Securities offers free online trading software to their clients. One can trade from any place across India. Here I am sharing Samco trading app review in some points.
1. Samco Trader (Omnesys Nest Trader)- Samco trader is a desktop-based trading terminal. Omnesys Nest Trader is a NSE software which is revamped and upgraded for Samco. You can easily download and install it in your computer. There are many unique features available at Samco Nest Trader software such as watchlist, snap quote facility, cover & bracket order facility etc.

2. Samco Stocknote (Mobile Trading App)- Samco stocknote is a mobile application for trading at BSE, NSE and MCX. It is available in Google play store and App store for android and IOS users respectively. Samco stocknote contains a wide range of features such as market news, alerts, streaming quotes, charts etc.

3. Samco Web Xpress (website)- Samco Web Xpress is a browser-based trading website which is accessible from any operating system. Samco Web Xpress has every feature by which any trader can easily understand and invest in the market such as market watch, charting, bracket order, cover order and much more.

4. Samco Star- Samco star is a back-office website by which you can check account statements, market analysis, fund management, demat account holding and much more.

Samco Reviews, Advantages and Disadvantages

Samco API Review – Samco offers Free StockNote API to collect historical data, market updates and live order position for coding with multiple platforms.

Samco Securities is full of advanced features and has many advantages. Some of the advantages are as follows:
• Variety of Margin products available for traders.
• Instant and 100% paperless account opening.
• User-friendly Samco application.
• Zero charges on demat account opening.
• Free trading platforms.
• Brokerage charges @flat Rs. 20 per executed order.
• 15x leverage in over 500+ stocks for Equity Intraday trading.
• Availability of bracket order and cover order to manage risk.
• Trade from any place all over the India.

• Branches are not available for local support.
• High pledge demat charges.

If you want to unblock Samco account or want to delete Samco account you can watch youtube Samco or Samco youtube videos you can visit to the Samco website and do Samco back office login or back office Samco login and contact to Samco helpline numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Samco Securities does not provide the facility to invest in US stocks. So, it is not possible to invest in Amazon through Samco.
One person with one identity can open only one demat account.
Samco Securities is CDSL participant.
Samco Securities has a wide range of advance tool for charting, trading and technical analysis. This platform is integrated with the latest technology which is secure, reliable and user friendly.
Samco demat account number is get into Samco welcome mail once you complete the account opening process.
No, Samco 3 in 1 account service does not provide.
Yes, it is safe, reliable and trustworthy stockbroker. This broker is professionally well managed and listed at BSE, NSE and MCX.
Yes, Samco Securities offers different margin funds in different segments. This leverage facility is very beneficial for the investors.
As you’re younger than the maturity age (18 or 21), you need to open a custodial account, with an adult as the custodian. Pan card is must to open your demat and trading account.
No, you don’t need to fill the KYC details again if you have already registered in Samco Securities.
Yes, you can invest in upcoming IPOs on Samco Securities.
This is totally free, you don’t need to pay single penny to open your demat as well as trading account on Samco Securities.
Samco demat account number is get into Samco welcome mail once you complete the account opening process.
Yes, SAMCO is a trusted SEBI registered stockbroker and a member of NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX and a depository participant membership with CDSL.
Samco Securities is a digital platform which is fully secure, reliable and user-friendly. There are not any hidden charges associated to invest on Samco Securities.