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Profitmart Mobile App Review - Features, Demo, Download

Profitmart is the discount broker that is providing its services across India. It offers rich featured and personalised service along with the cutting-edge technology to its customers. Profitmart is the most trusted and easily operated trading platform. Profitmart Mobile App on Android and Profitmart mobile app iOS both users can use this application. Profitmart Mobile App User Guide or Profitmart mobile app guide is given below.

Profitmart Mobile App 2024

Profitmart Mobile App Usage provides multiple Profitmart mobile app key features to the users such as real-time charting data, latest national and international market news, Intraday chart for each segment and stock tips for investment. The mobile applications by Profitmart are very innovative and user friendly for the customers. Profitmart Mobile app cost is free. Profitmart mobile app version can be even accessed from anywhere. It is a mobile application-based trading platform for the traders. Profitmart Mobile app updated version is now speedier, trusted and easily operatable trading platform available for both the android and iPhones. Profitmart mobile app on pc/ Profitmart mobile app pc and Profitmart mobile app on TV does not work as it is a mobile application.

The android users can do Profitmart mobile app free download from the play store and iPhone users can download it from the App store as it has no Profitmart mobile app fee for downloading. Profitmart mobile app price is zero for all users. The Profitmart mobile app business model is that customer can operate the application even at the least internet speed. In Profitmart mobile app online customer can transfer funds and it works smoothly on both 3G and 4G devices.

Benefits of Profitmart Mobile Trading Application

1. The traders can check their trading related activities and performances with the help of Profitmart mobile app research and tools such as daily recommendation and stock tips provided by Profitmart.
2. Profitmart mobile app framework provides a hassle-free trading service and allows the traders to place orders from anywhere with a good internet connection.
3. The traders can track all your orders with the help of portfolio.
4. It allows the investors and traders to search for new stocks with the help of portfolio and investment in mutual funds with the simple steps.
5. It allows placing orders in the Bracket and Cover Order i.e., BO and CO.
6. Profitmart mobile app makers has allowed the users to build their own watchlist and add whatever the stocks you wish to add.
7. It provides the live market information for both the national and international market.

Profitmart Mobile App Instructions

Profitmart mobile app works well with various features such as real-time quotes, with latest market news. Profitmart mobile app enable intraday charts for all segments. It provides timely notifications related to the trading activities of the traders. Profitmart mobile app report keeps the traders updated about both the latest and global market. Profitmart mobile app for iPhone and Profitmart mobile app for android both versions provided for all users. Profitmart mobile app technology allows traders to operate the application from any place and at any time. The traders can trade using Profitmart mobile app exchange across various stock exchanges such as BSE, NSE and MCX with the usage of Profitmart securities mobile app.

After Profitmart Mobile app registration customers can even access to their brokers and send the messages while working on the Profitmart Securities Application. Traders can track their order book, trade book, real-time data and net positions as per Profitmart mobile app manual. It helps in updating the stock prices of their choice. Profitmart Mobile app trading application also offers options for the guests to operate. It has multiple technical analysis feature that helps the customer to take smart decisions. The traders will also be provided with daily recommendation and stock tips to traders that enables them to take feasible trading decisions instantly. Profitmart mobile app link available on its official website or you can also find it on Profitmart mobile app google play store or apple app store.

Profitmart App Features

Features of Profitmart application is given below:
1. It provides investment services through different segments such as Equity, Commodity, Mutual funds, Futures and Options at a single place.
2. It allows the customers to place the orders from anywhere with the least internet speed.
3. It provides you very simple and hassle-free trading platform.
4. The applications are familiar for the beginners so that they can use it with the least efforts.
5. It also provides a market watchlist available for better understanding of the market condition.
6. It allows you to make your own watchlist.
7. It provides a wide range of charts for the customers to understand the market scenario and to provide Profitmart mobile app ideas.
8. It provides the live market news of both national and international market along with the stock tips.
9. It helps in trading across the various stock exchange such as BSE, NSE and MCX with the usage of Profitmart securities mobile application.
10. There are also a variety of indicators that are available for self-analysis of charts and different shares.
11. The customers can make Profitmart mobile app payment and online transactions without any interruption.

Profitmart Mobile App Setup Instructions

The process of setting up Profitmart Application is simple and can be done within a short span of time for android phone users. It is the least time-consuming and effortless method for Profitmart mobile app iPhone and Android users. Profitmart mobile app installation can be within a few minutes.

Follow the below steps to install Profitmart mobile application:
1. Install the Profitmart Application on mobile phones.
2. Now, enter the Profitmart account’s login credentials or open your account.
3. The customers can change their password from the mobile application if they wish to change.
4. The customers can start a fast and hassle-free trading service after Profitmart mobile app login using login credentials from the broking company.
5. The customers are advised to keep their password somewhere as it will help users to trade where ever they wish to trade in future.

Profitmart mobile app video and Profitmart Mobile App Demo in Profitmart mobile app English/ Profitmart mobile app tutorial is available on its official website (Profitmart mobile app website).

If your Profitmart mobile app android not working/ Profitmart mobile app not working or Profitmart mobile app not connecting the you can contact Profitmart mobile app help center. For any Profitmart mobile app issues and Profitmart mobile app problems connect on Profitmart mobile app customer service number. Profitmart mobile app support number - 020 4911 9119.

How to own Profitmart Mobile App?

If the customer wishes to trade or invest with the Profitmart mobile application then he/she is required to hold a demat/trading account with Profitmart. Here is the list of documents that are require to hold an account with Profitmart.
1. Aadhar Card.
2. PAN Card.
3. Bank Statement or Cancelled cheque.

To open an account with Profitmart, Click here

  Open Your Demat Account with Profitmart

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  • Baidyanath

    It is learnt that Profitmart is giving a margin ranging from 2X to 20X times. May I have the list of Stocks for which variable margins are allowed for trading in Intraday .

  • Baidyanath

    It is learnt that Profitmart is giving a margin ranging from 2X to 20X times. May I have the list of Stocks for which variable margins are allowed for trading in Intraday .


Frequently Asked Questions

Profitmart provides around 1-2 calls in a month (minimum of 20 calls in a year). However, it is not predetermined every month and it looks at the opportunities ideally when the market offers good value.
Fees once paid are non-cancellable and non-refundable.
The customer can invest with the starting capital of ₹2 to ₹3 lacs for investing in profitmart’s investment calls.
The customer cannot have multiple demat and trading account with a single stock broker.
Profitmart services are not suitable for the investors or traders who consider 1 to 3 years as a very long time for investment or for the people who consider investing as gambling or for a person who is a compulsive trader or investor.
Yes, the normal stock market timings in India are between 9:15 AM to 03:30 PM.
The opening of demat account is very easy as it is a complete paperless and that can be done online. As the demat account does not require any physical documentation. Profitmart is one of the best platforms that you can trust and rely to open a demat account in order to avail advanced trading technology.
Yes, Profitmart is considered as a safe discount brokerage house of India.
Benefits of holding demat account with Profitmart are: • Fastest account opening process. • Attractive brokerage. • Highest leverage. • Advanced mobile trading application. • Advanced Algo trading.
You will receive a WhatsApp message on an email given to Profitmart and an SMS stating that a new investment call has been generated.
You can place trades through us via offline (through the dealer provided to you) or online (By logging into the online products offered by Profitmart).
Margin rates depends upon the stock brokerage with which you have your demat account. Generally, margin and exposure limit are regulated by SEBI.
Profitmart gives a margin ranging from 2X to 20X times.
Yes, As Profitmart suggests to buy a stock it will also suggest to exit the stock either partially or fully based on some events that materially impact its financial performance.
Yes, you can take delivery in selected commodities i.e. Agri, Gold and Silver.
It is an emerging broking house in India that offers various diversified investment options like Equities, Derivatives, Currency, Commodities, IPO, Mutual funds and Real estate.
Profitmart endeavor to provide returns that are significantly higher than overall market returns but cannot guarantee returns as equity returns are lumpy and give attractive returns via other asset classes.
A customer has to pay commission i.e., brokerage at the time of buying or selling stock through any stock brokerage. It is known as brokerage charges.
It offers a margin for 3X for Options.
Equity, Commodity and Currency account can be opened with Profitmart.
Traditionally, the indices have been used as information sources. By looking at an index you get to know how the market is faring. The information aspect also figures in myriad applications of stock market indices in economic research.
Once the payment is verified from Profitmart’s bank account, the subscriber will require to complete the KYC and Risk Profile Questionnaire (as mandated by SEBI). Post this verification your account will be active.
Yes, we provide updates on all the stocks suggested by us. Profitmart ensure that there is a regular follow up on the companies tracked by it and which it shares to its subscribers by email.
In order to subscribe to Profitmart services, visit to the products button on the home page that contains all the product and pricing details of its Fundamental Advisory Products, Workshops and Portfolio Advisory Services.
Yes, Profitmart is a SEBI registered stock brokerage firm of India.

ProfitMart Reviews